John McCain Tag Teams With Morning Joe To Label Obama’s Foreign Policy As “Delusional”

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On Monday morning, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) did what he does best, which is preen for the cameras and make a couple of appearances on cable news shows. Besides showing up on the familiar and comfy couch of Fox & Friends, McCain made his way over to MSNBC’s studio for an extended sit down with the Morning Joe crew. While co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough fawned over his every word, McCain called President Obama “delusional” when it came to foreign policy and seemingly called for additional troops to be deployed to deal with Russia in the aftermath of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov’s murder.

In the Monday morning interview, McCain rang the familiar bell of more military action and more troops to deal with the situations around the globe that he feels warrants direct American intervention. Regarding the gunning down of Nemtsov, a vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Arizona Senator told Mika and Joe that he warned Nemtsov that he might be killed. At that point, McCain nibbled around the corners regarding the Obama Administration’s liability in his death as he made the case that the United States should have done more by now to make sure Putin was out of power.

The one-time Republican nominee for President then joined forces with Scarborough to complain about Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry’s policy decisions when it come to Russia and their attempts to occupy Ukraine. Both of them made the case that the US should deploy troops to the Russian border in order to let Putin know America means business. Joe made sure to point out to viewers that they weren’t calling for new troops to be sent over, but instead were just calling for troops already in Germany to be re-positioned. Meanwhile, McCain was careful not to explicitly state that he wanted to use military force against Russia as a way to remove Putin from power. However, the tone of the conversation definitely suggested that, even as he only definitively said he’d recommend more and harsher sanctions against the country.

Beyond that, McCain also complained that Kerry was scheduled to meet with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Geneva on Monday to discuss a recent cease-fire in Ukraine and the ongoing situation there. In McCain’s mind, Kerry shouldn’t meet with him because of Nemtsov’s death because the meeting makes it seem as “nothing happened.” Essentially, the Republican Senator doesn’t want Kerry or Obama speaking to Russia at all. Instead, he’d prefer for a President to cowboy up, shake a stick really hard, and bark and grumble really loud. (In other words, he’s still really, really peeved he lost in 2008.)

Below is video of the interview, courtesy of MSNBC:

The rest of the interview was standard McCain fare. He whined some more about the President, specifically when it came to his overall foreign policy and his executive orders on immigration. Speaking about the possibility of a US-Iran nuclear deal, McCain loudly complained about the administration’s insistence on getting a deal done, using it as the basis to call Obama’s foreign policy “delusional.” However, McCain did make Mika happy by blaming both sides regarding the current relationship between Congress and the White House, claiming it is at its worst level ever. As anyone who watches MSNBC in the morning knows, nothing makes the milquetoast hosts happier than saying “both sides are to blame.”

35 Replies to “John McCain Tag Teams With Morning Joe To Label Obama’s Foreign Policy As “Delusional””

  1. I had to mute this segment because it was Monday morning and the last thing I need is to drive to work pissed off. I knew it was going to be a conservative stroke fest right in Mika’s face, her expressions revealed she is so enamored with having McCain there that what little common sense and courage she has evaporated.

  2. Very interesting, from what I have seen both Joe and John fit delusional. Far better then President Obama’s foreign policies. They both are so far into delusional land that they do not see how foolish they appear to the world.

  3. does anything ever change with this monster? more troops, more guns, more bombs- that’s his response for every thing going on in the world. he is a dangerous man and so are the rest of GOP and their base of rightwing extremists.

  4. Morning Joe is as anti-President Obama as anything on FOX. Their viewers must be old white people just like FOX.

  5. After the abysmal choice of $arah as his running mate, why anyone listens to what McCain thinks is beyond me. He should have been put out to pasture long ago.

  6. I wonder why there are people who still watch Morning Joeker.

    Quit watching this nuts program, so that MSNBC will give up on keeping Joeker and Meeka.

  7. “Morning Joke” should be taken off the air. Joke should be investigated for the dead intern found in his office. MxCain is really amusing. He chose a bird brain like $carah PayMe as his running mate, and STILL thinks he is smarter than the President!!Imagine if any Democratic senator or congressman had repeatedly gone on TV to insult Dubya, what the backlash would have been? Never forget what Rove orchestrated to destroy the Dixie Chicks. Little lumpy Johnny should retire, go play video poker on his phone full time instead of just when serious policies are being discussed.

  8. It’s a sad state of affairs when the best debate politicians can offer is talking point tag team with a loyal crony. What ARE you going to do McCain to help the people? What are Republicans going to do? Can’t do it cause you’re in the minority? Oh wait, can’t use that excuse anymore can you? Go ask your lobbyist bosses to pat you on the head and tell you you done good.

  9. So McCain “warned Nemtsov that he might be killed?” Really? Why don’t you go run to O”Reilly, John, and you two can have a lying contest. I’d be really surprised if there was evidence that John had ever met Nemtsov, let alone warned him about anything. You are a traitorous old fool in a party full of traitors. Now MSNBC seems to have joined in. Nice work, media. Unlike Chuck Todd, I’d be pleased as punch for someone to call these guys what they are, and really pleased if they never appeared on your TV shows again.

  10. I’m an old white woman and I think both Joe and McCain are stupid, stupid, stupid.
    If McCain want boots on the ground I think they should be his. He has sols the people of his state out with a foreign company coming in to do mining. Guess his wife does not give him an allowance so he has to get money some how. As far as Joe is concern I’m surprised people voted for him as the saying goes he is dumb as dirt.
    Little old lady of 79.

  11. I don’t think a guy you thought naming an ignorant, unqualified person to be his running mate in the hopes of winning the presidency ought to be using the word delusional.

