Bloomberg’s Tim O’Brien Explains That Going After Trump Accountant Weisselberg is “Classic Prosecutorial Strategy”

Since Donald Trump left office in mid-January, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has intensified their investigation into his finances.

The prosecutors have also talked to people inside Trump’s inner circle like his former lawyer Michael Cohen. And according to the New York Times, the DA’s office would very much like to talk for long-time Trump accountant Allen Weisselberg.  During her Tuesday show, Nicolle Wallace discussed the strategy with Tim O’Brien. read more

Former Senator Al Franken Explains Why Ron Johnson is Clearly an Antifa Plant

Al Franken was, at one time, one of the most popular Democratic lawmakers in the country. Franken, though, stepped down from his position after being accused of sexual misconduct in January of 2019.

The former Minnesota senator now hosts a weekend political show on Sirius XM radio. But before he was a politician, Franken spent 15 years as a writer for Saturday Night Live. He put those comedy chops to good use on Tuesday in a take-down of Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson. read more

WATCH: Nicolle Wallace Explains Why Democrats are Winning Impeachment Trial

Today began a battle between Republicans and Democrats over the impeachment of Donald Trump. The impeachment managers on the left started the proceedings with a powerful video and an emotional speech from Jamie Raskin.

The Republican response was such a disaster that it reportedly left Donald Trump fuming in Florida.

During her afternoon show, Nicolle Wallace broke down three reasons why the left is winning thus far. First, the MSNBC host claimed that Democrats have laid out a strong argument that the trial is constitutional.

Wallace continued, “I thought the next layer was that video, that that was the heart of their case, the horror. It’s like watching a documentary about Benghazi or Mumbai or any deadly attack premeditated and plotted and incited in full view, and carried out without remorse, without shame, and with clearly evil intent.”

The MSNBC host closed:

“And then I thought the top layer was the gut punch — was Congressman Raskin’s story of where he was and why. He was in Steny Hoyer’s office because he had just lost his son and he brought his family there because they were grieving together. And I thought one of the most powerful things he said was that he was being lifted up by Democrats and Republicans and he planned to give a speech that day, the day of the insurrection, about unity. And we all know what happened next.” read more

Nicolle Wallace: Calling White Supremacists “Kooks” Lets Them Off the Hook

Last week, the news was focused on Marjorie Taylor Greene. Despite her racists statements and wild conspiracy theories, the majority of the party had her back.

There are, however, some Republicans that want to fight back against the rise of QAnon within their party. And Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney is one of them. Nicolle Wallace and Tara Setmeyer discussed Cheney’s fight this afternoon.

Setmeyer began by saying:

“They’re acquiescing to the kooks, the crackpots and the crazies. So the Republican Party needs to decide are they the party of country? Are they the party of the Constitution over cult? Or are they going to side with the kooks, the crackpots and conspiracy theorists? Liz Cheney, unfortunately, is a minor voice. She and Adam Kinzinger are about the only ones who have stepped up. It’s clear she’s swimming against the grain and the party is no longer the way she describes it.” read more

WATCH as Nicolle Wallace Pokes Holes in Trump Impeachment Defense

Nicolle Wallace

Donald Trump will soon face an impeachment trial in the senate. Finding lawyers willing to defend him has been an issue. The 45th president is now on his second legal team after the first quit because he wouldn’t follow their strategy.

And the arguments to defend Trump aren’t great. MSNBC‘s Nicolle Wallace spent a Tuesday segment on her show picking them apart.

The host began, “Here’s what appears to be the very best they could come up with: ‘It is denied that the phrase ‘if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore’ had anything to do with the action at the Capitol. As it was clearly about the need to fight for election security.’ What? That’s not how the insurrectionists took Trump’s words at all.”

