Majority Leader Eric Cantor Gets Routed in GOP Primary and Loses His Seat In The House


With over 90% of the vote in, multiple media outlets are projecting that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) will lose his seat in the House by losing his primary by double digits.

Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) is trailing his tea party challenger David Brat 56%-44%. Cantor had comfortably won his previous reelection campaigns, but his margin of victory has been falling. Cantor won his race by 30% in 2006, 26% in 2008, 25% in 2010, and 17% in 2012, but those are still comfortable victories. There was nothing in the polling that suggested that Eric Cantor was in danger of losing his seat.

However, there were some signs of trouble back home in his district. Eric Cantor was booed and heckled by tea party activists at an event in his home district last month. Cantor enraged the right by helping to end the government shutdown, and supporting immigration reform.

It was assumed that Eric Cantor would be the next Speaker of the House after John Boehner steps down, but that won’t be happening now. Cantor was expected to win, and now he faces the same uncertain future that more than million Americans are facing because he refused to support an extension of unemployment benefits.

Democrats who are looking at the possibility of turning Cantor’s seat blue should not get their hopes up. Mitt Romney won Cantor’s district by 15 points over President Obama in 2012. John McCain beat President Obama by 7 points in 2008. George W. Bush won Cantor’s district by 23 points in 2004, and 24 points in 2000. This does not look like a good opportunity for a Democratic pick up. The tea partier will face Democratic nominee Jack Trammell.

The bad news is that Cantor’s defeat will likely terrify Republicans at all levels into going even more right. For the rest of this year, the nation can expect to be treated to a ratcheted up level of hysteria and insanity out of the Republican Party that will make the last five years look calm by comparison.

With 94% of the vote in, Rep. Cantor is trailing 56%-44%.

Welcome to the unemployment line, Cantor.

53 Replies to “Majority Leader Eric Cantor Gets Routed in GOP Primary and Loses His Seat In The House”

  1. All hope is not lost in picking this seat up. You can be quite sure the money interest will try to goad him to run as a write in candidate. They will point to Lisa Murkowski as an example and with his ego he just might go for it. If that happens that will split the vote and if Democrats do come out and vote then we just might pull it off. Then again maybe this is my last beer for the night

  2. Eric Cantor will not join the unemployment line. He will merely slip over into some cushy lobbyist job, where he will make much more money.

  3. oh goody, i hope that all the “normal” republicans get replaced by reactionary tea party candidates, then come november, it will be easy pickings for the democrats.

  4. LOL. This exactly what these establish Republicans deserve. They courted the Tea Party insanity to their party. GOP will now reap what they sow. lolololol

  5. Couldn’t happen to a better guy. Every time I see him or hear him talk he always reminds me of Lunbergh, the boss in Office Space. Maybe he can go file his TPS reports now.

  6. Unemployed for 15 minutes. Then he’ll go to work for a right-center think tank or lobby group and make three times what he made as a congressman. And he’ll continue to draw his “retirement pay” until he croaks.

    So it’s not like he really lost here.

  7. Only if a democrat is running. You don’t even see these days allegations of all of the “big D or union money” because it doesn’t exist the way it does for the rich R crazzies.

  8. Just was looking and sadly I couldn’t find any Democrat running. So this is another electoral malpractice by Steve Israel. You got to be in it to win it. I wonder how many other seats will go uncontested?

  9. He is NOT like the rest of us and is not going to be hurting financially. He has his salary and generous health benefits for the rest of his life!

  10. I’m glad that Mr. Cantor was defeated in this primary. That trash needed to be thrown out some time ago! What about the democrat that ran against him last cycle? Where is he now?

  11. Oh oh this does not look good . Was the author of a book, titled The Richmond Slave Trade: The Economic Backbone of The Old Dominion. I leave the rest to peoples imagination to fill in the blanks

  12. I’m afraid the Primary winner Dave Brat may be much worse. At least we knew, most of the time, what Cantor was going to say and do. This guy could be another Blackburn, King, Lee, Huelskamp or another crazy rep that drives me nuts.

  13. Yeah he will be worst, a bagger named Brat but he wont have the power that Cantor had and voting wise you wont be able to tell the difference

  14. Good for Cantor Can’t…now I hope and pray the peepottie loses in November. Wake up people in Virginia because you will be included & affected by their obstructionism too…Wake Up!

  15. I was all set to laugh out loud, but if we’re only going to get more baggers into Congress, we’re looking at no unemployment or immigration bills being passed, as well as another government shutdown. The Repubs have no choice but to embrace the tea party now, no sense distancing themselves from them in hollow rhetoric, but will continue fighting amongst themselves like dogs too closely bred, chasing their own tails and biting their own butts. And the dysfunction not only continues, but escalates.

  16. Fellow at the bottom of my hill had a carport. He has no idea where it is now lol. Glad I am protected way up on the hill

  17. I just read in another article that Cantor cannot run as an independent now. Virginia has the “sore losers” law that prevents him from doing that.

  18. @djchefron

    I just read an excerpt from his Tramell’s book, I don’t think it is what you think it is.

    One quick part is where he talks about the place where slaves were sold as the most concentrated area of human suffering anywhere.

  19. I haven’t read the book but that area of Virginia might not take to kindly to the truth. I wouldn’t be surprise with the baggers tried paint him for advocating for reparations.

