GOP Minority Outreach: Rudy Giuliani Continues Racist Tirade Over Michael Brown Killing


Over the past few days, both before and after the St. Louis County grand jury decided not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has made waves over his racially insensitive statements regarding Michael Brown’s death and criminal statistics within the black community. Rather than back off or apologize for the blatantly racist  comments he made on Meet The Press this past Sunday, Giuliani has instead doubled down on them. On Tuesday night, he pushed the envelope even further during an appearance on Fox News’ The Kelly File.

Speaking with Megyn Kelly 24 hours after the grand jury announcement, Giuliani praised St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch’s much maligned press conference, where the prosecutor gave a long rambling speech blaming everyone but Darren Wilson for the tension and anxiety that has occurred in the aftermath of Brown’s death. Per the former mayor, Wilson did a national interview Tuesday to right all the wrongs that have been said about him. Giuliani and Kelly then moved on to some of the witnesses and their testimony in front of the grand jury. Going off the documents McCulloch provided after the decision was announced, Giuliani said that many of the witnesses totally lied.

The former mayor then stated that he wants McCulloch to prosecute all of “those people for perjury” as they obviously lied “because they have an ax to grind.” Basically, Giuliani implied throughout the interview that black witnesses that knew Brown personally had made false statements in order to put a white cop in jail. Even Kelly, who is known for to be quite the race-baiter herself, was a bit taken aback by Giuliani’s comments and tried to tell him that you really can’t prove perjury regarding eyewitness statements. Giuliani was unfazed by Kelly’s arguments and continued his racial demonization unabated, as he had the days prior.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:

Prior to Tuesday night’s Wilson love-in with Kelly, Giuliani appeared on Fox News to defend the comments he made Sunday on Meet The Press. Giuliani got into a heated argument with Michael Eric Dyson over racial disparity and police violence. During their debate, Giuliani said that “white police officers wouldn’t be there if you weren’t killing each other,” leading Dyson to essentially call Giuliani a white supremacist. Also, during the panel discussion, Giuliani went to the old conservative chestnut of ‘black-on-black crime,’ claiming we needed to talk about that more, especially since racially biased police violence is nothing more than “an exception.”

Below is video of the MTP segment, courtesy of NBC News:

The clip immediately went viral, mostly because it made Giuliani look like a card-carrying member of the KKK. Therefore, Fox & Friends brought him on Monday morning to let Mr. 9-11 ‘set the record straight.’ Defiantly, Giuliani added on to the racist pile he had started Sunday, by claiming the greatest danger to a black child is “another black.” He also claimed that there is virtually no homicide in the white community and if you want to reduce crime, you have to reduce it in black communities. He also referred to protesters as “these people.”

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:

The Washington Post’s fact checker looked at Giuliani’s comments from Meet The Press and Fox & Friends and found that while he statements had some ring of truth to them, he was purposely misleading and did not provide proper context. In the end, they gave him two Pinnochios.

It should be pointed out that Giuliani is a former mayor of the largest city of America. He was one of the most well-known men in the world at one time due to his visibility after 9-11. He is a former Republican presidential candidate. This all needs to be pointed out so as to highlight the fact that Giuliani is not just a low-level conservative pundit trying to make a name for himself. At one time, he was actually the GOP front-runner for the White House.

Giuliani is essentially speaking for the GOP when he makes these kinds comments. Either we’ve heard other Republicans jump on board with what Giuliani’s said (hello, Peter King) or they’ve been silent. Once again, any opportunity to reach out to minorities has been shot in the head by the blatant racism of the most prominent members of the Republican Party.

29 Replies to “GOP Minority Outreach: Rudy Giuliani Continues Racist Tirade Over Michael Brown Killing”

  1. This is one of times where I would like to slap him upside the head. What an arrogant, privileged ass.

  2. MeThings he is his running for President again and he thinks the white man will like Pavlov dog white people will see him as the savoir. I know it sounds stupid but that’s how the lizard brain works.

