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While Clamoring For War, Republicans Ignore Positive Obamacare News




As the old Republican saying goes, “No news is good news.  Except when there is actual good news, make sure no one hears about it.”


It has been a tried and true formula ever since President Barack Obama took office in 2009.  Whenever any kind of good news comes up, Republicans immediately either try to 1)  disprove it, by using either shoddy or fake statistics combined with anecdotes or 2)  immediately find something else to criticize, often times using the term “scandal” in front of the issue even if the issue originated under the George W. Bush administration.  Like clockwork, Republicans have employed this strategy and unfortunately for us, the mainstream media has gobbled it up, ignoring any positive news and instead focusing on the multiple wild goose chases that Republicans have led us on over the past five and a half years.


This week, we saw a prime example of this strategy in action.  The early part of the news week was dominated by the stunning defeat of Eric Cantor in his Republican primary.  Rather than admit that Cantor was seen as one of the major reasons of the gridlock in Washington, Conservatives immediately piled it on Cantor claiming he was out of touch with the party and that his views on immigration were out of line with those of the people in Virginia’s 7th district.  Never mind the fact that 72% of the people in Cantor’s district actually support immigration reform

, this was the narrative that the Conservative media put out there for all to see.  The government shutdown, the multiple votes to defund the Affordable Care Act, and the inability of the House to pass any meaningful legislation had no effect on Cantor’s ousting.  Yet his views on immigration, those were clearly the straws that broke the camel’s back.


While that news died down, much to Republicans relief, it was another story that gave them a prime opportunity to attack the President:  The recent events in Iraq.  As Iraq descends into more and more sectarian violence and massive infighting, Republicans have used the situation to paint President Obama as a weak leader with a disastrous foreign policy.  Chief among his critics has been war hawk John McCain who has yet to support any foreign policy issue that didn’t automatically require American boots on the ground.  This week, McCain had the gall to suggest that the Obama administration actually pulled defeat from the jaws of victory by withdrawing troops in 2011 and that Obama’s entire national security team should be fired.  In John McCain’s fairytale world, the only thing that ensures peace is having a forceful and massive military presence in the country at all times.


Of course, John McCain and his Republican colleagues will never be sending their own children to war so who better than them to make policy decisions for the American soldiers and their families?



With Republicans on the offensive like that, you can only imagine that there must be some kind of positive news that they didn’t want the average American voter to hear about.  And it just so happens that that news came out in bunches and happens to involve Republicans’ kryptonite:  The Affordable Care Act.  We are only halfway into the month of June and yet Republicans have already been given a hearty dose of heartache due to the ACA’s successes this month.  In separate reports that came out this week it was revealed that in every state so far, more insurers are asking to participate in state exchanges, it was estimated that roughly 90% of ACA enrollees have paid their first month’s premium, the growth of Medicare was shown to be slowing, and of course the devastating news that 66% of Americans want to keep Obamacare.


All this positive news has gotten Republicans shaking in their boots.


So of course, rather than lick their wounds and cut their losses they continue to attack the President.  Republicans know that the Affordable Care Act will continue to be a huge political success for the Obama Administration.  Despite their constant fear-mongering, lies, misinformation, and even a government shutdown, the program has and will continue to help benefit some of the most vulnerable in our society.  It is a testament to the fact that government programs can, and should, help everyday Americans in their struggles.  Like Social Security and Medicare, people will come to depend upon the Affordable Care Act, especially as our country moves toward a single-payer system.


The problem for Republicans is that they have an entire political party who is on record as having not supported the program.  You can see it in the initial votes to enact the legislation.  You can see it in the repeated attempts to repeal the law.  You can see it in a presidential nominee running to abolish the program even though it was his home state that gave a blueprint for the program in the first place.  The ACA is a Democratic victory.  Every bit of good news is a reflection of a determined President, his administration, and the Democratic Party which needed every single one of its members to support the legislation or else it would have not succeeded.  Republicans were on the wrong side of history once again and rather than own their mistake, they are insisting upon changing the subject in hopes that the American people will forget all about the previous five and a half years.  And yet, for Republicans the truth will always be remembered by the American people.  They will ultimately be undone by this one simple fact:



No matter how many times they change the subject, Republicans cannot change the past.



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  • I love the way Republicans latch onto something "new" to discredit this president when their latest efforts invariably and inevitably fail to gain traction. True to form, they choose to ignore the fact that the last Republican president got this country into the morass of Iraq. It was an ill-advised war that was based on GW's personal animosity toward Sadaam Hussein, and one based on ignorance of the country's inner workings. The mutual hostilities in that country existed before the Iraqi war and still do. I am glad that President Obama pulled most American troops out of that country, because the war was a fool's errand in the first place. Of course, none of that matters to this president's detractors, who are only too happy to find something to hang onto him. My bet is that this will also fail.

  • You forget the recovery of jobs that were lost under bush when they held all three branches till 2006 but the damage was done by then.

    The only way to get the TV media to listen to reason is a simple boycott. I left out print because According to a study conducted in late April by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Institute of Literacy, 32 million adults in the U.S. can't read. That's 14 percent of the population. 21 percent of adults in the U.S. read below a 5th grade level, and 19 percent of high school graduates can't read.

    That's about 10%. So most people get their news from the tube. Hit them where it hurts, the pocketbook then they will do real journalism instead of just writing down what a person says with no follow up.
    But then again who am I fooling. Those 6 and 7 figure salaries are nice and the cocktail parties must be one hell of a shing ding

  • add, every poll was wrong about cantor, even nate silver. so when you see polls that say the cons will take the senate, or every congressional district up, will go con, read it with a huge grain of salt. the polls now are so weighted by the ones who are paying for it, they wont be accurate. if the dems get the voters out, even in gerrymandered districts, they come into play. GET OUT AND VOTE, and drag everyone else into the booth. the cons are depending of misinformation to suppress the vote even further.

  • As many people want to keep their ACA as they want to see pot legalized and support gay marriage.

    Progress marches on!

  • I blame the MSM as much as I do the Republicans, they are, after all, giving these cretins a platform to spread their lies. After the big drama of the ACA computer problems was solved, the media no longer had an interest in touting the success of the program. They have no interest in highlighting the millions who could, but don't have health care because of REPUBLICANS.

  • The Republicans strategy from the minute Obama put his hand on the BIBLE is now so obvious. With every poll showing record disapproval with all things government the conservatives strategy of dragging down everything and everyone has sadly worked. Remember in gridlock and low voter enthusiasm conservatives win. Their strategy was to just gum up the government top to bottom and if the US economy collapses so be it from their perspective it's a good trade off. Conservatives do not have any interest in making government work for the American citizens.

    • I think that would be the American Taliban. Don't look now but that black helicopter is behind you ready to indoctrinated you with Agenda 21

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