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Hatred And Stupidity Killed 12 People, Not Religion

Masked shooters shot and killed 12 people. Those 12 were two peace officers and 10 employees from the satirical publication Charlie Hebdo. According to news accounts, Muslims extremists were upset about the satire of Muhammad…yet according to Voice of America, [the] French Magazine Lampooned Religious [and] Political Figures…[they are] known for being irreverent, anti-establishment and virulently anti-religious.

Apparently, Charlie Hebdo is an anti-establishment-anti-conservative-anti-Christian-Jewish-Muslim weekly paper. They poke fun of religion and have been doing so for more than 20 years. Yet skimming through the media, all I see is: Muslim this and Muslim that.

How Charlie Hebdo’s portrayals of prophet angered many Muslims

Muslims Around The World Condemn Charlie Hebdo Attack

Charlie Hebdo attacks: Anti-Islam parties are now on the march across Europe

Even CAIR tweeted the condemnation of this attack

Why? Why must a certain religious organization “condemn” an attack where they assume their “religious extremists” are responsible? When Timothy McVeigh blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, people looked to Muslims as the culprit, when it was a self-described-anti-government-Christian-extremist who killed 168 people, including 19 children all under [the] age of six years old. There was a sigh of relief when the suspect was not a Muslim.

So did the collective blame Christianity? Nope. They called McVeigh a nut that had nothing to do with the peaceful nature of Christianity. Not one Christian organization had to go on the news and explain that Christianity is not a violent religion but the fact that people of the Islamic faith were suspects makes for a turbulent relations and many news organizations as well as CAIR have to go on the defensive whenever a masked group of people do things against the norm.

I personally don’t know if these shooters are Muslims. Whatever religion they are, they must be tried in a court and, if found guilty, imprisoned. The Islamic religion is no more dangerous than Judaism or Christianity and when a crime is committed by a person or a group a person of a certain faith, this should not reflect the totality of any religion.

Huffington Post did a story on the role of the Ku Klux Klan:

KKK Leader Disputes Hate Group Label: ‘We’re A Christian Organization

So does that make every Christian organization a racist organization? When the artwork by Cosimo Cavallaro of an anatomically-correct chocolate Jesus called “My Sweet Lord” was going to be on display at the Roger Smith Hotel, there were death threats after head of the watchdog Catholic League Bill Donohue said it was

“one of the worst assaults on Christian sensibilities ever.”
“It’s not just the ugliness of the portrayal, but the timing — to choose Holy Week is astounding,” he said.

The hotel and the gallery were overrun Thursday with angry phone calls and e-mails about the exhibit. Semler said the calls included death threats over the work of artist Cosimo Cavallaro, who was described as disappointed by the decision to cancel the display.

“In this situation, the hotel couldn’t continue to be supportive because of a fear for their own safety,” [Matt] Semler, the gallery’s creative director said.

Semler tendered his resignation after death threats.

So are all Catholics to blame for committing a terrorist threat? It was just a few loons in the Catholic church who took it upon themselves to do this heinous act of censorship, so why must the people of the Muslim faith collectively be blamed for the acts of three people? They shouldn’t…as neither the Protestants nor the Catholics should be blamed for the actions of the few. Finding justice in a court should be the ultimate goal, not attacking people who had nothing to do with the killing in the first place…

Terrible People Attack Mosques After Paris Shooting

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  • But for religion, this would just have been another, Enlightened day, in France.

    Religion poisons everything.

  • Let us be clear about why nous ne sommes pas Charlie: They aimed their barbs downward, at the unfortunate. Not the most literally obscene, but the most obscenely abusive, cartoon that I have yet viewed, showed the girls abducted by Boko Haram, now pregnant through rape and screaming for their welfare checks, a cruel jibe at victims which had no redeeming social value. Charlie Hebdo kicks down. Charlie Hebdo incites contempt for the already marginalized. Charlie Hebdo stirs up hatred towards those already ground down by it, and sometimes the hated hate back. Nous ne sommes pas Charlie. May we never be.

    • While I might agree with the backdrop of your sentiments, I do not agree with your premise.

      Freedom is freedom, no matter who the barbs are aimed towards.

    • Reply to reynardine

      Charlie Hebdo is certainly not above criticism, but this is an odd moment to deliver it.
      The issue at hand stopped being a matter of etiquette and taste when the first bullets started to fly.
      Twelve people dead in the streets of Paris make it clear that commentary- no matter how distasteful - is not the real threat.

      Je suis toujours charlie.

  • The rush to judgement to throw Muslims under the yoked camel is offensive and by nature, racist.

    I suspect the attackers are:
    Brownshirts &

    Don't be fooled by the Reich-Wing media.

  • "Men never commit evil so fully and joyfully as when they do it for religious convictions."Blaise Pascal

    Yes, it was religion that caused the attackers to "Kill those who insult Islam."

    To say otherwise, you must be either a fool or a liar.

    We ARE in WW III. It is the Islamic fundamentalists against everyone else, including moderate Muslims.

    Even worse, the fanatics are winning on all fronts, social, political, and militarily. Don't think so? wait another 20 years. It will be "Convert or die."

    • So what do you think about the Catholic bishops here in the US exerting power over the Supreme Court, over businesses, and trying to get abortion AND contraception banned? In Catholic hospitals, doctors are not permitted to perform tubal ligations, even after a woman has delivered a child (maybe her fourth) and that is the safest and simplest time, to do the procedure. Why do a bunch of white guys in dresses get to determine the future childbearing activities of all US women? And why? Because in their twisted minds, women are only good for childbearing, nothing else. Women are brood mares.
      Don't believe it? Wait 20 will be bear the child AND die, and they, the religious and powerful, will turn away, because they have the ear of God.

