GOP Minority Outreach: Rudy Giuliani Continues Racist Tirade Over Michael Brown Killing

Over the past few days, both before and after the St. Louis County grand jury decided not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has made waves over his racially insensitive statements regarding Michael Brown’s death and criminal statistics within the black community. Rather than back off or apologize for the blatantly racist  comments he made on Meet The Press this past Sunday, Giuliani has instead doubled down on them. On Tuesday night, he pushed the envelope even further during an appearance on Fox News’ The Kelly File.

Speaking with Megyn Kelly 24 hours after the grand jury announcement, Giuliani praised St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch’s much maligned press conference, where the prosecutor gave a long rambling speech blaming everyone but Darren Wilson for the tension and anxiety that has occurred in the aftermath of Brown’s death. Per the former mayor, Wilson did a national interview Tuesday to right all the wrongs that have been said about him. Giuliani and Kelly then moved on to some of the witnesses and their testimony in front of the grand jury. Going off the documents McCulloch provided after the decision was announced, Giuliani said that many of the witnesses totally lied.

The former mayor then stated that he wants McCulloch to prosecute all of “those people for perjury” as they obviously lied “because they have an ax to grind.” Basically, Giuliani implied throughout the interview that black witnesses that knew Brown personally had made false statements in order to put a white cop in jail. Even Kelly, who is known for to be quite the race-baiter herself, was a bit taken aback by Giuliani’s comments and tried to tell him that you really can’t prove perjury regarding eyewitness statements. Giuliani was unfazed by Kelly’s arguments and continued his racial demonization unabated, as he had the days prior.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:

Prior to Tuesday night’s Wilson love-in with Kelly, Giuliani appeared on Fox News to defend the comments he made Sunday on Meet The Press. Giuliani got into a heated argument with Michael Eric Dyson over racial disparity and police violence. During their debate, Giuliani said that “white police officers wouldn’t be there if you weren’t killing each other,” leading Dyson to essentially call Giuliani a white supremacist. Also, during the panel discussion, Giuliani went to the old conservative chestnut of ‘black-on-black crime,’ claiming we needed to talk about that more, especially since racially biased police violence is nothing more than “an exception.”

Below is video of the MTP segment, courtesy of NBC News:

The clip immediately went viral, mostly because it made Giuliani look like a card-carrying member of the KKK. Therefore, Fox & Friends brought him on Monday morning to let Mr. 9-11 ‘set the record straight.’ Defiantly, Giuliani added on to the racist pile he had started Sunday, by claiming the greatest danger to a black child is “another black.” He also claimed that there is virtually no homicide in the white community and if you want to reduce crime, you have to reduce it in black communities. He also referred to protesters as “these people.”

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:

The Washington Post’s fact checker looked at Giuliani’s comments from Meet The Press and Fox & Friends and found that while he statements had some ring of truth to them, he was purposely misleading and did not provide proper context. In the end, they gave him two Pinnochios.

It should be pointed out that Giuliani is a former mayor of the largest city of America. He was one of the most well-known men in the world at one time due to his visibility after 9-11. He is a former Republican presidential candidate. This all needs to be pointed out so as to highlight the fact that Giuliani is not just a low-level conservative pundit trying to make a name for himself. At one time, he was actually the GOP front-runner for the White House.

Giuliani is essentially speaking for the GOP when he makes these kinds comments. Either we’ve heard other Republicans jump on board with what Giuliani’s said (hello, Peter King) or they’ve been silent. Once again, any opportunity to reach out to minorities has been shot in the head by the blatant racism of the most prominent members of the Republican Party.

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