MSNBC and Joe Scarborough Aspire To Be As Racist As Fox News

It is a relatively telling commentary on the state of American media when a regular contributor and professor of religious studies labels the nation’s lone left-leaning news network an evil empire. However, when Anthea Butler lashed out at MSNBC’s resident teabagger Joe Scarborough for blatant lies in defense of racist cops and their predilection to gun down African Americans, especially unarmed African American youth, “evil empire” is an apt description; of the network, mainstream media in general, and as is becoming evident to the entire world, the apartheid United States.

Butler was rightly incensed at Scarborough, and MSNBC, after Morning Joe parroted the Fox narrative that the nation is doing a “grave disservice” to the police for criticizing them for the recent epidemic of trigger-happy cops gunning down African Americans; unarmed African Americans. In less than a minute, Scarborough fabricated a scenario he likely plagiarized from any number of Fox News’ reports that police in Cleveland Ohio were justified, and wrongly criticized, for shooting a 12-year old African American boy playing with a toy gun. Of course, Scarborough’s version of the story bore no resemblance to the truth, but that is precisely what one expects from “Fox News lite” (MSNBC).

Scarborough said, “There’s another story in Cleveland where a young boy was shot dead. Police officers got a 911 call he was waving a gun scaring the blank out of everybody in this public park. Police officers came up and shot the young boy. He was 12 years old. They had taken off the markings to make it look like a toy gun. It was an actual gun. Do you know what The New York Times put in the caption of the video? ‘Police officers shoot child with toy.’ I don’t know exactly who puts those, attaches those, we are doing such a grave disservice to police officers in this country by pushing a narrative that they are going around looking to shoot and kill black people. Somebody has to tell me why Michael Brown has been chosen as the face of black oppression.”

First and foremost, what Scarborough certainly knows is that Michael Brown is not “the face” of Black oppression, and not the so-called “perfect victim” to incite anger at racist cops gunning down unarmed African Americans. Mike Brown is just the latest face of Black oppression and another in a long line of victims of racially-driven police shootings. Second, the 911 caller actually told the police dispatcher the gun was “probably fake,” but the trigger-happy cops just ran up and shot the child. Third, and this is pure Fox News fabricating lies, the gun was a toy gun, and not as racist-Joe said, “An actual gun.” Fourth, there are not that many people claiming that racist cops are “going around looking to shoot and kill black people;” that narrative is driven by the preponderance of racist cops actually going around shooting and killing unarmed Black people. Whether they are going “around looking” for them is debatable, but according to empirical data that certainly appears to be the case.

Indeed, research and statistics prove racism plays a major factor in police shooting African Americans at a rate of 21 times faster than they do white people. However, facts aside, that is not the point of this screed; Joe Scarborough still has a job at MSNBC despite doing his best impression of Fox News racists, and worse, MSNBC portrays itself as a reasonable alternative to Republican-racist main stream media. Something that other white MSNBC commentators are proving is completely false.

The idea that Michael Brown is, or is not, some kind of “perfect victim” is being parroted by other white MSNBC pundits to incite white racists against Mike Brown and African Americans in general. Over the weekend  on another MSNBC show, Up with Steve Kornacki,  contributor Mike Pesca issued a warning to protestors not to champion Mike Brown “because he’s really not the perfect victim” following the Fox racist story that the unarmed teen deserved to be gunned down.  After a conservative commentator brought up the story of the unarmed African American young man shot dead by cops in a Walmart store as a not really a victim, Jonathan Alter, a typically reasonable human being said, “But that was an accident.” No, an accident is when an idiot drops a loaded firearm with a round in the chamber and it accidentally discharges killing the drunken moron mishandling a loaded gun. Two cops rushing in and gunning down a young African American man shopping for a gift for his nephew is not an accident, it is cold-blooded murder.

It is despicable that in this so-called civilized society, the media, any media, is debating exactly what a “perfect victim” of deliberate racial killing at the hands of law enforcement is before Americans wake the sod-all up and demand accountability from law enforcement. For any of the families of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, John Crawford, or any of the young unarmed African Americans gunned down in cold blood, every victim is “perfect” to demand action.