  • It should be emphasized that the policeman shot down in Paris was a muslim, it should also be widely circulated that the hero that saved many people in the supermarket was a muslim, they are an integral part of the Paris population.

  • i disagree with tim from la who wrote the article, it is religion called islam and islam must be stopped, the attackers were muslims period capeshe, i have zero respect for islam and muslims i dont trust i will not associate or be friends with them, its time people to wake up to the dangers of islam, how many lives will be murdered before u people wake up capeshe, no thumbs me down and ridicule cuz i dont care

    • I'm afraid you're the one who needs the wake up call, Clinton.

      Muslims are not the enemy. Islam is not the enemy.

      Fanatics are the enemy.

      You will find extremes in virtually every religion on the planet, and you will find within those religions people who will twist and turn every word in their Holy Book - whatever the Book may be - to justify their cruelty.

      Christians have been doing it for CENTURIES.

      It's not Islam that is the enemy - it's the extremists.

      • What YOU don't understand is that Islam IS fanaticism incarnate.

        Try reading the Koran and tell me that Islam is not a fanatical, cultist religion.

        What most Muslims do not understand is that if they were to follow their own religion, they would see that it IS, in fact, a fanatical religion.

        Fanatics in any religion, including mine, have no place in a civilized world. My problem with Islam is that it is really a cult, not a "religion."

        • Wrong. Islam is not fanatical itself. Islam by itself is no different then christianity.

          Go read your old testament, if you follow it you will be fanatical.

          Its the people in religions that make them fanatical. And useless

        • Islam, in and of itself, is no more fanatical and no more of a cult than any other religion on earth, including Christianity.

          I know it's easy to get scared and base opinions on that fear, but it's not helpful - not to you and not to anyone else.

          Don't judge them all equally, Beverly.

  • Islam is not a "religion," it is a cult. One of the markers of a cult is that one who tries to renounce their loyalty to one religion is threatened with penalties up to death.

    Islam threatens people who leave with death as it does people who are NOT followers of their so-called prophet.

    Mohammad was both a war leader and a pedophile. Those are simply facts that are in the history of the cult as well as its horrendous "holy" book, the Koran.

    As a non-Muslim I am threatened with death because all non-Muslims are considered miscreants, worthy of death. READ THE KORAN TO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF.

    Just as evangelical Christianity thinks that people who do not believe EXACTLY as they do will go to their mythical hell, so Muslims condemn "unbelievers" to hell or death.

    What happened in France is horrible, but so is their recognizing a Palestinian state that does not exist. The Palestinians DESERVE to have a state, but their leaders have turned it down time after time.

  • I do not agree with a lot that's being written about this. I believe if you are pushed you will push back. Those cartoons were the filthiest that I have ever seen. Totally disrespectful, and while the editor was constantly told to stop, he did not. Some people take their religion seriously, and while we are so "I'll look the other way type of people, there are a lot of different cultures who are not as we Americans are, who worship differently and no one has the right to denigrate what others believe. Respect is the thing here. Americans don't respect each other,(not all), just look at what is happening around you. That man published that filth should have been taken in the street and whipped. Hell,it made me want to throw up. How you treat someone is how you're going to be treated. I pray for the families of those who were in the line of fire, but I do not have anything for that editor.

    • That man published that filth should have been taken in the street and whipped.
      Because we must avenge the victims of mockery?
      Good Lord,
      if we're going to concern ourselves with everyone's right NOT to be offended, why stop with publishers of cartoons?

      I pray for the families of those who were in the line of fire, BUT I do not have anything for that editor.
      Told ya so. Only took less than a day too.
      They will say how horrible it all was...THEN they lean towards you, eyes wide, and they say the fatal word.......but.

    • What that attitude you should live in North Korea or Iran where you're told what to say, think and read.
      If you mock, you're beaten or stoned to death.

    • What that attitude you should live in North Korea or Iran where you're told what to say, think and read.
      If you mock, you're beaten or stoned to death

  • I need to clarify my ultimate sentence where I stated that Palestinians' leaders have screed them over and over again.
    They could have had their own state starting in the partition of the land in 29 November '47. But the Arab's leaders said NO, they would not live with a Jewish state.
    Time after time they did that to their own people, refused them a state of their own.
    Finally, in 2000, the then Prime Minister called Arafat's bluff and gave him 99% of what he had been asking for. Instead, he returned to Gaza and resumed the war against Israel.
    President Clinton said that the reason the talks failed was Arafat's fault.
    Fifteen years later, Hamas refuses to follow what he must in order to get their own state. The Arab nation will kill him if he recognizes Israel or negotiates with Israel or negotiates with them. So he has a choice: Death or peace, he will never accept the conditions the Arab League has put him in and anyone who doesn't realize that is an idiot!

  • The big ugly elephant in the room is that these terrorists are almost to a man... men. Men being raised in cultures that revile women. And the religions, all religions support the dominion of men over women and children, including brutality and death. Women are and have been the civilizing influence on society. Those countries which afford the most protection to women and children, with the lowest rates of abuse are the least violent. It is the male macho crapola that dictates men must have the power and beat, rape and even kill those who threaten that power. So when male children who are brutalized grow up they become the brutalizers. Rape is about power. Domestic violence is about power. Killing is about power. Even the greed of the 1% and the wannabees is about power. Countries that rank high on gender and low on income inequality are the least violent.

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