Chris Christie: Trump Thought Firing Flynn Would End the ‘Russia Thing’

Former Trump adviser and disgraced New Jersey governor Chris Christie writes in his new book wrote that President Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner thought firing former national security adviser Michael Flynn would end the Russia controversy, according to The New York Times. read more

GOP Rep. Says Flynn Report Is ‘Good News For President Trump’

Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina, the leader of the House Freedom Caucus, often looks at things differently from most people. And last night was no exception.

After reading special counsel Robert Mueller’s sentencing report on former national security advisor Michael Flynn, Meadows reached a conclusion that was shared by almost no other intelligent person. The sentencing report, he said, was “good news for President Trump” because “there is no mention of collusion.” read more

AP: Trump Aides ‘Caught in Web of Deception’ About Russia

Special Counsel Bob Mueller has slowly been disclosing a very broad and extensive pattern of deception by Donald Trump’s aides and associates, according to the Associated Press. Seemingly everyone involved tried to cover up Russian contacts during the 2016 campaign and transition period, the AP reported. read more

Ted Lieu Warns Trump That He’s In Deep Legal Trouble As Steve Bannon Could Be The Next To Flip

"I believe high-level Trump associates, including potentially the president himself, are in increasing legal jeopardy. That's because insiders have turned on them."

Terrified Trump Plans To Paint Michael Flynn As A ‘Liar’ If He Exposes Russia Crimes

Trump will try to paint Flynn as a liar, but it'll be a tough sell given all the praise he has heaped on the ex-national security adviser.

Trump Says Michael Flynn’s Crimes Don’t Matter Because The GOP Just Passed Wealthy Tax Cuts

Distracting from the increasingly damning Russia scandal by touting a tax scam that will eviscerate the middle-class probably isn't a good strategy. 

Top GOP Operative Worked With Michael Flynn During Campaign To Obtain Hacked Clinton Emails

It's becoming increasingly hard to believe that Trump had no idea what some of his closest advisers were up to with respect to Russia.

Rachel Maddow Explains How Trump Is Doomed After Committing ‘Textbook Obstruction Of Justice’

rachel maddow

The Trump administration is in for a rude awakening if they think the American public will believe the president over James Comey.

Michael Flynn Caves And Will Now Hand Over Some Russia Documents To Senate Committee

Flynn needs to hand over every last shred of paperwork relevant to this probe, not hand over a few to give off the impression that he is being transparent.

Senior Russian Officials Tried To Use Trump’s Associates To Influence Him During Campaign

The Russians tried to take advantage of the fact that Trump is easily influenced by those around him and has no core convictions.

Trump Knew Michael Flynn Was Being Investigated Before Making Him National Security Adviser

The New York Times just added fuel to the raging dumpster fire threatening to take down this White House.

Michael Flynn Slapped With Subpoena As Trump’s Russia Cover-Up Hits Fever Pitch

The bipartisan move by the Senate Intelligence Committee to force Flynn to hand over all records related to Russia suggests that they are unfazed by Trump's firing of James Comey.

Rachel Maddow Points Out The Clearest Sign Yet That Trump Is Terrified Over Russia Scandal

Maddow Russia

Maddow said Trump's move to distract from the Sally Yates hearing was the most "cynical" thing she has seen in politics in "many, many years."

Malcolm Nance Says Entire Trump White House Should Undergo Polygraph Tests Over Russia Scandal

Malcolm Nance

"The White House should be going through a full lifestyle polygraph to determine was Michael Flynn just an individual liar or did he have accomplices?"

Trump Throws Twitter Tantrum After Sally Yates Humiliates Republicans At Senate Hearing

Not only did Yates best the White House and its GOP allies on the facts, but she also destroyed them on the optics, which may be even more important to the former reality star president.

A Desperate Trump Lashes Out As Sally Yates Prepares to Testify

"Ask Sally Yates, under oath, if she knows how classified information got into the newspapers soon after she explained it to W.H. Council."

Rachel Maddow Reveals The Secret To Silencing Trump: Ask Him About The Flynn-Russia Scandal

"If you want to turn this president to stone, ask him about Mike Flynn."

Top Democrat Calls The Trump-Russia Investigation A “Fight For The Soul Of Our Democracy”

"This White House has made a decision that they will produce absolutely nothing. I've not seen this before, and it sets a very dangerous precedent."