The Scandal That Could Bring Trump Down Grows As Flynn Top Aide Denied Security Clearance

All of that Russia Trump smoke is gathering steam.

The CIA denied a top aide to President Trump’s National Security adviser security clearance, Politico reported.

“The CIA freezes out top (Michael) Flynn aide. The agency denied a security clearance for a key aide to the National Security Adviser — ratcheting up tensions between Flynn and the intel community,” Kenneth P. Vogel and Josh Dawsey reported about top deputy to Flynn on the National Security Council, senior director for Africa Robin Townley.

The report is even more frightening in the response by sources within the Trump administration, suggesting that Trump and Flynn “see treachery everywhere they go,” as allegations were made that the CIA did this as a hit job.

“They believe this is a hit job from inside the CIA on Flynn and the people close to him,” one source told Politico, trying to make the argument that the intelligence community is retaliating because they feel threatened.

“One of the sources said that the rejection was approved by Trump’s CIA director Mike Pompeo and that it infuriated Flynn and his allies,” the report continues.

These accusations infer a failure to recognize that in reality, this was actually done to Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, during the campaign by both the FBI and Russia, and no one in the Trump camp found it objectionable. In fact, Trump himself egged it on, asking Russia to hack Clinton.

Within the last 48 hours, President Trump’s National Security adviser Michael Flynn was busted for having repeated talks with Russia’s Ambassador about President Obama’s sanctions against Russia both during the campaign and the transition.

Friday, top Democrats demanded that President Trump fire Michael Flynn immediately, seeing as Flynn appeared to be in violation of the Logan Act by negotiating with Russia about American policy.

As has been noted by many experienced professionals in D.C., perhaps the scariest thing about all of this is that these people are so dumb they think they can do these things and not be caught.

This might explain the brutally ignorant mentality behind Trump threatening the Iranian President Friday evening.

Flynn is Trump’s National Security adviser. He has a long history of believing in debunked conspiracies. This man thinks he’s above the intelligence communities, as President Trump has suggested he also sees things.

There is absolutely no evidence that Donald Trump or Michael Flynn know more than our intelligence communities. Both men have claimed to have seen things that never happened and are debunked conspiracy theories.

Flynn denied that he spoke about the sanctions during his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Donald Trump then denied Friday evening even knowing about the reports that suggested Flynn did exactly that.

Donald Trump denied the report based on intelligence of a British spy that suggested he had been compromised by Russia, but this report has gained steam with corroboration of parts of it.

There is growing evidence that the intelligence communities know more than either man thinks they do. Only a fool goes into battle with organizations that have access to all of their communications by waging a rhetorical war on that organization’s credibility.

These people are going to force the CIA and others to start leaking on the President’s men if they don’t shape up and get with a reality based program, because our national security depends on them doing just this.

Note: The mindset that they are revealing in their battle with our intelligence communities is the same mindset they bring to their engagements with Moscow and other foreign entities.

They think they are the smart guys, but in reality they are the fools.