The IRS Is Investigating The Koch Brothers’ Illegal Tax-Deductions Denying Climate Change


There are myriad reasons why someone has intense hostility towards, and aversion to, a person or thing that typically derives from fear, anger, or a sense of personal injury. The particular “thing” that conservatives, particularly the Republican-libertarian conservatives, loathe more than America’s most dangerous enemies is the government and its various agencies; especially those tasked with enforcing laws and regulations. The two men who wield ultimate control over the conservative movement and own the Republican Congress, Charles and David Koch, certainly hate the government, but they have particular antipathy for two agencies they believe are “despotic” and illegal simply because they exist and are not under Koch brother control.

The Koch brothers have made no secret that they want the Internal Revenue Service and the Environmental Protection Agency eliminated from existence and have spared no expense to thwart the activities of the EPA. Now they will have an even greater reason to hate the Internal Revenue Service because due to a devious, and illegal, Koch plot to affect legislation neutering enforcement power of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Internal Revenue Service is beginning an investigation into an illegal Koch tax deduction. The illegal tax write-off is for payment to a scientist for phony reports “absolving the fossil fuel industry of any responsibility for anthropogenic climate change.”

The IRS has received several complaints from the environmental group Greenpeace demanding it investigate the secret relationship between the Koch brothers and a well-known climate denying scientist with questionable scientific credentials, The so-called “scientist,” Dr. Willie Soon, received over $1,6 million to create phony reports claiming climate change is not only non-existent, but that if it does exist there is no relationship to carbon emissions related to fossil fuels.


The particular issue of interest to the IRS is that the Koch brothers illegally wrote off as a tax deduction the payment to Soon for reports created specifically to affect legislation in Congress and state legislatures; a clear violation of the law. Earlier this year, the New York Times exposed the “special secret relationship” between Soon and the Kochs, ExxonMobil, and a large Southern coal-fired utility that included deliberately false scientific data Republicans regularly use to deny the existence and effects of global climate change claims made by 98% of the world’s real climate scientists.

Apparently there is nothing illegal about Soon’s well-known false ‘studies,’ or that as a so-called ‘expert’ he is renowned for “obscuring” empirical data about climate change he promised were “deliverables” to the Koch brothers. In fact, it has also been no secret that Soon has been on the payroll of “major polluters” for a long time. However, the damning revelation discovered by Greenpeace that attracted the attention of the IRS is that the Charles G. Koch Foundation, a “tax exempt charity,” was paying for Soon’s phony studies as part of the Koch’s lobbying efforts against renewable energy and climate change solutions. What that means is that the Kochs were able to write off payments to Soon on their taxes that violates Internal Revenue Service rules prohibiting “tax-exempt charities” like the Charles G. Koch Foundation from influencing legislation; any legislation.

Last week, the IRS responded to a letter from Greenpeace that pointed out this illegal lobbying by the Koch brothers. The IRS letter encouraged Greenpeace to submit additional information to the IRS Dallas office and confirmed they were reviewing Greenpeace’s complaint. The complaint contained details of Soon’s interactions and correspondence with the Koch brothers including seriously damning evidence that Soon was paid handsomely by the Charles G. Koch Foundation to specifically create papers denying the existence of climate change.

In fact, in his proposals to the Kochs, Soon promised specifically to create work that conceals the cause and existence of climate change for the stated purpose of “informing public policy;” a commonly used euphemism for lobbying legislation. Following through on his pledge, Dr. Soon used the Koch-funded ‘studies‘ while testifying in Kansas against renewable energy legislation to convince state legislators to vote against clean energy standards. The same dubious research was used in Congress to deny “that greenhouse gases are the dominant cause of climate change.” Soon even sent a letter to the Kochs boasting about the usefulness of his  phony research in congressional testimony that he said contributed “very useful progress” toward Charles G. Koch’s “special project.” Soon’s letter also  requested a funding extension to ensure greater progress toward the “Koch project.” Obviously the Koch “special project” is affecting legislation at the state and federal level defeating renewable energy standards and preventing legislation addressing climate change solutions; something that is illegal for a ‘tax exempt charity‘ like Koch’s Foundation.

As Greenpeace pointed out to the Internal Revenue Service,  the Charles G Koch Foundation knew damn well that funding Dr. Soon’s work was as legally a risky move as taking a tax deduction for influencing legislation. In unrelated letters to the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, the Koch Foundation was extremely careful in attempting to stress that the Koch money funding Soon’s phony reports “will not be used to influence legislation.” However, the facts are clear that Soon used the Koch-funded reports in testimony before both the Kansas legislature and the United States Congress specifically to advance the Koch’s fossil fuel interests in affecting legislation on renewable energy standards and putting a halt to climate change solutions; both instances are clear violations of Internal Revenue Service rules prohibiting “non-profit charitable organizations” from using their tax-exempt funds to influence legislation.

