Republicans Can’t Stop Obama: Boehner Told He Can’t Defund Immigration Executive Orders


President Obama has won again as a Republican House committee has notified congressional Republicans that it is impossible to defund Obama’s executive orders on immigration.

The Hill reported,

“This agency is entirely self-funded through the fees it collects on various immigration applications,” the committee said in a statement. “Congress does not appropriate funds for any of its operations, including the issuance of immigration status or work permits, with the exception of the ‘E-Verify’ program. Therefore, the appropriations process cannot be used to ‘defund’ the agency.”

A spokesman for Rogers and the panel elaborated on the point in a discussion with reporters.

“We cannot, literally cannot, defund that agency in an appropriations bill because we don’t appropriate that agency. That agency is entirely fee-funded,” spokeswoman Jennifer Hing said.

House and Senate Republicans are left with two options. They can either shut down the government in December or try to impeach the president. A third option is to continue their endless campaign of obstruction. The third option is the least interesting to congressional Republicans who are craving a chance to punish this president for his executive action immigration.

Congressional Republican leadership was strongly favoring defunding the executive orders. They were already tinkering with plans that would fund all parts of the government, but not provide funding for the implementation of the president’s executive orders. Those plans can go in the trash. As a result of this development, Boehner and McConnell are going to be under intense pressure to shut down the government in either December or early next year.

As the nation witnessed last year, it might not matter what Speaker Boehner wants. Boehner promised that there would be no government shutdown, but was powerless to stop the members of his own House caucus from shutting down the government.

The country looks to be heading for an exact replay of last year’s events. Republicans are powerless. They can’t stop the president’s executive orders, and their rage could sow the seeds for their self-destruction before they take control of Congress.

It looks like Obama wins again, and the heat is on John Boehner to avoid another Republican disaster.

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  1. the simple solution is to vote and pass the bipartisan reform bill that was passed by the Senate that Boehner refuses to put to a vote on the floor

  2. —“We cannot, literally cannot, defund that agency in an appropriations bill because we don’t appropriate that agency. That agency is entirely fee-funded,” spokeswoman Jennifer Hing said.”——-

    There it boys and girls.

    Now what else will the Republicans come up with? What can they say now? Only thing for them to do is to sit back on the sidelines and fume. Or, They can either shut down the government in December or try to impeach the president. A third option is to continue their endless campaign of obstruction.

  3. Doing that now would admit to everyone they should have done it long ago……hard to eat crow and look stupid. Even though it’s the adult and right thing to do.

    They dug this hole.

  4. That Cruz idiot has to run his mouth as usual, I overheard a small portion of a statement he made about the president being lawless and should go to jail.
    I personally think Cruz should go back to Canada or Cuba or where ever he is from
    because he seems not to know a thing about this country and how other presidents used executive orders!

  5. Just what the country needs 5 million plus new uneducated, unskilled workers to compete for scarce jobs. How is this supposed to help the unemployment of minorities?

  6. They know Joan, they just are aware of how ignorant their base is, and they know their base will back them no matter what they do. This is going to be a long two years.

  7. What will they do? Nothing, as usual. They’ve gotten all the mileage they can possibly get from conservative voter angst, and with another two years of inaction on anything of substance, they can just perform their little outrage dance for the rubes who elected them, and go back to doing nothing, content in the knowledge that their base has been cornered. Who are they gonna’ vote for in 2016? Democrats? The corporate wing of the GOP has neutered them, but like abused spouses they will continue to vote for the do-nothings they put in office. Irony is a BITCH.

  8. What else could the GOP do?

    They could steal all the pens in the WH so President Obama can’t sign anything[WINK]

  9. I love it. I sure hope the repubs spend the next two years trying to get rid of PBO. That way they will not hurt us as much.

  10. And unlike the clueless, know-nothing Congressional Republicans – yes, even those who have been there for decades! – President Obama knew this.

    Once again, he’s running rings around those overpaid unAmerican, uncivil servants.

  11. Yep, long and unproductive 2 years, with millions of taxpayers’ money being used by the GOP on frivolous lawsuits and “investigations” and impeachment procedures.

  12. It is stunning that Congressional leadership doesn’t know which areas of government they fund. You’d assume leadership would be aware, or would at least do 20 minutes of research before making public statements that look so foolish.

  13. First of all you can give a rats ass about minorities and second of all ask the farmers of Georgia and Alabama how things went when they kicked out undocumented workers out of their states
    Georgia’s New Immigration Law Leading To Crops Rotting In Farmers’ Fields

    Anti-illegal immigration bill stokes backlash in Alabama fields

    csmonitor icon

    Farmers in states like Alabama that have passed strong anti-illegal immigration laws are fighting back, saying they are losing labor and that US workers are unwilling to take up farm work.

  14. He genious, armyvet….
    you said: “Just what the country needs 5 million plus new uneducated, unskilled workers to compete for scarce jobs. How is this supposed to help the unemployment of minorities?”

    Numero uno: Most of the workers are not unskilled – They need some kind of skill to do the variety of work they do. Number two: Many of them are NOT underducated. Number three: Those scarce jobs are jobs that most native born Americans don’t want, won’t touch and could care less about—Many of these workers will take them because nobody but them WILL do those menial jobs, and by the way I see many Mexicans and Latinos doing high skill construction work here in New York, displacing a lot of Italians who had those jobs locked. Number four: These workers ARE minorities too, and as I said, other minorities who are out of work Don’t do windows. Get it?

  15. One likely result is that this conflict will cement the immigrant and Hispanic communities as predominantly Democratic constituencies for the next generation at least.

    And GOP rage at this act can’t help but vent itself partially upon these groups, whilst digging the GOP’s own electoral grave in 2016.

