Trump’s Decision To Remove McMaster Should Send Chills Down Our Spines

Groupthink, a term coined by social psychologist Irving Janis in 1972, occurs when a group makes faulty decisions leading to a “deterioration of mental efficiency, reality testing, and moral judgement.” read more

Trump Secretly Demanded Former FBI Director Comey’s Loyalty Just Days After Taking Office

The firing appears to be the first step in Trump's long-term goal of turning the FBI into an extension of his own political operation.

Trump is Filling the ‘Swamp’ With the Lobbyists He Swore to Banish

Our planet will suffer, along with our environment and our food and water. Corporations will enjoy it. The rest of us may not be able to sit without a cushioned donut for a few years

CNN’s Sally Kohn Calls Trump a Fascist, Invokes Hitler

The media has increasingly called out Trump rhetoric, with the Times calling him a demagogue and Sally Kohn invoking Hitler and fascism

Times Editorial Mocks ‘Daffy’ Republican Debate Demands While NBC Grabs its Ankles

cnbc republican debate

The response of the mainstream media to Republican debate demands is varied, from the Times' mocking to NBC's offer to make grab their ankles

The New York Times Attacks Fox News for “Making GOP Candidates Squirm”

The New York Times' Jeremy Peters complains the Fox News moderators had just one purpose on debate night: "Make them squirm"

Fox News Says Don’t Worry if Times’ Clinton Email Story Wrong, Keep Talking About it

Judith Miller says don't worry about facts, we need more coverage. This is Fox-speak for "We've got nothing, so let's keep talking about it"

Contrary To McConnell’s Election Promises, GOP Senate Majority Proves To Be Dysfunctional

Just over six months after winning back the Senate, Mitch McConnell's GOP majority is proving to be more dysfunctional than ever.

Paul Krugman Is Right The Iraq War Was A Bush Crime

Having a discussion will not change the disastrous consequences of Bush and company's crimes, bring back the three-quarters of a million dead Iraqi civilians or thousands of American soldiers, it may inform Americans of the intent of Republicans defending the invasion and occupation.

Republican New York Senate Majority Leader Will Be Arrested On Federal Corruption Charges

According to the NY Times, State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R) will be arrested on federal corruption charges some time next week.

The IRS Is Investigating The Koch Brothers’ Illegal Tax-Deductions Denying Climate Change

The Kochs will have an even greater reason to hate the Internal Revenue Service because due to a devious, and illegal, Koch plot to affect legislation neutering enforcement power of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Internal Revenue Service is beginning an investigation into an illegal Koch tax deduction.

Bobby Jindal Believes Equality Is Radical Corporate Bullying

Although there has been progress throughout America's history, the idea of equality for every citizen has never completely caught on. Still, equal rights is purported to be one of America's defining characteristics and it appeared to be what the Founding Fathers eventually hoped would be the case.

Defiant Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Says He Will Stand Firm On Opposing Gay Marriage

Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal penned a defiant op-ed in The New York Times, defending his opposition to gay marriage.

Fox News And NY Times Cut Deal With Dishonest Conservative Author For Dirt On Hillary

Fox News and The NY Times have entered into agreements with Peter Schweizer to push the theme from his anti-Hillary book in their coverage.

Obama Relents and Gives Congress Veto Power Over Iran Nuclear Deal

The current President, Barack Obama, will go down in history for providing tens-of-millions of Americans with access to affordable health care, restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba, an historic climate change deal with China, and with the stroke of his pen, ceding executive branch authority over foreign policy to a Congress loyal to a foreign national.

Hillary Clinton Defends Same-Sex Marriage As A Constitutional Right

Hillary Clinton hopes the Supreme Court will come down on the side of same-sex couples being guaranteed the constitutional right to marry.

Distrust Of Jeb Will Only Grow After Latest Bush Blunder Exposed

Bush's attempt to claim himself to be "Hispanic" only furthers the rift between him and anti-immigrant Nativists in the Republican Party.