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Perverted Fox News Host Wants Young Girls To Bend Over To Show Skirts Aren’t Too Short


On Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto Monday, substitute host Stuart Varney agreed with an Oklahoma superintendent’s way of addressing the dress code at a high school. The superintendent, Ronda Bass, called out girls in front of the school and asked them to bend over to show whether their skirts or shorts were too short. This was a day after she greeted the students during the first day of school by asking if  they had seen any “skanks” around the school. She also pointed out that she didn’t “want to see anyone’s ass hanging out of their shorts.” Female students at the school say they feel humiliated by Bass’ words and actions and parents are infuriated.

Of course, over at Fox, a story like this only gets the rabidly sexist male chauvinists’ juices flowing. Varney, who hosts Varney and Co. on Fox Business and is well-known for being an unsympathetic pig who wallows in sexism, had two mothers on from the school district to ostensibly discuss this controversy. However, the reality of the situation is that he wanted to wholeheartedly endorse Bass’ exploits and do a little slut-shaming of high school girls.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:



Varney is just a repulsive, disgusting human being. It is obvious he is taking perverse joy in the idea of young girls being humiliated in front of others while being forced by an authority figure to bend over and show their backsides. Allegedly, he only agrees with Bass’ tactics because he wants young women to dress in a more conservative manner. However, underneath it all, the real reason seems to be he relishes the thought of women being put in their place and publicly shamed if they don’t follow the rules laid out by a moral society.

I noticed an interesting thing during Varney’s foray into slut-shaming and preaching about morals. He somehow tried to blame MTV and celebrity culture with making today’s girls hypersexualized. While one can go back and forth about whether today’s culture is too focused on sex and image, I find it funny that a host for Fox News is saying that singers and celebrities dress and act way too provocatively. Apparently, Varney forgot that he works for a network that has a predilection for leggy blondes and famously makes their female personalities wear micro-minis while the camera leers up their skirts.

Here’s Fox’s super-serious broadcast journalist Megyn Kelly:


Fox also employs Gretchen Carlson, a former Miss America who, while hosting Fox & Friends, was notorious for hiking up her skirt.


Then you have Fox’s Outnumbered, a program with a majority female panel and only one male guest. Apparently, you can’t be one of the females on the panel unless you show a ton of leg.


If you think it is a bit hypocritical for Fox News to sermonize about the sexualization of women, congratulations, you are a well-functioning member of the human race.

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