  16. Hearing ReTHUGS spewing their talking point that they want to do Immigration Reform by ‘parts’ — means they will write and put to a vote a first bill for BORDER SECURITY. Never has Border Security been defined and therefore Immigration Reform will go no further as the racist hate spewers will never be happy with what is built nor the number of border agents.

    That’s what the BSer ReTHUGS mean by doing Immigration Reform in ‘Parts’ because doing a comprehensive bill is too difficult to do according to the morons I’ve heard today. Call it what it is — they lie, they hate, they’re racist & they’re freaking lazy.

    Best thing from this — They’re never sit it the Whitehouse!!!

  17. Republicans have no one but themselves to blame for Executive Orders. They could have chosen to get legislation out of Committee and onto the floor for a vote, but they couldn’t be bothered. Cry me a river, R’s.

  18. Senate & Congress Leadership know full well what they fund. Like the past 6 years – they’re playing stupid as they’re identifying with their base — Stunned & Stupid. A Fool born every minute…..Dumbing down America!!

    Nothing has or will change from the past 6 yrs. The ReTHUGS will do nothing butBitch and threaten.

    I just can’t believe how many stunned Dems either voted for ReThugs or stayed home in the mid-terms. I’m seriously beginning to believe parts of the Dem Party are as stunned as the Bagger Base. It’s time the youth quitBitching too & get off their arses in mid terms as this has as much to do about them too as it’s Obama & Dems that had lowered the interest rate on student loans. When it had to be voted on again, the Rethugs were House majority & rates went up. Time for students to put their iPhones down & pay attention instead of texting, gaming, etc.

  19. All they have left is empty threats and inflammatory rhetoric. The gop is powerless to do anything meaningful despite their midterm win. Like crazed bulls now all they can do is try to destroy the china shop.

  20. The GOP can also take that delayed vote on the senate immigration bill and either pass it or not. It seems clear that the GOP would rather bite off their noses to spite their faces.

  21. Gosh, I wish all initiatives were self-funded. That would give the President soooo much room to do as he thought best.

  22. If they REALLY want to stop it all they need to do is pass a bill that nullifies the executive order as has been done before.

  23. I guess all the new congress of GOP good old boys will just have to play with themselves for a few years…diddle, diddle, dink.

  24. What will the repubs do. What will they do. For starters, tomorrow they will be in full foaming at the mouth mode. And the leaders of american sheep, “fox news”, will be doing everything thing in their power to whip their followers into a blood curdling frenzy. And we will have at least 2 more years of one insane seizure after another. But the repubs in office are not done yet. Mark my words, they are going to crash the economy before 2016. I have already talked to my retirement people and tomorrow (11-21-14) and I am moving all my funds into guaranteed.
    This is just a warm up of things to come, and they have not even taken power yet.

  25. I know that it will not ever happen, but I want to hear President Barack Obama say to the Repugs “I can’t believe that you people are that STUPID”. And they are.

  26. He did. Remember when they invited him to call him out on the issues I think it was in 2009 and since then they refused to have any meetings with him that would be televised

  27. At first Denver local channels said they would not be airing it. Then, right at evening news time, they ALL announced they would, indeed. Local NBC, CBS, and ABC … all aired it at 6:00 PM, Mountain Time. Smart move.
    They don’t need to hide our GREAT PRESIDENT from us!

  28. How do you know what skills these ILLEGALS have? We do not even know how many there are. Common sense will tell you they couldn’t make it in there home country so they came here. Are you telling me most of them are engineers or rocket scientist? MOST will compete for lower paying service jobs and will not be staying “in the field” picking vegetables. And who is currently working those lower paying service jobs? Unskilled Americans. Including minorities.

  29. Most of them are already working. Just without permits. How well do you know the people that are being talked about here?

  30. Ahhhhhh Congress may not be able to stop their operations, but Congress can close down that whole agency (C.I.S.) …….and then how do they operate, no funds for any of the Agencies….EPA etc

  31. Shut down the whole immigration department until they can change it to where fees collected go to the general fund and then back to pay wages and such so congress has control. Do they really think we would believe that congress has absolutely no control over a section of government? Really?

  32. I’d venture to say that a great deal of these people already have jobs. They just don’t pay taxes or draw social security. When they get sick, they have been going to a hospital emergency room where taxpayers foot the bill.
    It would cost a boatload of money to deport them all.
    The damage was done a long time ago and it’s too late. We might as well accept them, start taxing them and move on.

  33. Oh, really. Are you aware that ‘that’ agency falls under Homeland Security which falls under the Executive Branch? Try again.

  34. Why on earth would the republican congress want to lower their ratings even more. They now stand below 15%.That will make tough sledding for the presidential election.

  35. How do we know many have high skills? Well, I for example, can fill this position:

    Job Title:Information Technology Specialist (APPSW) – SV-2210-J

    Department:Department Of Homeland Security

    Agency:Transportation Security Administration

    Job Announcement Number:HQ-OIT-14-824010
    SALARY RANGE:$89,535.00 to $138,776.00 / Per Year

    But then again, not interested because I am trying to start up my own communications provider (internet, tv, telephone) company down here in Mexico. By the way, I lived illegaly in the U.S for approx. 20 years. Now back in my country, I’m pursuing an electronics and communications degree and, as I said before, starting my own business. What did you say about skills?

  36. They ain’t ‘new’ – they are already here and more than likely employed – doing the job that no one else wants, at a wage that no one should have to work for. Stop the hiring of undocumented workers . . . oh wait . . . that’s what this executive order is all about.

  37. erm……..the house can pull those self funded fees at any time…….they just allow them to have it for now……lolol

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