However, there will be no accountability or action because racist mainstream media is falling over itself to demonize the real, and deceased, “victims” by defending trigger-happy cops.  The ones Joe Scarborough claims are victims of  “a grave disservice” that he has heard a thousand times on Fox News since Mike Brown was murdered and likely promoted by MSNBC to earn its bona fides from racist Republicans, racist cops, and the Ku Klux Klan. MSNBC is not an evil empire, it is just aspiring to be as racist as Fox News and with Joe Scarborough on board, they are giving Fox a run for their money.

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  1. Leaving aside he wont answer any questions about that dead intern maybe someone should ask him about this

    Cop Who Shot Tamir Rice Declared Unfit For Duty In 2012
    CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cleveland police officer who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice had issues with handling guns during his brief tenure with a suburban police department.

    A Nov. 29, 2012 letter contained in Tim Loehmann’s personnel file from the Independence Police Department says that during firearms qualification training he was “distracted” and “weepy.”

    “He could not follow simple directions, could not communicate clear thoughts nor recollections, and his handgun performance was dismal,” according to the letter written by Deputy Chief Jim Polak of the Independence police.
    Read More

  2. Joe ignores the tactics used by the Cleveland kops were typical of the Keystone kops of the silent film era. What they did was so unforgivable its hard to even describe

  3. What demographic likes Morning Joe? Other than Mika and the other puppets around his table who are there only for the money why would anyone associate with the loud mouth, vile bore?

  4. What is keeping high controversy on the police shooting these youngsters is the fact that focus is on the color of victims’ skin. The fact of the matter is that the most common attribute in the death of the boys is their “poverty”! Poverty that unfortunately matches with the non-white races. And the poorest of them all are Negroes. Police officers’ training and a better judgement of the situation concernes all the line of people that have to deal with the 911 call. The easiest way may be to dismiss the problem as racist police vs negro boys! This approach will not solve the problem, it won’t even better the relation between police and citizens at large. Training and, first of all, fight to poverty will help things for the better.

  5. I stopped watching Mourning Joke the morning of the midterms in Nov. I couldn’t stand to listen to his drek one more day and I’m quite sure he was rubbin’ one off the morning after the theft of office by the Koch addicted Reich Wing.

  6. And yet another UNARMED black man SHOT DEAD by police
    This time in Phoenix, Arizona. Thirty-year-old Rumain Brisbon on his way to drop off lunch for his daughters, accosted and killed by 30-year-old unnamed white police officer.

    Police say that Rumain went in the back of his vehicle and then grabbed for his waist. Where have I heard that before?? The dead man’s friend tells a different story than that offered by the police:

    Brandon Dickerson, who said he was in the car with Brisbon shortly before the shooting and witnessed some of the incident, said Brisbon was dropping off fast food to his children in the apartment. On Wednesday evening, strewn french fries still littered the front porch.
    Dickerson said he never saw the officer try to talk with Brisbon. He also said his friend wasn’t yelling at the officer.

    “Who’s gonna argue with police?” Dickerson said. “He had no death wish yesterday.

  7. I’ve always had a hard time stomaching Joe Scarborough. That being said, I don’t see the point in casting his BS conservative opinions as being the same as other MSNBC anchors. I think Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow do a fantastic job. They dig very deep into issues, do unprecedented research, and are not afraid of the consequences. They are in no way becoming another Fox News.

  8. I’m sure that it is understood that my comment was not ment to cover all the aspects of the problem. There is a problem. And other reasons add to the difficult solution. One is the “stand your ground” law, which gives way to all sorts of giustifications for hasty judgement! (I don’t know if in these cases the law was effective, but only to know that there is somewhere such a law, can change the frame of mind in coping with the situation!) More gun control is needed to give more security to police officers. Probably police will feel safer and take the take time to spot a gun toy, instead of a real one. But to return to race, I do not think that any officer, when called for a situation has in mind to make a clear distinction of the danger on the race of the person(s) he is facing. I guess the first thought is… “am I going to get hurt, or killed?” The rest follows. But of course every case is differet!