Wallace then continued:

“And this complicates the defense lawyer’s case too,” Wallace said. So, we all know now that Donald Trump went home and watched the insurrection unfold on live TV for hours and hours and hours. Didn’t even take calls. And he never rushed to Twitter to clarify, ‘whoa, whoa, wait, my supporters misunderstood me.’ He never addressed the American people as president until much, much later. Until much of the damage was already done hours after the Capitol was breached and even then, he told the insurrectionists he ‘loved them.'” read more

Dem. Rep. Wasserman-Schultz Says Marjorie Taylor Greene is “The David Duke of Today”

Openly racist politicians have been successful in the past. George Wallace, who openly endorsed segregation, received nearly 10 million votes as a third party candidate in the 1968 presidential election.

Strom Thurmond, who filibustered against the Civil Rights Act for over 24 hours, served as a senator for 48 years.

Still, it is striking to see a politician so willing to be openly hateful as Marjorie Taylor Greene is. The Georgia congresswoman aims much of her hatred at Jews.

During an interview with MSNBC on Tuesday,  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz compared Taylor Greene to forme KKK leader David Duke.

When you have someone like Marjorie Taylor Greene who actually promoted violence against fellow members when she liked and promoted statements about putting a bullet in Nancy Pelosi,” said the Florida congresswoman. “When she actually stalked a teenager from my community who was the victim of the Parkland mass shooting. When she continues to promote dangerous insurrection infused statements that help lead to the riot and attack on the capitol, then you forfeit your right to make policy in a collegial body.”

Wasserman-Schultz continued:

“Marjorie Taylor Greene is the David Duke of this day. How do they not see that she is equally if not more poisonous to the United States of America and our way of life and our beliefs? This is a woman who promotes violence. She doesn’t just make offensive statements and when you have someone who endangers the lives of others in our body, you have to make sure you render her powerless.” read more

Nicolle Wallace: Republicans Want to Fight Terrorism as Long as Trump Supporters Aren’t Involved

From Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump, the GOP has long presented itself as the party of “law and order.”

The last time a large-scale terrorist attack occurred on US soil, George W. Bush was President. In September of 2001, Bush told Congress, “Our war on terror begins with Al Qaeda, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated.”

Nicolle Wallace, who worked in that Bush White House, says that Republicans now take a very different stance on terrorism, especially if it’s perpetrated by Trump supporters.

The MSNBC host told her viewers, “You might think that putting the vice president in mortal danger would have been a line too far for the rest of the GOP. Less than a month after the Capitol insurrection, it seems Trump’s party is all too keen to welcome him back with open arms.”

Wallace then discussed Kevin McCarthy‘s trip to Florida to meet with Trump. She continued:

“The choice to kiss the ring of a man who incited a seditious insurrection is one McCarthy is not alone in making. Have any of them decided to stick up for the country against seditionists? And we wait and wait, and call, and hope and hope, and we think, ‘maybe they will,’ and we’re watching to see if Mitch McConnell‘s going to convict or not. Who cares? Unless I’m missing something, they have thrown in their lot with Trump and the mob.” read more

Ocasio-Cortez Says That the QAnon Members Now Control the GOP Caucus

In June of last year, Facebook videos emerged of Marjorie Taylor Greene making racist comments. A spokesperson for Kevin McCarthy said, “these comments are appalling, and Leader McCarthy has no tolerance for them.” Minority Whip Steve Scalise took it a step further, throwing his support behind Greene’s primary opponent.

Greene was able to win that primary, though, and she easily won election into the House of Representatives. On Wednesday, more viral videos of the Georgia congresswoman came to light.

But instead of punishing Greene, she was placed on the House Education and Labor Committee. This refusal to condemn Greene, says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, shows that the QAnon wing is now controlling the Republican caucus.

The New York congresswoman told MSNBC‘s Chris Hayes:

“It increasingly seems, unfortunately, that in the House Republican caucus, Kevin McCarthy answers to these QAnon members of congress, not the other way around. And that is something that frankly needs to be said — he said he was going to pull representative Marjorie Taylor Greene aside after, you know, her comments to Parkland activists and comments saying that Muslim Americans should not fully and freely serve in the House, that they must be forced to swear on a Bible, et cetera.” read more

WATCH: MSNBC’s Jason Johnson Asks Why Mike Pence Isn’t More Bothered That Trump Supporters Wanted to Hang Him

House impeachment requests Ukraine documents from Mike Pence

Many Republicans have backed Donald Trump on the pretense that they will need his supporters in order to win future elections. What those GOP lawmakers don’t take into account, though, is the fact that those people only support Donald Trump.

