Rachel Maddow on Trump not showing up to debate.

Rachel Maddow Busts Trump For Week Old Pre-Taped Debate Night Tucker Carlson Interview

Rachel Maddow pointed out that instead of debating, Trump was getting ready to surrender on RICO charges and airing a week-old pre-taped Tucker Carlson interview on Twitter.

Maddow said, “Former president Trump is the leading candidate in the race by far if the polls are to be believed. He declined to take part in tonight’s debate. His plans for the weekend instead include presenting himself or booking an arrest on felony Rico charges tomorrow in Georgia. His plans for tonight included appearing in an interview that was apparently recorded a whole week ago with a former fired Fox News host on what we used to call Twitter.”


Trump is acting like he has this primary locked up already, which might not be the case if you look deeper at the polling in Iowa and New Hampshire. Republicans are voting for Trump but don’t seem overly excited or happy about it.

Donald Trump tried to pass off a stale week-old interview with Tucker Carlson on the platform formerly known as Twitter as debate counterprogramming.

It is almost like Trump isn’t even trying anymore.

The debate was a disaster, with the candidates who had no chance of winning performing the best. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is coasting along, trying to sell old interviews as something new and believing he doesn’t have to show up to debate.

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