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Scott Walker Is In Deep Trouble As Democrat Mary Burke Levels Wisconsin Gov With New Ad


In a new devastating ad, Democrat Mary Burke uses Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s own job creation pledge against him. The ad sums up in thirty seconds why Walker may be voted out of office this November.

Here’s the ad:

The ad is absolutely devastating, because it uses Gov. Walker’s own pledge against him. The ad begins with Walker’s pledge to create 250,000 new jobs by the end of his first term. It moved to a TV interview where he says that he “absolutely” wants to be held to the pledge by voters. The ad goes on to point out that Wisconsin is dead last in the Midwest in job growth and that the state lags behind most of the country in job creation. The spot closes with, “Broken promises. Dead last in jobs. Scott Walker’s not working for you.”

The Burke campaign knows that the way to beat Walker isn’t through bringing up the attacks on public sector unions that have made him a Republican folk hero. Much of what Walker has done while in office has made him popular with the right. The way to beat Scott Walker is to hammer him on his terrible economic record.

As Politifact pointed out when analyzing Walker’s promise that tax cuts for the wealthy would make a quarter million jobs fall from the sky, “So the total, according to our monthly calculation, is 100,313, or about 40 percent of the total Walker promised. That leaves 149,687 jobs to go before his term ends. In order for Walker, who is up for re-election in November, to reach his goal, the state would have to add a total of 24,947 in each remaining month of the year. That’s nearly what the state added in each year in the past three years.”

There is zero chance that Scott Walker is even going to get close to his job creation pledge. Gov. Walker is in serious danger of losing in November. The polling in Wisconsin has shown a deadlocked election. The most recent poll revealed that Walker has blown a five-point lead since March. It is too early to discuss momentum, if this election moves into September and October still tied, Scott Walker will be at serious risk of not winning a second term.

The governor class of 2010 that was supposed to be the future of the Republican Party is facing the prospect of being mostly voted out of office. Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania is looking like a sure loser. Rick Scott in Florida is trailing Democrat Charlie Crist. Sam Brownback in Kansas is losing to a Democrat, who is promising to bring bipartisanship back to the state. Scott Walker is deadlocked in Wisconsin while John Kasich and Rick Snyder hold single digit leads in Ohio and Michigan.

While Scott Walker was dreaming of running for president in 2016, Mary Burke has a very real opportunity to send the corrupt John Doe of American politics packing. Scott Walker may have sealed his own fate with a job creation pledge that he has no chance of fulfilling.

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