Fox News Interview Backfires Instead Shows Why Duggars Should Never Be Allowed Back On TV

The Duggars interview on Fox News backfired. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar showed no remorse, claimed that they were victims of the police and media, and revealed to the world why they should never be allowed back on television.

The interview intro featured Megyn Kelly referring to Josh Duggar’s admitted child molestation as “allegations.” Megyn Kelly’s intro sounded like it came directly from the Duggars agent.

The interview began with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar repeating their press release. The Duggar parents said that they were devastated. Jim Bob said that Josh was just curious about girls, and the girls didn’t even know that he did it. (Jim Bob and Michelle are working hard to whitewash their son’s crimes.) Jim Bob said, “Looking back, we did the best we could under the circumstances.” The Duggars claimed that this happens in a lot parents’ homes. Jim Bob said, “Again, this is not rape or something like that.”


Jim Bob Duggar claimed that they didn’t send their molesting son for real help, because real programs don’t have a good success rate. Jim Bob hinted that God cured Josh Duggar’s habit of molesting his sisters, Michelle Duggar said that her son knew in his heart it was wrong.

Megyn Kelly’s “tough questions” involve asking a lot of, ‘what was that like for you?’ Job Bob repeated that Christian based non-professional counseling turned his molester son’s life around.

Michelle Duggar was asked if she feared for the safety of her daughters, and she answered that they put safeguards in place, but she expressed no fear for her daughters. Jim Bob Duggar admitted that they didn’t try to protect their daughters as much as, “Josh’s heart went astray.” Jim Bob tried to explain it away again by saying that none of the girls knew about it or understood what he had done. Duggar was claiming that Josh Duggar’s child molestation was a victimless crime.

In the next segment, the Duggars denied that they covered up their son’s crimes. Jim Bob said that the selection of the trooper was random. The Duggars said that the child pornography convicted cop put the fear of God into Josh. The Duggar parents said that Josh Duggar and all of their kids received professional counseling.


Sign our Petition and “Tell TLC To Stop Supporting A Child Molester By Canceling 19 Kids And Counting”

Jim Bob Duggar claimed that his family had nothing to hide by the time the TLC show began. Jim Bob said that God has forgiven Josh Duggar, and then the Fox News witch hunt against the police chief who leaked the report began. The Duggars speculated that the chief was bribed. The Duggars said that they want to be advocated for protecting juvenile records. The Duggars claimed that they are the victims in the situation because the sealed Josh Duggar police report was leaked. Jim Bob Duggar quoted Mike Huckabee saying that Josh should be forgiven.

If this interview was intended to get the Duggars their television show back, it backfired. In the entire hour, there was no apology from the Duggars who denied that there is any hypocrisy in their behavior. Michelle Duggar claimed that there is an agenda, and Josh Duggar’s actions are being twisted to hurt and slander the family.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar showed no remorse and argued for the rest of the family not being punished for what Josh did. It is obvious that TLC and the Duggars are working together, and this interview was designed to get them back on television, whether it be as 19 Kids and Counting or a spinoff.


The Duggars claimed that they were victimized by the police, and their trust was betrayed.

Fox News thought they were helping to save the Duggars, but in reality, they did the public a favor by showing the world why this family should not be allowed on national television. The Duggars think that they are the victims, which is why this twisted family should never be on television again.


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  • Why is the liberal media focused on the five little girls Josh ALLEGEDLY molested? We should instead focus on all the little girls he DIDN'T molest. - Roger Ailes

      • What about all the little girls in his town that he didn't rape? How come no one gives Josh any credit for that? It must have been hard for him to resist those little temptresses but he did!

        • I don't understand your thoughts on this person... You think he should be rewarded for the girls he did not molest...are you kidding. That's like a dog attacking kids, oh the dog only killed two kids, he left the other two alone. Really you are in denial! I think you may need to speak to a therapist, right away!

        • Sharon, turn on your snark meter please.

          Andy was not being a troll, it's just that you don't realize sarcasm when you see it.

    • I like to see capitol punishment for these sick bastards and no statute of limitations - gun them down like the rabid dogs that they are and get their DNA out of the gene pool.

      • Christians have it made.

        Confess a crime...I mean..."sin," and all is forgiven by your Sky God.

        Then, Reichwingers can subscribe to a "higher law" (wink wink nudge nudge, say no more).