Mike Pence stood by the ex-President’s side for 4 years and defended him at every turn. The Capitol rioters, however, planned on hanging Mike Pence for his refusal to break the law for Trump.

Pence is apparently couch surfing right now as he comes up with his next political play. This left MSNBC’s Jason Johnson confused. Johnson wondered why Pence hasn’t come out more strongly against the people who threatened his life.

The pundit made the comments during an appearance on Nicolle Wallace‘s MSNBC show. He told the host:

“Oh Nicolle, I don’t think they are ambivalent, I think they’re in favor of it. If you vote against a trial to hold this guy responsible, who, by the way, led a crowd of people who wanted to kill Mike Pence… If there’s one interview I’ve been wanting to see, I want to see Mike Pence. I want him to go to the next RNC event and say ‘You wanted people to hang me!’ Because that’s basically what happened! These people are not your friends, Mike.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

"The Republican Party, they can't have blinders on anymore. There's no face shield, there's no N95 mask to cover you from this virus of terrorism. You all have sucked it in and are now participating in spreading it throughout the party" – @DrJasonJohnson w/ @NicolleDWallace read more

Not a Fluke: MSNBC and CNN Are Still Crushing Fox in The Ratings Post Insurrection

About the time George W.  Bush became President, the Fox News network became the dominant force in cable news. Rupert Murdoch‘s

operation made stars out of anchors such as Megyn Kelly, Bill O‘Reilly, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.

And throughout all of Donald Trump’s term, the network continued its ratings dominance. But cracks have been starting to show the last few months. At the urging of Trump, Conservative viewers have been tuning into OAN and Newsmax.

And the floodgates seemed to have opened during the Trump insurrection last week. Since that moment, more viewers have been tuning into CNN and MSNBC and the trend doesn’t seem to be changing.

CNN and MSNBC both defeated Fox in the ratings Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week. This was the first time that has happened in 20 years.

On Monday, CNN and MSNBC scored again. Mediate’s Marisa Sarnoff reports:

“CNN had the most total day viewers, averaging 2.61 million, and 716,000 in the demo. MSNBC averaged 2.38 million total viewers, with 419,000 in the demo, and Fox News placed third with 1.68 million total viewers and 311,000 in the demo (25-54). In prime time,Rachel Maddow powered MSNBC to win the most total viewers, 3.49 million. The network drew 652,000 in the demo. CNN had 3.36 million prime time viewers, but significantly more demo viewers – 1.04 million.” read more

Donny Deutsch on Trump: His Brand Is Destroyed Forever and It’s Going To Be Fun To Watch

For the last four years, Donald Trump has had nearly everything he wanted. The former businessman has immeasurable power. He had immunity from all his looming court cases. And he could play golf whenever he wanted to on the people’s dime.

When he leaves office, though, his outlook won’t be so bright. Trump is facing significant legal jeopardy in the state of New York. He will also return to a business empire that may not be viable anymore. In fact, according to Donny Deutsch, “his brand is destroyed forever.”

The MSNBC contributor made the comments during a Tuesday afternoon appearance on Nicolle Wallace‘s show. The host asked what will become of Trump’s brand following last week’s alteration.

“His brand is destroyed forever,” Deutsch responded. “You cannot do business without amy type of partners, whether it’s TV business and you have platforms, whether it’s real estate business and you loan money, it’s no different than [Osama] bin Laden, you’re not going to do business with bin Laden. When you think about the logo of Trump’s business at this point, it’s those people storming the Capitol. When you think about the spokesperson from that brand, it’s the people in the horns, the people in the painted face and those villainous critters that we saw there. Donald Trump’s business is over.” read more