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Harry Reid Urges Trump To Stand Up And Tell His Supporters to Stop the Hate and Intimidation

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) took to the Senate floor Thursday to demand that President-elect Donald Trump do something about the astonishing and increasing “vile acts of hate and intimidation” by a minority of his supporters. Since Reid last asked Trump to step up, the hate crimes increased by 40% according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.


George Takei Has An Inspiring Message In The Face Of Trump PAC Internment Camp Talk

George Takei loves this country, and sees its promise. Yet he was imprisoned in a Japanese Internment camp, the very camps cited by a Trump spokesman as precedent for a Trump policy. Takei said his father explained, “He told me that our democracy is a people’s democracy, and it can be as great as the people can be, but it is also as fallible as people are.”

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