The Koch brothers have given substantial amounts of money, over $79 million, to “climate change science denial organizations” since 1979, and it is unclear how many of those substantial millions came from the Koch’s network of so-called “tax-exempt charitable organizations.” The Koch’s are notorious for funneling “dark money” through various organizations, many of them tax-exempt charities, and it is likely the fact that they have been successful in not getting caught that drove their hubris and informed them to use a ‘charity’ with Charles G Koch’s name attached. They obviously did not take into account that an international organization like Greenpeace would ever take the initiative to investigate their internal correspondence and interactions with their highly-paid climate denier Soon.

Now that their illegal malfeasance has been exposed in documentation, the Internal Revenue Service can go forward and give the Koch’s a real reason to hate them even more; stripping them of their tax-exempt status. For its part, Greenpeace deserves the highest praise possible for not only fighting to protect Earth’s environment, but for having the courage to go after America and the environment’s greatest enemy; Charles and David Koch.

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  1. Rmuse… just made my day! I bet if the IRS combed through the Kochs taxes, years and years of fraud would be found. Evil doers like the Kochs are always trying to cheat and skirt our system!!!!!! Please take them out………

  2. All I can say is, I sure would love to see a lot more of this. In my opinion, this is just the tip of the iceberg, a whole lot of people on the right have been breaking the rules for a long time. I hope this sticks and starts a trend.

  3. Next:
    EPA VS KOCH BROTHERS: Petition: It is time President Obama to cut fossil fuel production by 25 percent. Ban Fracking – Natural Gas on Public Lands. Americans hate Fracking, and Fracking Kills. Morally and ethical it is time to stop fracking.
    Petition: Tell Congress: America’s public lands are not for sale
    Petition: Urge the Environmental Protection Agency to Prioritize Renewable Energy, Not Natural Gas;jsessionid=8F9C43C7940D11E5307CD19F2890426E.app338a?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=4540&autologin=true

  4. Make an “example” of these two “rich” a-holes and “throw the book” at them!!! No one is above the law!!!

  5. Well IRS, i suggest you work fast because your days of heavy handing the American people are coming to an end…2016 is not far off, and it seems the winds have shifted…bye bye IRS hello flat tax.

  6. Maybe Trey Gowdy will launch an investigation that has a
    genuine smoking gun? He’s such a dweeb. An IRS spot-
    light shining on the Kochroaches is just the thing to send
    ’em scurrying for darkness, or better yet to a federal
    prison. Schweeet!

  7. If only our government had this much balls
    A Millionaire In Finland Gets a $58,000 Ticket For Doing 64 In a 50 MPH Zone
    Finland doesn’t mess around when it comes to income inequality. Just ask Reima Kuisla, a Finnish businessman with an annual income of $7 million.

    He was recently fined 54,024 euros (about $58,000) for traveling a modest, if illegal, 64 miles per hour in a 50 m.p.h. zone. And no, the 54,024 euros did not turn out to be a typo, or a mistake of any kind.
    Mr. Kuisla is a millionaire, and in Finland the fines for more serious speeding infractions are calculated according to income. The thinking here is that if it stings for the little guy, it should sting for the big guy, too

  8. A flat tax will further destroy the middle class. Tax reform is needed, but the tax reform that is needed is for wealthy people and corporations to pay their share.
    For example, did you know that a wealthy person can donate stock to a non-profit for a designated period of time? When the stock is returned, there is no tax due on the increase in value of a stock.
    On a state level, many legislatures are cutting corporate taxes. This results in local fees and taxes having to be increased. The poor and middle class pay for these cuts, too.

  9. Music to my ears, its about time!

    IRS..make sure to pry into every nook and cranny, you won’t come up short.

  10. Who knows where this trail will lead, starting with Koch..and digging deeper…I’m sure there are many ties to this corruption..find the main one and work from there.

    Heck, the IRS will probably have to hire more agents there will be so much work to do!

  11. You don’t suppose that the IRS might refer it’s findings to the Justice Department to look at potential criminal intent? Perhaps RICO might justify a JD investigation of the transactions between the Kochs and their multiple “non-profits?”

    Loretta might be handed a very large club…

  12. You have to be a special kind of crazy to work this hard at destroying the only planet we have to live on.

  13. Greenpeace drops a dime on the Koch Brothers! They’re gonna need all those politicians they’ve been buying to get out of this.