    When told don’t put the command center at the world trade center he gave you the finger

    When Bernard Kerick was proven to be a crook he still was pushing him to be homeland director. His answer was a giant F@ck you.

    Only dumbass CONservatives think this immoral grifting ass idiot has anything to say

  3. Guliani thinks he has leave to say whatever he wants without rebuke because of 9/11. People think because of 9/11, what Guliani says is worthwhile.

    They’re all wrong.

  4. As a NY’er let me just say that he speaks for himself and not the rest of us…

    As far as I’m concerned, he can go to hell-while he was somewhere well out of harms way on 9/11, while my father and his fellow FDNY and EMT brethren lost their lives and some later died of illnesses related to being on the front lines on 9/11

    Don’t get me started on those faulty ass radios they had to use (that didn’t work)

    He’s like McCain, they both should be somewhere hanging their head in shame not on TV running their mouths spouting endless BS…

  5. this guy giuliani is absolute garbage. he is an outright, unapologetic racist and bigot just like many of the conservative, rightwing clowns. this POS was facing impeachment for corruption, accepting bribes and abuse of power as the mayor of new York when 9/11 happened in 2001. were this guy like most of the republican party, is a low class, degenerate piece of trash.

  6. We have years of listening to this tripe; next time people better vote ;in the mean time tun off all major network news they are bought and paid for propagandists for the oligarchic billionaires who now pretty much own the country.

  7. I’m a first-generation Italian whose parents suffered prejudice when they emigrated to America. Despite this, they became American citizens, loved and respected their new country and the people.

    Giuliani must have forgotten the prejudice his parents (or grandparents) suffered when they emigrated to this country seeking a better life, or he would behave differently.

    IMHO, he is a wart on Italians and on America. It’s better for him to shut his mouth instead of letting the hate and prejudice rule his thoughts and tongue.

    It’s true “…As a man thinketh…”

  8. Rudy sucked as Mayor. The only time he stood up for all New York was 9/11. He has been making a living off it ever since.

  9. Are there any rethuglicans (better known as bullies), that can say anything nice about anything at all happening in the world today? These people go around with the worst attitude towards other Americans. That is the division in this country. It is hate for everyone that is not a rethuglican. I can take the hate, I would never want to be like them, never.

  10. As another New Yorker, the despicable former mayor of New York is one of the most vile man in this country. Words cannot express how I feel about that creep. he was by far the most polarized mayor in modern New York’s history. He treated the firemen with disrespect after 911. He is such a disgusting “person”.

  11. Liberals do not like inconvenient facts, and tend to dismiss them by whatever means—-usually by claims of racism and bigotry. But they have misused those expressions so many times that such claims have crept into the caricature genre and few take them seriously anymore. And after reading these posts, which, ironically, are as bitter, biased, and bigoted as any I have read, the dismissive response to the left’s boilerplate pejoratives is completely justified.

  12. Rudy G. has always been an “old guard” racist. This incident has just allows him to express it once more. One has to wonder why the new media continually reach out to him. Knowing that the only credit on his dismal resume is 911 and that is suspect.
    Some point to his presidential run. He had to drop out solely because his own deemed him unworthy. Shame here is when your own see your unworthiness and you still speak. The only important fact here is that the news media only values his racist rants as be news worthy. Other see him for what he truly is…”an old guard “Il Duce” Benito racist of our times.

  13. The fantasy world of the left? I bet you found those WMDS in Iraq? How about tax cuts grow more revenue? Or here is a goody trickle down economics. If I were you I would STFU because if we know one thing your whole way of thinking are built on lies and fantasy. BTW when did your baby gun toting Jesus walk with dinosaurs?

  14. Just how exactly is it racist to use crime statistics compiled by the FBI ( run, ironically, by an african-american)? Statistics which definitively show that the majority of black men who are victims of violence suffer it at the hands of other black men?
    keep drinking the kool-aid and showing your lack of intelligence….