  9. I heard you speak about Al Sharpton, how he is your friend and all. My question to you is, why don’t you ask Al why he is not asking questions about the Black Officer in Salt Lake City Utah, who killed an unarmed white teen and no CHARGES will be filed on him. If you want to be fair about the news you report, try reporting on this and asking your “Friend” the hard questions as an real journalist would.
    I also do believe that the Officer in New York should be charged, what he did was uncalled for, but the Ferguson Officer was justified, I am a former Law Enforcement Officer.

  10. BORE
    transitive verb
    1: to pierce with a turning or twisting movement of a tool
    2: to make (as a cylindrical hole) by boring or digging away material
    intransitive verb
    a : to make a hole by or as if by boring
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  11. Are you stupid or CONsevative? Oh I just answered my own question. Where the f@ck in the article does Sharpton name comes up but that’s your boogieman.

    Have you read the grand jury transcript with the statements that was given to the FBI? I didn’t think so because you are stuck on stupid. The reason conservatives can’t stop bringing up irrelevant details (He stole cigars! His socks had pot leaves on them! You know They use those cigars to smoke drugs, right?) about Michael Brown is that they see the world very differently than…well, than intelligent people. To them, the facts of the case – what was said, who did what, when things happened – are not very important. What is important, as always, is making the determination that is central to their black-and-white worldview: good people vs. bad people. It doesn’t matter if Wilson’s testimony is accurate or in what order the events happened. What matters is establishing that Michael Brown was a Bad Guy. Wilson is a cop and therefore Good, Brown is a Thug and therefore Bad. As long as the Good Guy wins and the Bad Guy loses, the details don’t really matter. Liberals see the world as a series of questions that need to be answered; they see the world as science. Conservatives see it as good versus evil, as with religion. That’s one of the main reasons that arguing is pointless. Brown is a Bad Guy, and therefore he got what he deserved in the end. Doesn’t matter how.

  12. Well, are people on NBC joining Fox-pro-republican line? First Chuch Todd bashing President Obama, now Joe Scarborough taking a republican-like stand! Can we rely on Rachel Maddow? She won’t shift sides, will she?

  13. I turned off Joe S two years ago. His GOP talking points kept getting louder and louder as he drowned out anyone that did not agree.

  14. Expecting any national mainstream news telecast to be fair and objective is unrealistic. When we finally accept that this is a business and the most important thing is the bottom line, you can understand that it is a business decision for MSNBC to stir the pot with people like Joe Scarborough and middle of the road Chris Matthews. Chuck Todd has hated the president from day one and fulfills a useful purpose. Its important to keep Rachael, Rev, Ed, and Steve serve as the base for progressive MSNBC. Its a business plan and the news is secondary as far as station owners are concerned. We all know that in America, money trumps morality and even justice. The only time there will ever be serious change is when the money is threaten or is a perceived redistribution of power and control. You can only have power and control with money. I am not a fatalist, I just don’t think the nature of man is capable of changing; therefore, change “will” come from above

  15. I believe 5 or 6 corporations own our media. The head of Comcast which owns NBC/MSNBC is RWNJ. I don’t expect much from MSNBC or any other MSM outlet. I know people tend to like Rachel, but IMO she has bought her own press. She has believed for years that she can tell President Obama what to do, when to do it and how to do it. As far as I’m concerned they are paid actors. They know who signs their paychecks and none of them are ever going to cross a certain line. When’s the last time you heard any of them talk about blatant racism against PBO or the Republican obstruction to everything. Or they dare not ever say anything about the policies of Israel. I say turn the TV off and get your info from trusted web sites like this one.

  16. Agreed. MSNBC will never be the bimbo parade that fox is. fox has to keep the old men interested with t&a, where MSNBC is geared to actual news and knowledge to a younger population that isnt as influenced by a blonde parrot with her skirt hiked up bobbing her head up and down in forced agreement to some old white male thats giving her money.

  17. Does your computer have a fucking spell checker? Even if I could take your remarks seriously, your terrible spelling leads me to believe you’re an uneducated idiot.