        • I believe (as a Christian) that no-one is perfect....we have all fallen short. It is only by Gods grace that we are saved. It's between you and God to accept that or not. Yes, what Josh Dugger did was indeed reprehensible before God and a disgusting act in any society with morals. His parents willingly admit that. However I know that God forgives a sinner (yes, even rapists and murderers). God knows we as humans will sin as long as we live on this earth, which is why he sent His son Jesus. What is disturbing to me is that a family that professes to live by Christian values is hung out to dry by the media and labeled hypocrites. They (the Duggars) know they aren't perfect like anyone else.....they are however forgiven by God...

    • Can you imagine the backlash if the family was Black, atheistic, or poor?

      Holy pun intended...

    • Obviously you are unfamiliar with the word 'allegedly'. That would be true if he hadn't ADMITTED he did it. Once that is done, there is nothing 'alleged' about it.

      • Alternate headline..."I Am Pissed Because the Facts Didn't Substantiate Media Narrative So I'm Going To Declare the Interview a Failure Before I Hold My Breath an Stamp MY Foot'.
        [Snipped for redundancy]
        Let me guess, because this is a conservative and Christian family---the ends justifies the means. Rig...

        • Troy, these are not allegations. The sex acts are admitted to. Stop sticking up for this disgusting family. Their "Christian" show should be cancelled immediately. They are so intent on telling others how to live while they have their own filthy closet. And how do they know God forgave them? What was the sign from God. That is one of the problems with Christians (and pedophile priests). They sin, confess, sin again, confess, sin again, etc.

        • The Duggars downplay the "molestation" with lots of qualifiers. No where have I seen that the real victims were interviewed, without parents, by an interviewer
          trained to properly interview molestation/ rape victims. The Duggar parents only know what their son said. They claim the girls remember nothing which could mean a number of things. Bottom line, we really don't have any idea of the extent of the molestation, or whether it is still continuing.

        • what is with all you thick headed , clueless righties? are you deaf, blind, stupid, or all three? there is nothing alleged about the molestations. josh duggar admitted it many times. this happened. this is real. this is reality. are you righties that crazy??? I mean you are f*cking nuts!

    • If Josh was a black man,Faux news nor you, silly Andy would be defending him. He would already be condemned and crucified. More conservatives should practice what they preach and stop being such hypocrites.

      I am not a conservative but I am a Christian.

      • The one term I think is considered more of an"oxymoron" these days is, "Christian Conservative." The are very much different and do not represent each other, nor compliment either.

        Something that most "Christians" seem to forget or neglect is the "public display" and advertisement of Christianity to the greater public. Jesus was pretty clear on its usage and display.

        And of a "need" to verbalize your association, contributions, and participation with this faith.Too simply, not talk about it, promote it, or bolster it in this manner.

        It was intended to be more "personal" and of inner reflection. Not an event. The true "Christian" knows this already.

      • What I find interesting here is, the amount of denial, disbelief, and "Self-righteousness" on display. For the idea of them being Christians", they lack its true applications.

        And considering, not long ago I believe the sister issued a "robo call". Within this call, they were against "same sex" marriages. One such comment had them accusing these people of being "Pedofiles."

        Without any thing backing their allegations. In this case, we already are aware of the issues And "all" is forgiven? Can I hear that "forgiveness" from "GOD?" Shouldn't be difficult for you?

    • Apropos Eric Boese.

      What do we need to be saved from? The Very God we need to trust in...apparently.
      What is disturbing to me is that a family that professes to live by Christian values is hung out to dry by the media and labeled hypocrites. They (the Duggars) know they aren’t perfect like anyone else…..they are however forgiven by God…

      They're being hung out to dry because they were the ones who chose to cast out the first stone. And then they chose to cover up Josh's crimes with their own crimes.
      They may be forgiven by your God for their sins- but the fact of the matter is- they need to pay for their CRIMES that they committed in the secular world.
      You know- the whole "Render Unto God/Render Unto Caeser" thingy?

    • hey andy! go f*ck yourself pal. there is NOTHING alleged about it, the pedophile josh duggar already admitted it- many times. you people are pure delusional fools. you people do not deserve to be americans.

  • If people want to have a baby every year, so be it, but support them yourselves. Do not expect a lucrativ TV show to provide a cushy lifestyle for the entire group. TLC is considering spinoff shows with the two oldest daughters. WHAT? We get to watch them have one child after another for the next several years? The population of this country is over 300 million. 2 million watch this "holier than thou" show, so what is the big deal that TLC wants to keep it on? If the Duggers had had fewer kids, maybe they could have kept closer watch on their oldest son, and saved the little girls from the abuse.

