Email Scandal Flops As Hillary Clinton Holds A Double-Digit Lead Over Every Republican

Hillary Clinton deflects questions from audience about running for President in 2016 during closing plenary session on second day of 2014 Meeting of Clinton Global Initiative University at Arizona State University in Tempe

A Washington Post-ABC News Poll, released on April 2nd, shows Hillary Clinton leading each of her likely Republican opponents by double digit margins. The national survey, conducted from March 26-29, interviewed a random sample of 1,003 voting age respondents. Head to head matches were tested between Hillary Clinton and four of the most prominent Republican candidates–Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

In each of the hypothetical match-ups, Clinton led the GOP candidate by double digits. Her widest lead was over Ted Cruz, where Clinton’s advantage was a lopsided 56-39 margin. She held a smaller 53-41 lead over Jeb Bush. In a head to head race with Scott Walker, Clinton enjoyed a 54-40 advantage. Her lead over Marco Rubio was 54-39.

The poll also tested how favorable voters opinions were of Hillary Clinton and six of the leading GOP candidates. In addition to the four candidates the survey tested in match-ups against Clinton, the poll also tested whether or not voters had favorable or unfavorable opinions of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Of the seven candidates, only Hillary Clinton had a positive net favorable rating. 49 percent of Americans had a favorable opinion of Clinton compared to 46 percent who viewed her unfavorably. All of the Republican hopefuls were viewed more negatively than positively. Chris Christie was the most disliked with an upside down 25/51 favorable to unfavorable rating. Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz were nearly as despised. Cruz was viewed positively by 25 percent of voters and negatively by 45 percent. Bush had a 33/53 favorable to unfavorable rating.

Marco Rubio (24/38) and Rand Paul (29/42) fared a little better, but both were also quite unpopular. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was not as far underwater, with a 23/30 rating. 47 percent of voters had no opinion on Walker.

Despite enduring a month of mostly negative press coverage, Hillary Clinton continues to hold a large lead in the 2016 presidential race. Not only that, but she continues to be better liked than the Republican candidates who are jockeying for the GOP nomination. Clinton, with a 49/46 approval rating, isn’t necessarily wildly popular. However, American voters like her a lot more than they like any of the Republican candidates who are vying to run against her.

Hillary Clinton continues to hold a dominant early lead in the 2016 presidential race. That may say more about how weak the GOP field is, than it does about how popular she is, but the end result is the same. If the dynamics of the presidential race don’t change between now and November 2016, Hillary Clinton could win decisively. If her current numbers hold, her margin would be the largest Democratic presidential victory in half a century.

20 Replies to “Email Scandal Flops As Hillary Clinton Holds A Double-Digit Lead Over Every Republican”

  1. In January of 2025 when President Hillary Clinton is standing behind the newly elected DEMOCRAT POTUS at the swearing in ceremony…there will be someone or many yelling BENGHAZI!!! or E-MAILGATE!!!

  2. BREAKING: P5+1 and Iran have a deal, next step the drafting beginning finally draft due june 30.
    NO WAR for the GOP traitors,
    NO WAR for Netanyahu
    God Bless SoS John Kerry
    Thank God for Pres. Obama!!!!!

  3. Republicans’ NEGATIVE likeability Extends beyond our borders and shores. Republican’s image is in the gutter. One outstanding factor is their treatment of Obama, the President of the United States, who despite the hate he gets from Republican politicians, the Hill, and the “base” that include every card carrying bigot in the country, to the T-baggers, Birthers, etc.—He is the most admired President today. Hillary will pick up where he left off. Driving the Republicans CRAZIER !!!!!!!

  4. Well, it’s well known in “some” circles that the only person who can beat Hillary, in fact, mop the floor with her, is one $arah Loui$e Heath Palin. They discuss it daily! [WINK]

  5. labrat…I suspect those “circles” are in the local loony bin…or The Whirled Nut Daily or your local church or your local White Power club.

  6. And the more the pigs try to discredit her and the president, the wider the margin will be, come 2016.

  7. I wonder what collection of issues you feel the Palin folks could beat a veteran on, that would be considered, mopping the floor, with?
    I call DERP on this one.

  8. Bottom line, the GOP is nothing but a collection of FACTIONS! the republican party breaks down into these three groups, The BILLIONAIRES- The SHILLS and The SUCKERS!! the BILLIONAIRES are the ones who literally BUY politicians to deregulate corporations to literally DESTROY the planet (GLOBAL WARMING) Then we have the SHILLS, FUX NEWS ALL of conservative media, their job is to get PAID by reading from corporate americas scripts! and scaring WHITE PEOPLE is paramount!! Then we have the SUCKERS! typically the poorly educated, extremely angry, always playing the wounded VICTIM types! Who’s racism and lizard brain constantly BETRAYS them into voting GOP even when it DESTROYS their own lives!! long live the SOUTH!! right jethro??

  9. I guess! There may be a bit if a problem. Clarence Thomas the resident Uncle Tom will have died of shock: Scalia of fright
    Swear her in and run to overturn Citizen’s United, Hobby Lobby and hear the ” righteous dissents”!

  10. And a Nasty surprise for ISSIS! Iranians are not known for dealing well with their enemies!

  11. Democrats need to come out and vote in 2016 lik never before. The 2016 election will set the national agenda for the next ten years after.

    The only poll that matters is the one we will walk into November 2106 and cast our votes, if the democrat candidate comes out ahead on that date it’s time to celebrate.

  12. I take it these polls only give us Hilary as a Dem matchup against these RWNJ? I will not support her in a primary if she decides to run. She is just more Republican-lite and I’m sick of it. If she does run and wins the nomination then I will vote for her but I won’t be happy.

  13. While we’re servin’ up subpoenas to pry into emails and
    surrender servers, how about Chuckie & Davie Koch’s?
    Bet Eric Holder could find REAL paydirt in them.[WINK]

  14. Hillary cannot be trusted and she will lose to any Republican candidate. Her political office days are over.

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