  15. Hey your sheet is showing the majority of whites that are murdered are done by whites
    White-on-white murder in America is out of control
    Yet the disturbing truth, according to the FBI’s most recent homicide statistics, is that the United States is in the wake of an epidemic of white-on-white crime. Back in 2011, the most recent year for which data is available, a staggering 83 percent of white murder victims were killed by fellow Caucasians.

    The Myth of the Black-on-Black Crime Epidemic
    •Black-on-Black homicides have decreased by 67% in 20 years, a sharper rate of decrease than white on white homicide.
    •According to FBI statistics 7361 Blacks were killed by fellow African-Americans in 1991. In 2011, it dropped dramatically to 2447 African-Americans
    •Among Black youth, rates of robbery and serious property offenses are the lowest in more than 40 years.

    Take your racist ass back in the hole you came from. BTW say hello to your mom and your father, cousin joe

  16. Rudy should take his racist ass some place and sit down. First of all he and Bush both tried to be heroes off the death of innocent people during 911. This guy is a loser, but as usual the media keeps him in the limelight, when in reality he’s nothing but an expert on stupidity.

  17. I’m white and I have seen “racism” many times in my life. Sad but true.
    As for Guiliani, if people really wanted to, they could accuse him of being Italian Mafia

  18. Any lawyer, worth is weight in salt, will tell you, that you can have 5 people, all at the same time, witness, say….a murder.

    You will get 5 different versions, descriptions, of what exactly happened. So reading what Giuliani has/had to say, amounts to nothing more than a huge, smelly pile of dung. The guy is a proven loser….he should just go away. Maybe to Iraq, join the ISIS….he apparently shares their views.

  19. I am profoundly sorry for your loss, as well as for the losses suffered by survivors of other victims who died on that horrible day. Rudy Giuliani has been capitalizing on his “performance” during that time. He is a horrible excuse for a human being who is using twisted logic to excuse the unmistakable racism involved in the disproportionate number of murders of black folks by police officers. Only someone as depraved, bigoted, and devoid of human compassion as he is would ever consider voting him to elective office again, especially as president.

  20. You are exactly what we speak of cecil. You really don’t think you’re a racist do you? You really don’t see how KKK you sound justifying hate. See, we’re on the outside looking in at you. You really can’t see how vile you sound and clearly are. But we do. More importantly, you do not realize how ignorant you sound. Racism IS ignorance. And you just confirmed yourself to all. You are right you will live and die on this earth as a worthless hateful bigoted racist greedy MF piece of sht republicant-teahadist. That’s all. You will have left nothing but hate to remember you by. You poor idiotic soul. I guess all those white domestic terrorists who shot bunches of innocent people in theaters, children at schools, buildings..(cowards that they are-NRA GOP gun totin base) — that’s okay with the GOP propoganda fox machine. You are thee worst humans on this earth today. And you will die with that title of “NRA – FOX – GOP -RW DOMESTIC TERRORISTS and CHEAP LABOR CONSERVATIVES!!

  21. This is a man who did so many illegal things as mayor, and got a way with it. He is a stupid, arrogant man who has few principles, if any at all. New Yorkers’ were happy when he no longer was our mayor. He is a classless individual and should learn to keep his uneducated mouth shut. He wants to be in the limelight and will say anything to achieve that purpose, even at the risk of sounding dumb and racist. He is nothing but an arrogant fool!!!

  22. Keep your hands to yourself! Violence is what got us to this point to begin with. Everybody is entitled to their opinion.

  23. Mr. Guiliani gave voice to millions. His comments are not racist. Far from it. Anytime, anyone doesn’t agree with a certain agenda, and the leaders of such, they are labelled racist. Wrong. He spoke out and he’s entitled to.

  24. Rudy needs to keep his trap shut, the biggest tragedy hsppened on his watch
    Time to go back to the North Pole with Santa

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