  20. Yeah that’s true but the good news is he won’t be able to wreak havoc on the rest of our lives any more………….

  21. I live in Virginia & voted in today’s primary as it was open to all registered voters.

    As a Liberal Democrat, I have never voted for a GOP or Tea Party candidate in my life before today. I only voted for David Brat to help bring down Eric Cantor who I can’t stand as he’s done nothing to help the people of Virginia yet he seems to believe he’s invincible.

    I hope Virginia will run a decent Dem candidate against David Brat this November. If not, and if Brat wins & ends up in congress at least Brat will have far less power than Cantor had. In the end it was a vote for the lesser of the two evils.

    I was so shocked to see the polling place packed today. I believe it was the Democrat’s votes that contributed to Cantor’s loss. You can be sure Cantor & Co. will change the rules so that only registered Republicans will be allowed to vote in primaries in the future; the GOP are always such poor losers.

  22. I don’t know what to make of this. So the whiny snot lost to a Tea Partier. Cantor’s a grade a obstructionist asshole. But not enough of one for Virginia. they have another Ayn Rand disciple. He wrote a thesis titled, “An Analysis of the Moral Foundations in Ayn Rand. Oh goody, another Paul Ryan granny starver.
    Why are districts populated with old white TP extremists the ones that decide statewide elections now? Brat can’t be worse than Cantor but he won’t be any better. Another TP lunatic in congress. Whoopie do. They all make me gag. Other than that, I got nothing positive to say.

  23. Thanks for that insight about open primaries, Tatiana. It’ll be very interesting if dem voters had a significant role in this.

  24. Why doesn’t Trammell have a shot if VA is trending blue? Is it that only the districts the candidates represent will turn out to vote? Brat’s district is obviously populated with Tea Party malcontents. I don’t understand.

  25. I just read Cantor’s district had recently been redrawn and leaned further to the right. Gerrymandering backfired on a republican.

  26. It’s depressing because it feels like fascism, racism, gun fanatics, all forms of right wing extremism is winning.

  27. Well,I think Cantor was the lesser of the two evils and things will get worse for the
    country and especially the VA folks who idolize this obstructionist.

  28. Cantor thrown out despite spending $5m on his campaign and being Netanyahu’s mouthpiece in the GOP, is a resounding slap in the face for AIPAC and the entire lobby group that seeks to maintain its undue influence over US foreign policy.

    It is a wake-up call for the American electorate as a whole. This is the start of a sea change, a paradigm shift in US politics in which 300 million can take back their country from the malign influence of an unelected lobby. Thank God, at last!

  29. Congress might as well just shut down until next year or 2016 even. Because there is no legislation of any sort which would benefit the middle class that will make it through the house. Immigration reform just was put to rest with this victory if it ever had any chance to begin with. Just go home congress!

  30. I also voted for Brat, he will be running against a fellow professor from the same collage he teaches at, who knows what a jerk Brat is.
    Brat claimed his victory was a miracle from God, in reality it was sly move from democrats to bring down Cantor and put our candidate in the running.
    My precinct looked like a democrat rally yesterday.

  31. The republicans are aware that the hispanics are a growing part of the voting population, they will never get any of the votes from them.

    along with the black population, young people
    young white women, gays etc.

    Good news for Hillary!

  32. @Bill F., when I voted in this primary, nobody had to put an R next to either candidates name for me to know their party affiliation.

    What I was saying is that if Cantor & the GOP find out that it was the Dems voting for Brat rather than just the Tea Party types that contributed to his loss, the GOP will try to change the rules so only the GOP will be allowed to vote in primary elections of GOP candidates since their such poor losers.

    When I moved to Virginia and registered to vote, I designated my party affiliation to be Democrat; I assume this info is on a list somewhere. After the kind of loss Cantor just took, his political machine will be looking very carefully at the results of this election including the types of voters who participated. Cheers! : )

  33. Here us the synopsis for the book you mentioned, written by Jack Trammell – not sure what your concern is.

    “Richmond’s 15th Street was known as Wall Street in antebellum times, and like its New York counterpart, it was a center of commerce. But the business done here was unspeakable and the scene heart wrenching. With over sixty-nine slave dealers and auction houses, the Wall Street area saw tens of millions of dollars and countless human lives change hands, fueling the southern economy. Local historian and author Jack Trammell traces the history of the city’s slave trade, from the origins of African slavery in Virginia to its destruction at the end of the Civil War. Stories of seedy slave speculators and corrupt traders are placed alongside detailed accounts of the economic, political and cultural impact of a system representing the most immense, concentrated human suffering in our nation s history.”

  34. Stories of seedy slave speculators and corrupt traders are placed alongside detailed accounts of the economic, political and cultural impact of a system representing the most immense, concentrated human suffering in our nation s history.”
    Look I am not arguing about the truth but you have to step back and think. To this day there is a denial among certain groups that don’t share that view. I can hear the moans now “Oh shit I didn’t own no slaves why do people have to bring it up” Now to be fair the majority probably never even heard or baby jeebus forbid read the book but that doesn’t matter. We are talking about a political machine that have no qualms about distorting ones views and contrary to popular belief we don’t live in a post racial society.

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