Stop Chris Christie PAC Plans To Dissolve, Claiming Christie Has Already Stopped Himself

The Stop Chris Christie Political Action Committee (PAC) declared on Tuesday that it would cease and desist, because New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had performed their job for them, by stopping himself. The PAC’s decision to dissolve came after a letter from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) informed them that they could not legally use the governor’s name in the title of their PAC. Rather than changing the PAC’s name the committee decided to disband, taking a jab at Chris Christie’s campaign on their way out.

In a letter to the FEC, the PAC’s treasurer, Thomas Bjorkland wrote:

Our decision to cease and desist as a PAC is not due to your letter, but instead is based on recent polling and the miserable showing of the candidate in question (namely Chris Christie). Our committee believes that Mr. Christie has already performed the service of stopping his campaign in spirit, (without our aid) even if not by the letter of the law.


The anti-Christie PAC was originally formed by right-wing former Colorado Republican Congressman Tam Tancredo. In an email sent out on Tuesday, Tancredo wrote:

The FEC informed us that we could no longer use “Stop Chris Christie” as a title for the PAC. Considering the fact that Christie’s campaign is in a death spiral, we see no need to expend the energy to reconstruct the PAC.

The dissolving PAC mocked Chris Christie’s moribund campaign. The New Jersey Governor is languishing in the GOP field, polling in the low single digits. Voters have long since forgotten that Chris Christie once lead the Republican field in Iowa, and that in late 2013, he polled stronger than any other Republican candidate, in a head to head hypothetical race against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The Stop Chris Christie PAC has raised a mere 1,350 dollars, and spent just 8 dollars and 74 cents, according to financial disclosure forms. With that 8 dollars and 74 cents spent, they are now claiming their mission is accomplished. Defeating Chris Christie came cheap, because the governor did all the work, by stopping himself.

8 Replies to “Stop Chris Christie PAC Plans To Dissolve, Claiming Christie Has Already Stopped Himself”

  1. But if the looser candidates like Paul, Jindal, Huckabee, etc,…….. pretty much all of them, would drop out, the carnival caravan wouldn’t be nearly as amusing. Then again there are plenty of them that would still feel they were relevent. Occasionally I do get a good laugh when Christie waddles out though.

  2. Christie doesn’t really have anything to contribute. Trump has taken the bully title for himself as well as the claim to “telling it like it is”.

  3. You got it right, Rick…
    Trump stole Christie’s thunder, leaving him but a squeeky little wannabee…

  4. Right…Christie has gotten a symbolic message: Shut up, sit down and go away.

    Sounds familiar? Karma is a beaatch, ain’t it?

    Ha! Christie can go back to bullying his New Jersey constituents.

  5. …now that the Citizens of New Jersey have seen just how little the rest o’ the nation thinks of thier struttin’ little bully; maybe they’ll find a nice Democrat to undo the damage that Fat Bastard did to thier state…

  6. Christie’s style of belligerence only goes so far. This is what Trump backers will also find out when the entire electorate gets a chance to weigh in. Then you have a repeat of an unelectable candidate. Many would also like to see this crooked smart ass get some well deserved jail time.

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