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Democrats Shouldn’t Save The GOP As Ted Cruz Pushes House Towards Government Shutdown

At a press conference, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) pushed House Republicans to shut down the government, and Democrats should step aside and do nothing to stop the Republican Party from their latest act of self destruction.

Video of Cruz:

According to National Journal,

While House Speaker John Boehner has been trying to rally Republicans around a plan to fund the government before the Dec. 11 deadline, the most-conservative members in the chamber want to confront President Obama’s executive action on immigration more aggressively.

At Wednesday’s press conference, it appeared that some of the House’s hardliners are rallying around Cruz’s strategy-gut Obama’s effort on immigration by defunding it in the must-pass spending bill, now. Cruz is calling for a rider stripping funding for the executive action.


“We fought a bloody revolution to free ourselves from monarchs,” Cruz said.

As has been explained to these rock headed Republicans numerous times, the executive orders can’t be defunded because Congress doesn’t provide the funding. The implementation of the executive orders is funded by fees, not congressional appropriation.

If the House does what Cruz suggests the Senate will reject their bill, and the government will shut down. This is the same exact script that triggered last year’s government shutdown.

There is a myth being circulated by some congressional Republicans that last year’s government shutdown didn’t hurt them, so they see no reason not to shutdown the government at will. The nation is still facing the same political reality that we have been collectively existing since Republicans won control of the House.


John Boehner has no control over his House Republicans. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has more influence over a group of about forty Republicans than Speaker Boehner does. The far-right Republicans are demanding another government shutdown.

Unless Democrats come to the rescue of John Boehner, it looks the nation could be moving closer to another government shutdown.

In 2013, Democrats refused to save Republicans from themselves and the government shutdown. Democrats will get no reward from Republicans by helping them, so it is time for America to see exactly what they voted for in November.

House Democrats should step aside and let the Republican Party crash and burn with Ted Cruz behind the wheel.


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  • Ted Cruz, the REAL Speaker (read loudmouth teabagger) of the House... God knows he's worthless in the Senate, hell he's just plain worthless.

    Is it just me or does Cruz remind anyone else of Damien from the Omen trilogy?

    • UncaJoe, Cruz and his remark of "We" fought to expel a Monarch gives me a great amount of disbelief. When has Cruz ever fought for this country? or when has his father ever fought for this country. He fought with Castro! To have Cruz even think he is among those who fought is mind boggling. Wonder just who is trying to be the MONARH? He must truly believe he has been anointed To BE KING .NOT SO mr. cruz!!!!small letters cruz.

    • And what's with this "we" crap? "We fought a bloody revolution, blah, blah"

      Cruz is a friggin Canadian. He doesn't get to use "we."

  • Gotta love it. Unless Pelosi can wrestle major concessions (in writing) from Orange Julius, the Dems should let Speaker Cruz get his shutdown and then watch the ensuing fun. ...And this time, none of the grandstanding from the GOTP about WWII Memorials or other crap from the last shutdown. Shutdown is shutdown, no exceptions. Call out the baggers on their reckless maneuvers instead of appeasing them.

  • “We fought a bloody revolution to free ourselves from monarchs,” Cruz said.
    MF your ass is Canadian by way of Cuba!!! Who is this we you speak of?

    • Birther bullshit from the left is just as counter productive as birther bullshit from the right.

      • Did I ask to see the asshole B.C? Was he not born in Canada with his families roots in Cuba? Have his family ever shed blood for this country? So again who is this we this person speaks of?

        • His father's roots are Cuban, his mother's are American. Unless you have his mother's complete genealogy how can you assert his family never shed blood for this country?

          You are allowing your despise for Cruz to overrun you're objectivity. Your assumptions are not backed by fact. Admit it and move on.

          • I suppose Cruz could produce his mother’s birth certificate as well as his own, thus establishing his descent from a citizen. Alas, things are more complicated than that. Cruz’s father is a Cuban émigré who was not yet a U.S. citizen when Cruz was born in 1970. Thus, Cruz himself falls under a special section of the Immigration and Nationality Act that governs “Birth Abroad to One Citizen and One Alien Parent.” Under that provision, Cruz only qualifies for citizenship if his mother was “physically present” in the United States for ten years prior to his birth, five of which had to be after she reached the age of fourteen. How is he going to document that?