    • This two girls (now young women) were molested by their brother, and attending some "Christian counseling" where they were no doubt told that nothing bad happened, and it was just that poor Josh made a mistake, and hey, you girls are to stop teasing your brother into these forbidden sex thoughts. Now, please forgive your brother, and maybe God will forgive you girls too. Sorry, TLC, but no one cares about this family's need to be in the limelight. You already pulled the plug on their original grifting show, why would you want to do it again?

      • The girls received no counseling. Josh was sent to a construction project, which Jim Bob said had counseling and Michelle finally said no counseling was provided

        • Maybe you need to listen to the interview without a preconceived opinion. After Josh was removed from the home for 3 months,then returned, he & the girls affected all received professional counseling.Of course, if you don't believe them, that's your prerogative. This is,after all a liberal site. I believe God can change a life & Josh gave his life to Him.Megyn said at the end 80-95% of teens with these same issues do not repeat the crime with help like Josh got.

        • You're right,Dani. People are very naive to "take their word for it" in the interview when they have already admitted it wasn't licensed counseling.

      • Once upon a time, TLC actually meant THE LEARNING CHANNEL and had educational offerings. The only thing one would learn watching this pap is HOW NOT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE!

      • So we should allow other impressionable minds the opportunity to watch a bunch of folks who rationalize away child rape?

    • The Duggars support themselves. They receive no government assistance. Amazes me that some are so quick to judge. Do you judge welfare recipients the same way? Do you know how many babies are born out of wedlock and raised on welfare? You are not forced to watch the show. The show is "lucrative" because many do watch the show.
      Not sure where you are getting your information. In Touch Tabloid? Josh was sent away. He had counseling. The girls had counseling. By certified counsellors. I wonder how many of you have done something immoral. Judge not lest ye be judged.

      • So you'd have been okay with your 5 year old daughter, grand daughter, or niece having a sleep over at the Duggar house knowing what you know now.... yeah I thought so.

      • In the TV interview they say "yes" to professional counseling. Privately and in the police report they have admitted the "counseling" was not licensed. It was a friend's farm for manual labor, and the girls to Gothard's Christian camp (a patriarchal Christian later convicted of molesting girls in his care).

      • They have been heavily subsidized by funds originating in such well-heeled right wing organizations as Hobby Lobby and the American Family Association. That is why they are enjoying a standard of living far superior to that of other products of generations of sanctimonious, baby-fiddling inbreeders.

      • Yes, everyone sins; yes, God forgives; and no, we shouldn't judge one another. HOWEVER, the Duggers knew full well about Josh's "mistakes" and had the nerve (along with the perpetrator himself) to JUDGE others (LGBT) and accuse that group of being child molesters! It is the hypocrisy and their own "judgment" against others that has caused this backlash. And that they will answer for in front of God.

      • You're an idiot. Who do you think gets the money from their show? They don't support themselves. They are disgusting. All the interviews are scripted, as well as the one will be tonight.

      • No government support? Only free health care...which probably adds up to quite a bit.

        Oh, wait, free health care is good for the Duggars (and for Sen. Marco Rubio and his family when he was young) but bad for everyone else!

        • TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Thousands of state workers including Gov. Rick Scott would continue to pay low health insurance premiums under a bill passed by the Florida House.
          The Florida House on Friday voted for an overhaul of the state health insurance program that would lock in premiums that even House staff called "extremely low." But it's unlikely the Senate will pass the bill. The House recently rejected a Senate plan to expand health insurance coverage to low-income Floridians.
          How low? Really low, as in "$8.34 a month for individual coverage and $30 a month for family coverage."

    • These phonies are scum of the Earth. Any woman that justifies a sexual attack of a young girl must, most definitely,be in on it. I think the're all perverts. Whats with the fake 6 year old voice - oh yeah, the Duggars LIKE little girls,, they're subservient to men.

      • I need a barf bag every time I see Mrs Dugger gaze lovingly at this piece of male crap. Same gaze, Nancy gave reygun.. sick,sick!!! These women have given over their lives to the male in the family, they have no life of their own. Only the life allowed by the men, Brothers have the same power over the girls as the father does. .BARF BAG please!! Fat chance these Duggers will ever disappear,19 kids and then there are grandchildren. We can look forward to the Bates Family next,Oh God please stop.