  14. When the krook brothers have to spend most of their money on legal fees and attorney’s and unable to give to the greedy GOP/Teabaggers. Watch the party of evil and hatred scatter the other way. Of course I’m sure they will search high and low to find the highest bidder for their services. Everyone on the Krook brothers payroll should go to prison with them.

  15. Here is what I truly just do not understand.

    In this article it states they have spent $79 million to climate change denying organizations. They paid this scientist, Soon. There are countless politicians who are in their pockets to the tune of millions more.

    What do they gain? They are old men, they have grandchildren who will grow up in the world they are keeping from improving. I read an article today that says the entire world will be affected by a water shortage by 2030, not that far away. I guess they figure their money will take care that their families have what they need and they don’t care about anyone else???

    Again, what do they gain? Do they keep more of their money? Spending millions to make billions? Is it really greed that makes them such monsters to the rest of society?

  16. Tell these two guys that they have only (12) months to “build” themselves a “vehicle” that will transport them “off” of this planet (earth) and never return them!!! Do you think that they can “afford” to do something like that??? They would be “responsible” for “all” of their supplies etc.. Maybe a “small” moon base “castle” would do.

  17. Buddafinga,
    ‘Scuse me, idiot… *rolleyes*

    • If we get rid of the IRS, WHO will collect/enforce the flat tax?

    • Are we to assume that ALL Americans would be honorable and send the tax card in rather than treating it as something to ignore?
    Most people WOULD ignore it, if there were no consequences in doing so.

    • Why would we want a flat tax anyway? How will it benefit the 98% Please explain.
    Cite your sources, too.

    PLEEASE think things thru…your lack of logic is making my brain hurt… ^T_T^

  18. I’d be satisfied with the planet Neptune – which is 2,798,000,000 miles from the Sun, making it the planet that’s furthest away from Earth in our solar system.

  19. It’s going to be very interesting when the Koch funded Heartland Institute, the biggest climate change deniers on the planet send their “scientists” to Rome next week to try and persuade the Pope that climate change is not man-made. I do believe that the Pope is one man the Koch brothers cannot buy. I’m looking foward to the follow-up from the Pope.

  20. Good time for Loretta Lynch to show-up on the scene. President Obama has many surprises up his sleeve. I am confident there will be much house cleaning for the duration of his presidency.

  21. The Pope’s a Jesuit. He probably knows more about climate change than any “scientist” the Kochroaches can buy.

  22. There’s an abundant Supply of Republicans that need Lynching and, they won’t need ID for this kind of wishful thinking either. Lynch ‘m Loretta. Make their punishment so vicious that it awakens their dead ancestors..

  23. I think many of the wealthy should be investigated. Us little guys would be in jail if we did a fraction of what they get away with. I think the Kochs are guilty of a lot of crimes that they hire out and hide from everyone else. They are nothing but crooked Kochroaches, and belong in jail. I hope they get there soon.


  24. the Koch brothers are leading US Oligarchs/Kleptocrats/Grand Poluters,but the fact remains the Earth has coped with high concentrations of CO2,such as when Dinosaurs ruled OK.However if God turned the Sun Off all life on Earth,even Obama would cease seconds after.The Global Warming Industry is NOT proven science OR a Religion.Most Warmth on Earth is obviously from the Sun; CO2 levels of 400 parts per million are not high enough to raise global temperatures much.People should be more concerned about the Ozone Layer which protects us from Solar Radiation and Skin Cancer.

  25. One place it will lead is Wisconsin, if they dig deep enough. The Wisconsin Club for Growth (growth like tumors) had to use the corrupt courts to stay an inquiry into illegal collusion between Scott Walker’s campaign and an array of dark money groups tied to the Kochtopus. The state Supreme Court has decided to rule on the case without benefit of oral arguments.

    Facts here and here.

  26. Dice, Wisconsin is on the top of my list to be investigated with Koch bros.

    I highly doubt Walker is legit in any shape or form. He’s covered under the Koch umbrella. Turn the umbrella inside many dark secrets will come tumbling out, one by one.

    I cannot wait..they all need to be incarcerated and stripped of their pensions.

  27. It’s obvious you have NO clue about climate or science. I guess you don’t even notice the changes that have already affected your own weather patterns. Which are EXACTLY what climate scientists have been warning of for years.

    I hope you don’t have any children or grandchildren, because if you do, someday rather soon they will be asking you why you and others didn’t do something when you still could. How will you answer?

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