            BTW can you produce any evidence where you denounce the Reich wing birther nonsense? I will wait for it

      • Y'see, the United States, like all other countries that derive their jurisprudence from English common law, is a jus solis jurisdiction. That means birthright citizenship accrues from birth under the U.S. flag. Birth abroad to a citizen parent, under the jurisdiction of a foreign sovereign, does not automatically confer citizenship on a child; that only accrues according to the provisions enacted by Congress at the time. John McCain, born in the Canal Zone under the U.S. flag, has birthright citizenship, and so does Barak Obama, born in a U.S. state with a long prior history as a U.S. territory. Ted Cruz may or may not have jus sanguinis citizenship derived from an American mother, but it is open to legal challenge.

        • As deeply as I loath Cruz, he is a natural born American.

          It does not matter WHERE a person is born if one or both parents are American citizens. Read your Constitution.

          Cruz, like most TEAlibans, is a racist who thinks that this is a Christian country despite what the Constitution says. He thinks, as does his senile father, that only Christians should be able to hold offices. That runs smack dab against Article 6, Clause 3 of the Constitution.

          I am NOT a Christian, it should be obvious why I loath the bastard.

        • No. Please reread Mr. Chefron's entry and mine carefully. The United States is not a jus sanguis jurisdiction.

        • You're correct, Reynardine. Beverly Margolis-Kurtin is wrong. Just because one or both parents was born a U.S. Citizen, doesn't mean their born-abroad children can acquire citizenship.

          I speak out of experience.

          I was born in the U.S. and two of my three children who were born abroad acquired U.S. citizenship according to very strict laws of the immigration and naturalization laws (out-of-wedlock for my oldest, the new laws after Nov. 1986 for my youngest). My middle child was born in the U.S.

          My younger brother, also born in the U.S., however, can't transfer his citizenship to his two daughters who were born abroad because he didn't live in the U.S. for at least two years after his fourteenth birthday.

  • Let Cruz own it, don't come to the rescue of the GOP. I will be very disappointed if the Dems cave to pacify Boehner; then again, they probably will.

    • The problem with Democrats is, they know they're elected to govern. They don't politicize each and every issue for maximum election advantage unless it's close to election time - and they still do it poorly.

      Republicans, on the other hand, have no intention of governing. They abhor any entity that curbs the elites' right to unfettered greed and they'll do everything for political power in order to kill the government that is the only formidable enemy of multinational corporations.

      I hope Democrats won't cave, and if they do, I hope they get major concessions out of it.

  • “We fought a bloody revolution to free ourselves from monarchs,” Cruz said.

    Go back to Canada, maybe you fought in that revolution!

    • Yeah, Ted the Canadian Cuban: what's this "WE" stuff anyway? You have no skin in this game historically which might explain a whole lot.

      • Trying to cut the idiot some slack but maybe he was talking about the Cuban Revolution. You know the one when his father was hollering "VIVA CASTRO"!!!!!

  • Someone start a petition that they don't get paid the entire time the govt is shut down. Then we'll see how enthusiastic they are.

    • Beck, the problem with that is this.. most (if not all) of them are already multi-millionaires. plus many of them seem to be on lobbyists/super pac's payrolls. Their STAFF on the other hand? not so much.

      So while your idea does have some merit, you have to give it sharper teeth by including all congressional staff members in this 'you shut down the government, you don't get paid' scenario

  • Excuse my french, but I hope all the SOB's that voted/didn't are happy with this. By siding with the GOP, either by voting, or not voting, YOU'RE responsible for this mess as much as Boehner!
    If there is noting in it for the Democrats, then allow the shutdown. The executive orders will commence, shutdown or not, so what's the point?
    Ooh, wait, they hate government, but not their government checks, health insurance, subsidies, and any damn thing they receive from the government.

  • Dems got NOTHING from gov't shutdown! The GOP increased its margins despite how disgusted voters were with THEM. We lost cred when people were harmed by the shutdown and we did nothing to protest it.

    • The repubs own all the means of communication and they will frame the story of the shut down in favor of the republicans as they did in the last republican generated shut down; focusing on stories put out by the republicans other than the truth.

    • We did not loose credibility. We lost the midterms because the Democrats threw Obama under the bus and did not campaign on all the good things he has done for the economy. It's not a good idea to throw the first black President under the bus and then expect the Democratic base, largely black and Latino, to vote for you.
      As for Cruz, isn't he of Cuban ancestry? Nobody in his family fought in the Revolutionary War! He looks in the mirror and sees a WASP! I see a Cuban born jackass, low-life, lying, scumbag, whoring, sob! and then some!

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