Tea Party Hero Allen West Caught Redhanded Plagiarizing Recent Blog Post

Former Republican Congressman Allen West, the new CEO of the National Center of Policy Analysis, a conservative think-tank, was caught redhanded Friday plagiarizing from a popular internet story for a recent blog post on his personal website. Media Matters for America published a piece Friday showing how West had lifted six paragraphs of a post he had ‘written’ about black men killing white police officers. The watchdog group revealed that West had used a viral post that had been used in the comments sections of various news sites to compose the vast majority of his article.

It wasn’t very difficult for Eric Hanaoki of Media Matters

to prove West stole the post and claimed it as his own. Apparently, West included the viral post’s grammatical and spelling errors when copying and pasting it into his piece. He changed very few words and mostly used the post verbatim. Hanaoki provided a side-by-side comparison of the two posts to show just how obvious the plagiarism was. Below is an image from Media Matters’ article:


Allen West all but admitted guilt as he deleted the six paragraphs from the piece shortly after Media Matters’ article was published. Now, his blog post consists of four disjointed paragraphs claiming that only black liberal lives matter, but without the hypocrisy-proving language that the article was completely based on in the first place.

What makes this story even more delicious is the fact that West had written a highly critical post about former Democratic Senator John Walsh regarding Walsh’s plagiarism scandal. Walsh ended up dropping out of the Senate race and eventually got his War College degree revoked after it was discovered that he had plagiarized parts of his War College thesis. In an October blog post, West wrote the following about Walsh

and the story:

I’m always entertained by the hypocrisy of the progressive socialist left — and especially their media accomplices.

Senator Walsh dropped out of the race for reelection in Montana — he had been appointed after former Sen. Max Baucus departed. The reason for pulling out? He was caught plagiarizing his Army War College thesis.

Last Friday, the venerable Army War College, in Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, revoked Walsh’s War College diploma. Not a big news story huh?

Hmmm, talk about hypocrisy Also, if West thought Walsh’s plagiarism, which cost him a chance at defending his Senate seat, a degree and his reputation, was a big story, what would he say about his own issue? Considering that he’s just been named the head of a think-tank, which is supposed to be grounded in scholarly research, I’d say it’s a pretty big deal. You know, like a “he needs to be fired” type of deal.

Grab the popcorn, boys and girls. It is going to be a treat watching West squirm his way out of this one.



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  • Cue the Clarence Thomas-style outrage against the "digital lynching" of a black conservative. Now Fox News has a story to use, to show they understand the black experience in America. If he were the member of a liberal group, the story would be about affirmative action's toxic legacy of putting unqualified blacks into positions of authority.

  • I would not be overly surprised if the blog posted under West's name was actually written by some lowly intern.

  • It won't matter one bit to his side. It will be, "So what? No one got hurt. It's not as if he killed someone. Plagiarism, smaygiarism. Big Whoop."

  • Allen West, head of a think tank? That is funny, I don't care who you are. Thanks for the best laugh this week ... maybe this month.

    • There's nothing funny about the 'thoughts' that come out of his stink tank!!!! Just wait until those 'thoughts' become laws!

      • Its the Seventh Circle of Hell Hate Spewing Sink America with horrible repeating failed top down policies of the gop tank.

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