Trump’s Closing Argument For The Midterm Is Not Only Racist, But False And Misleading

As my colleague, Leo Vidal here at PoliticusUSA makes clear regarding Mr. Trump using the most blatant of racist ads to use as his closing argument for the mid-term elections by pinning it up on top of his Twitter feed: read more

Prime Crazy: Trump Thinks Amazon Is Out To Get Him

Trump thinks that Amazon and The Washington Post are the same company, and they are out to get him.

Conservatives’ Hypocrisy Places Party Over Country

Often, when comparing the current occupant of our Oval Office to his predecessor, Barack Obama, I inevitably receive a healthy dose of criticism arguing how my doing so “plays into the hands of Donald J. Trump” while normalizing his behavior. read more

About That News That Trump Is A Mueller Subject Not A Target

Ever since The Washington Post reported two days ago, that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, in an attempt to interview Mr. Trump, told Trump’s legal team that Trump was being investigated, but that Mr. Mueller “does not consider him a criminal target at this point,” a parade of pundits and analysts have chimed in to provide Americans with an analysis of what this may mean for Mr. Trump. read more

GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt Slams Trump, His Administration, and Presidential Personnel Office

The Presidential Personnel Office is responsible for the vetting and hiring of nearly 4000 government employees with 1200 requiring Senate approval. It is this office which ensures the government functions smoothly and properly under any administration. read more

Trump Pathologically Lies To His Supporters And They Just Do Not Seem To Care

With Mr. Trump being considered by many political pundits and media outlets as the most prolific liar as President in modern day politics, it is stunning to observe his supporters continuing to stand by his side. read more

Look Who’s Walking Now: John Dowd Flees Trump’s Legal Team

Today, John Dowd, one of several attorneys working on Mr. Trump’s legal team has resigned as was speculated by many. With reports of Trump’s disaffection with his legal team coupled with reports of his taking advice from more non-traditional individuals such as Fox News personality, Judge Jean Pirro. Fox news opinion personalities have urged Trump to simply “stop talking about the Russia investigation,” with more vocal personalities, such as Pirro telling Trump how he ought to proceed. read more

Trump’s Decision To Remove McMaster Should Send Chills Down Our Spines

Groupthink, a term coined by social psychologist Irving Janis in 1972, occurs when a group makes faulty decisions leading to a “deterioration of mental efficiency, reality testing, and moral judgement.” read more

The Washington Post Calls For the Investigation of Rep. Devin Nunes

The editorial board's verdict is that Rep. Nunes "deserves to be subject to the same leaking probe he demanded for the previous disclosures"

The Mainstream Media is Still Afraid of Using the Word ‘Lied’ When Speaking of Trump

Don't give us all this grand talk about democracy dying in darkness if you're refusing to turn on your flashlight.

Trump Ridiculously Claims Every Penny Raised by Foundation Goes to Charity

"The DJT Foundation, unlike most foundations, never paid fees, rent, salaries or any expenses. 100% of money goes to wonderful charities!"

The Washington Post is Tracking How Trump is Using Presidency to Boost His Business

"For the first time in history, we elected a president whose only experience is rooted in those businesses we don't really know anything about."

David Fahrenthold Strikes, Exposing Donald Trump’s False Philanthropy

Trump sat on the stage, "looking for all the world like an honored donor to the cause," and then got up and left without leaving a donation

Times Editorial Mocks ‘Daffy’ Republican Debate Demands While NBC Grabs its Ankles

cnbc republican debate

The response of the mainstream media to Republican debate demands is varied, from the Times' mocking to NBC's offer to make grab their ankles

Ted Cruz Will Run First Campaign Ads During “Killing Jesus” Program On Easter Weekend

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz will launch his first Campaign ads for the 2016 presidential campaign during Easter Weekend.

Even Joe Scarborough Believes Republicans Went Too Far With “Stupid” Iran Letter

During Monday's broadcast of Morning Joe, co-host Joe Scarborough finally relented and said that the "one-two punch" of House Republicans inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak and the sending of a letter to Iran by 47 GOP Senators was a step too far for the party.

Chris Christie’s New Campaign Strategy? Run On Slashing Social Security and Medicare

On Friday, Robert Costa at The Washington Post reported that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie disclosed his 2016 platform to a group of Republican policy analysts on Monday.

Pope Francis Is A U.S. Catholic Bishops’ Public Relations Creation

In fact, Francis is closely aligned with conservative Republican ideology; particularly in his position on addressing poverty and social issues such as homosexuality, same-sex marriage, birth control, and women's rights.