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Support GOP Free Speech – They Will Talk Themselves Out of Office if We Let Them

BachmannIt is highly amusing, after six years of racist attacks on our first black president, to listen to Rep. Mo “war on whites” Brooks (R-AL), as Jason Easley wrote here yesterday, blame “Democrats for Republican racism by claiming that Democrats are using racism to divide the country and drive up minority voting turnout.”

The “logic” here being that if we support the rights of minorities to be treated like people, we are anti-white, which differs not at all from the idea that if we support the equal rights of other religions we are anti-Christian.

While all minorities are being attacked – any skin color other than white and any religion other than their brand of fundamentalist whackjobbery makes you a target – I will focus here on Latinos, simply because the Republicans have put that particular minority group squarely – and not always metaphorically – in their sights running up to the 2014 midterms.

So keep in mind now, that Brooks is saying this even while Religious Right figures like Sandy Rios demonize refugee children; while Republicans like Texas Governor Rick Perry attack DREAMers and child refugees; while Rand Paul (R-KY) gets up and runs away from two DREAMers who want to ask him some questions; while Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is telling the world in a conference call that we ought to slap a 100 percent tax on money immigrants send home to their families in Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, because they are waging “war against the American people.”

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As an aside, I just want to say here but I once worked with a bunch of Mexican men and women who were not only the nicest people you’d want to meet but also the hardest working; certainly harder than Michele Bachmann. These people worked two or more jobs a piece just so they could send that money home to their families, and believe me, they earned it.

I’m not clear that Bachmann has actually earned even a single penny she’s been paid since going to Washington to spread her lunatic ideas in competition with that other great lunatic of our time, Sarah Palin. I mean look, what has Congress done lately?

(And keep in mind, just being there doesn’t mean they did any actual work)

As far as turning the minority vote against Republicans, do they really think we have to do anything at all as Democrats to make that happen? Do you think maybe – just maybe – the insanely hateful things they say (just look at Bachmann) might have something to do with it?

Here, judge for yourselves courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

“When are we going to get serious and really deport and deport right on the border?” Bachmann asked.

Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, those countries are laughing at us because they’re making money with their corrupt governments in conjunction with these international criminal cartels, they’re all making money and kickbacks. What I believe we should do is have a 100 percent tax on remittances, the money that illegal aliens send back to these countries.

“What we have to recognize is this truly is a war against the American people.”

In fact, I think we’ve all recognized something else, but the point I wish to make is this: When did refugees become enemy combatants?

In the end, there is not much difference between the KKK wanting to leave a few corpses on the border and Bachmann. On the one hand, they are killed on our border. On the other, they are sent away to be killed elsewhere. Of course, the avoidance of death is one of the forces that drives refugees to become refugees in the first place.

“What we need to do is get serious and recognize that there is a war that is being waged against us.”

“We’re rolling around looking at each other, but all the while our pockets are being picked and innocent people are being killed by illegal aliens and hurt and robbed and beaten and raped by criminal foreign nationals that are in our country,” she said.

“We are doing everything we can to hold on to this magnificent country as we see it literally fall like sand between our fingers.”

If this isn’t blatantly racist enough for you, how about crusty old Pat Buchanan, who says that “Obama did not like the America we grew up in,” he writes, adding, “How much more diversity can we handle before there is no unity left?”

If that’s still not ethnic nationalist enough for you, how about Buchanan telling us that American is supposed to be a country full of white Christians? That Obama wants to ensure America’s “evolution from a Western and predominantly Christian country into that multicultural, multilingual, multiethnic, borderless land Teddy Roosevelt inveighed against as nothing but a ‘polyglot boarding house for the world.'”

In what universe does rhetoric like this endear Latino voters to Republicans? In the face of this endless barrage of hate, in what way is it necessary for Democrats to do anything at all? All we need do is let the Republicans exercise their First Amendment right of free speech, prevent voter suppression, and let nature takes its course. The Republicans, though they will blame everyone else, have only themselves to blame for any losses in 2014.

Napoleon I is supposed to have said, “Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake” and whether he said it or not, it certainly fits within his well attested ability to take advantage of the incompetence of others. Napoleon helped us out once before by selling us Louisiana. Let’s let him help us again by listening to his advice about dealing with idiots.

Don’t tell Republicans to shut up. Let them talk. All we have to do is, all helpful-like, make sure everybody hears them. So be a good citizen. Help the Republicans out. Of office.

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