  12. Idiot Joe and vacuous Mika need to go. Their little AM shtick has become very tiresome. Don’t get me started on McCain. When are all these hateful old asshats going to croak? Their warranty has expired and they really reek. You know what the President’s strategy is? He is trying to keep us out of more endless wars. And last I heard that is what we want also.

  13. Boy, we narrowly escaped having this raging warlord as President of the United States with his Court Jester Palin in office to create havoc. Do you know we would have been at War with Russia by now over the Crimea and Ukraine if Commander-In War McCain was in the White House? Wheeew. Dingbat Palin would have been urging him on too. I think McCain want’s Obama to commit to a NO-WIN situation so that he could sit back and bitch that Obama got us into a shooting confrontation with Putin. Why else would he be urging the President to send troops to confront the Russians in the Ukraine? That, my friends would be just asking for trouble BIG TIME! The shit would have escalated to Nuclear use somewhere. And they think Iran would be crazy enough to use the bomb? I think Putin is crazier and he WOULD threaten the West with it. He seems that way. I don’t know what Bush saw in his eyes and soul….but those eyes are unfriendly, in my opinion.

  14. They’re ‘Hit and Run’ people, man. They vote down, then leave before getting busted and having to defend themselves… and by which, I mean seeing them flail around like a goldfish out of it’s bowl.

    Now, they said Obama’s foreign policy is delusional… You want to know what delusional is? That would be fighting a war with Iran because Israel is too much of a chicken shit to fight them themselves. Delusion would be having troops on the ground in every Arab nation trying to fight against an ideal based on religion.

    What those two suggest is delusional. Last thing this country needs is to fall back into this perpetual war crap again.

  15. Boy did America dodge a bullet, when they voted down the McCain/Palin presidential bid. Time has shown how crazy stupid they are.

  16. I am rather certain he would have stopped living shortly after his inauguration, and Sarah –aka W with tits — would have found herself fitted with a ball and Cheney (my guess is Boltoned down).

  17. Perhaps when McCain goes on one of those talk shows, the first question he should be asked is ‘Senator, just how many countries
    do you NOT want to send troops to?’

  18. I’m black woman your junior, and I totally agreed with you. IMO people give his Mika to much slack also their regular guest. MSNBC is very lenient where Scarborough concern, where they’re strict with their other hosts.

    Scarborough was a big opponent for the Iraq war, Bush/Cheney couldn’t do no wrong. Joe and his guest have use derogatory language when it come to anything Obama and his administration.

    McCain been wrong on every foreign issue since Pres. Obama been in office. He jump on any issue as long as it against (let’s saying again) Obama. Pres. Obama beat McCain so bad, he’s still can’t get over it. Putin make a fool of him, Cameron think he’s a joke, Merkel just don’t think of him at all.

    It kills them all (even the msm) Pres. Obama is still the most admire world leader. Even his adversaries have high respect for him (incl. Putin and Jinping).

  19. McCain and Republicans want troops on the ground in so many countries, I think it’s time to reinstate the draft. Then we will see how the American people really feel about putting troops on the ground in several countries.

  20. McShame is supposed to be a foreign policy expert, but when running against Obama, dummy McIdiot did not know Spain was democracy and a member of NATO. The people who voted for McBush number two should be ashamed of themselves.

  21. Ignore them. If they were honest members of this discussion, they would include a rebuttal so we could hear their point of view.

  22. Johnny is just so excited to be the chairman of the war committee, I think he peed a little down his leg. We’re going to be listening to this moron push for war, any war will do, for the next 2 years.

  23. I am sick beyond sick of John McCain and his petty hateful bickering. He’s no leader, he’s a whiner. A hateful whiner.

    I can’t believe that before the 2000 elections I at least respected him. I know I didn’t change. Maybe he didn’t change either, he just feels safe to show his true worthless colors.

  24. McCain, you are NOT the Commander-in-Chief with the responsibilities of a nation!

    And, if you were elected president we would be in a state of perpetual war for perpetual peace.

  25. This pathetic little man, McFuddle with visions of his self importance thinks he’s an expert on foreign policy and war. He ignorant of FP, but he sure as hell likes warring. Does he know that Russia is armed to the teeth and the US would have hard time winning any war with Russia?
    He’s still pissed off that he lost to Obama in 2008 and will never get over it. Imagine what America would be like today if he has won, every man, woman and child would be in some foreign country fighting McFuddles imaginary enimies.

  26. Don’t discount all the time the three Netanyahu stooges spent in Israel getting their instructions how to vote and the talking points for their second jobs. Hitting all the MSM Sunday Funny shows. I see Lieberman even showed up last week. When the masters call, I guess you still have to show up. It has been left for Little Johnny and his BFF Miss Lindsey to carry the heaviest buckets of BS since Lieberman retired. Now Netanyahu has to show up himself to give the same speech to drag us into one of his wars again. At the put up invitation of a drunken disgrace. Wonder how you say “You just can’t get good help these days” in Yiddish?
    And now MSNBC is coming out of the shadows we weren’t supposed to know about. And they wonder why people have stopped watching. They keep getting rid of the wrong employees trying to fix it. I think it is too far gone to be fixed.

  27. Someone should suggest that to help pay for more wars, the Aid to Israel must be stopped. Bibi would lose the election BIG TIME since our taxpayer money pays for the Israelis to have universal healthcare, something WE are denied. McCain and Boehner should resign and move to Israel, help THEM with their foreign policy that they are such experts at. (not)

  28. The last 2 mornings of Morning Joe were my final straw. I stopped watching daily about 6 months ago. But would tape periodically whenever something was going on. Joe’s smarmy conversation with McCain was gaggable. This morning he was really nasty to Mika about 5 minutes in Not that I have any respect for her any long either. Her little lovefest about how great the Koch Bros were after their weekend visit to them was gross. No more for me.

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