  18. Yes, because if you believe any black man may shoulder some part of the responsibility for his behavior and you don’t immediately and permanently understand that any black man killed by a white cop is a victim of racism and oppression, you’re a racist teabagger.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  19. For his behavior? WTF!!! Are we your pet? What about your behavior towards anyone who isn’t white for the past 400 years? You are the criminal

  20. Scarborough is Republican and follows the party line. Have they blamed Obama yet? I suggest you stop giving Morning Joe any attention; the ratings for MSNBC are already abysmal. I downgraded my cable subscriptions and watch Rachel on Octave, via Roku.

  21. Jake if you were a former Police officer and feel that gunning an unarmed man down is JUSTIFIED , I for one, am very glad you no longer are, that officer.
    Also wonder about the 16 votes down on this article. What, may I ask is so wrong? so offending? You down voters have a very warped sense of right and wrong. So glad I do not know any of you….Have enough of this to contend with within my own, family.

  22. I cant believe there is anyone defending MSNBC like they defend Fox. But maybe they are just RWNJ’s and never watch Joe

  23. I agree that Joe is a RWNJ. But what about Mika…where the hell is she? She sits there like a stooge and doesn’t contradict him. Get someone on there who will challenge his right wing agenda and shut him up with facts (something Faux Noise can’t handle).

  24. I agree. I think the opinions of many of these television personalities are being displayed. It is unfortunate how this all plays out on television and we forget what the main idea of the discussion is really about.

  25. ….me too. I use to watch the Morning Joe show because it appeared to be somewhat fair, but now, it is just as many of you have described….. Fox-Lite. I don’t know what/why Meka’s job is supposed to be on the show, but she does nothing and allows him and his guests to speak to her in a manner as if she is a child…..I don’t know maybe this is just me but I really think sometimes there is more than Jo in Joe’s cup…..he appears to be drunk with his unprovoked rants every week. Many of which have nothing to do with the topic being discussed….just like a drunk guy.

  26. I hate to break it to you but I’m not 400 years old and I’ve never treated anyone differently based on the color of his/her skin. It appears to me that YOU are the racist.

    What is to be gained by punishing people living today for the sins of their ancestors. If you truly want a post-racial society (which I don’t believe you do) you’ll stop believing that EVERY time a white cop shoots a black person it’s because he’s a racist. People of color, just like everyone else, should be judged based on who they are and how they act – and that has nothing to do with being anyone’s “pet.” Seriously, that’s the most absurd thing I’ve heard all week and that’s saying a lot.

  27. Everybody knows Joe Scarborough is a red neck southern bigot. Get ofer it.

    MSNBC is not “news” it’s “entertainment”, and should be so viewed. Likewise CNN isn’ about”news” it’s about “opinions. But to change from CNN to CON wold give the story away.

    I now watch time shifted Daily Show and Colbert Report instead of Morning Joe.

    I agree: Joe looked like he was either drunk or on drugs.

  28. Article’s dead on when it comes to Morning Joe, and Chuck Todd has come out of the RW closet, but the majority of MSNBC anchors definitely lean left. I appreciate them giving voice to some RWers, at least when they’re aptly countered (Chris Hayes & Rachel Maddow excellent at that). MSNBC is the closest thing we have to liberal MSM. They should be supported for that aspec as we try, with criticism of the likes of Joe & Todd, to keep them honest.

  29. IF the killing of unarmed, and innocent until proven guilty, black and brown people is the work of just a “few bad cops” then, where in the Hell are the alleged “GOOD” Cops, and why are they not “policing” themselves.
    One thing I do know, if my profession was being tainted in this manner, I would find a way to something about that. And, I do NOT mean by casting aspersions upon the victims of those “bad seeds” but, by eradicating said Bad Seeds!

  30. Mika can carry any show on her own. I stopped watching because Joe makes me sick. I just saw a recent clip where he was calling Zimmerman a “thug” for shooting Trayvon Martin and to “just ask Zimmerman’s ex’s”. Really Joe? Wow – complete 180 from the days of the Zimmerman trial.

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