Trump Breaks Campaign Promise To Drain The Swamp With Worthless Lobbyist Ban

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:33 pm

President-elect Trump’s proposed five-year lobbyist ban is a paper move that will accomplish virtually nothing. The special interests will still occupy his White House, and they will still be paid.

The Trump transition team announced that all of his appointees be banned from lobbying for five years after they leave the White House.
The CEO of money in politics reform group Every Voice, David Donnelly, pointed out the flaw in Trump’s plan, “This is a policy that sounds good on paper but won’t accomplish a whole lot in practice. People want policies that’ll make government listen to them, not just a delayed payday for lobbyists. For democracy to work for all Americans, President-elect Trump must ensure that our democracy and our government welcomes all people. He must demonstrate that with words, actions, and policies that are bigger than simply deciding the jobs people can have after leaving the White House.”

Trump’s ban doesn’t stop lobbyists from entering his administration. The ban only kicks in after the special interests leave.

The Trump transition team is filled to the brim with lobbyists, special interests, and campaign donors or the very same people that he promised would not be a part of his administration. Donald Trump has broken most of his campaign promises before he has taken the oath of office, so it isn’t surprising that Trump’s pledge to drain the swamp has become a buy now get paid later scam for the special interests.

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