    • You said exactly what I've been thinking. If they hadn't had a dozen kids (or however many) of their own and the kids friends running around the house, maybe that boy wouldn't have had the opportunity to test his sexual curiosity out on his sisters. I made a point of mentioning other children being in the home because I believe there are others. I also believe that they're probably afraid to come forward because of the shame and stigma attached to these crimes.

    • I totally agree with you, they should have stopped while they were ahead. Child raising is an intense job, if you miss one moment, that could be the one that will come back and bite you. Having a hundred kids nowadays is so stupid... there are ways of preventing this and they should practice a lot of abstinence.

  • there is NOTHING ALLEDGED ABOUT IT- josh duggar ADMITTED THAT HE MOLESTED THOSE GIRLS. he did it and he confessed. what is wrong with you righties? like seriously?

  • A sex offender is a sex offender, no matter how they try to blame little girls. Michelle always looks like a dog who just shat on the floor about to be hit. The "treatment" they got was probably to make the girls believe it was their fault.

  • This is disgusting. If the likes of Mike Huckabee and his ilk say they "forgive" that little creep and Fox-PAC minimizes sexual assault by lobbing softball questions at the Duggars, why even bother with the juvenile justice system at all? Why not just let the parents handle it & send the little scamp off to bed without supper & take away the iPad for a week? Come on. HE SEXUALLY ABUSED HIS 5 YEAR OLD SISTER ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS FOR ALMOST A YEAR! (That they've admitted to, that is.) The Duggars didn't "handle it." They covered it up then lied to the police. Why is everybody making excuses for him? Just because they're a "Good Christian Family"? This apologizing for deplorable behavior by "good Christians" all the while condemning gay people--the vast majority are wonderful people--is the main reason why I haven't set foot in a church in 15 years. The hypocrisy and cherry picking are just too much for me to take. It's the Christian version of Affluenza, and just as despicable.

  • Andy from virginia you are saying that we should give Josh Duggar a pass because he didn't molest every little girl he came in contact with after he molested his sisters? WHAT THE F#$CK IS WRONG WITH YOU WHACKOS!!!!

    • Read Andy's post more carefully. I don't think it says what you think it says. For one thing, it's signed "Roger Ailes".

    • hey dave- I was confused too. read the comment a few more times. I do believe it was sarcasm, but even I posted a nasty response at first. these righties just make you go crazy sometimes.

  • These parents forced their daughters to live under the same roof as their molester, to sit across from him at dinner, to accept his authority as the eldest, to lie in bed at night listening for footsteps and a turning doorknob. To live in fear. I have no doubt they shamed the girls into forgiving Josh. I have a question for all of the defenders of Josh Duggar. Think hard before you answer. If your 5 year old daughter/granddaughter/niece is invited to a sleepover with Josh's 5 year old, would you let them go? If so, how well are you going to sleep that night? If you are a Christian, God asks us to be forgiving but He does not ask us to be fools. The Duggar's are under the impression we are supposed to be both.

    • They weren't just forced to live with him and see him at the dinner table. They're girls. They were required to cook his food, clean the house for him and wash, dry, fold and put away his laundry. They were required to be servants.

      There's nothing wrong with servants, and I don't mean that kids shouldn't help in the house. But the girls do everything in that family. They raise the younger kids, because Michelle hands over the baby after one month of breastfeeding, and starts working on the next baby. It was more than just being in the same house.

  • Now we all know what kind of people these guys are.

    Thanks, Fox News. You've help exposed them for the rat bastard scum that they are.

  • You know who else got Christian based non-professional counseling for their child molestation proclivities and said it turned their lives around? A bunch of Catholic Priests. How'd that sit with you and the little woman, Jim Bob? Or was THAT only bad when they molested little boys and that's WAY more damaging than molesting little girls?

    "The Duggars said that the child pornography convicted cop put the fear of God into Josh." I'm sorry, but WTF? Josh didn't already have the fear of God in him even though he knew that what he was doing was wrong and Christianity is your ENTIRE f'ing life? You're doing a p/ss poor job of it.

    • Evangelical "Christians" always blame the Catholics, ignoring that Catholics are also Christians. The Catholics I know have condemned what happened to all the kids, and they've stopped attending Catholic Church. Meanwhile, these "Christians" in name only, and their supporters will defend the Duggars. God Bless America!

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