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Trump Says Listening to Her Gives Him Headaches, But Is Carly Fiorina For Real?

It is noteworthy that of all the candidates present at the GOP Debate(s), the 10+6, Fox News chose failed HP executive Carly Fiorina as the winner of the first group of six. Fox News wasn’t alone: The Washington Post‘s Chris Cillizza wrote “Carly Fiorina won the ‘Happy Hour’ debate. By a lot.”

Fiorina is sort of like Sarah Palin in reverse. Palin quit partway through her term as Governor of Alaska. Fiorina was fired partway through her tenure as CEO by Hewlett-Packard – the first CEO the company ever fired.

Yet Fox News co-moderate Chris Wallace saw something in her HP could not find: “There’s kind of a sharpness and an intelligence about her and a preciseness, precision of her message that really cuts through.” George F. Will, not known for the sharpness or accuracy of his own analysis, told Wallace that Fiorina “stood out.”

Of course, look who she was on stage with: 1) she was the only woman up there; and 2) a peeled banana would look sharper than Rick Santorum or Rick Perry.

Fiorina was like a big a shark in a small bowl full of guppies.

It should be stated that Wallace was already a Fiorina fanboy, announcing in June on Fox News Radio’s Kilmeade & Friends that “I think she’s smart and very capable and comes from a different background than all the politicians.” He was effusive enough on that occasion that its doubtful he would have criticized her post-debate regardless.


Charles Krauthammer, whom Trump loathes, announced on Special Report with Bret Baier that, “She won the debate. She won it going away.” Alan Colmes and Todd Starnes also both tweeted their approval of Fiorina’s debate performance.

Donald Trump, the guy who never attacks any of his opponents, just ask him, disagreed of course, tweeting her headache-causing presence:

No doubt she did not help her cause by tweeting, “Mr. Trump: There. Is. No. Excuse” and “I stand with @megynkelly.”

You wonder if she’d had the sense to “stand with @realDonaldTrump” he would have found her less headache-inducing.

These are kinder words than he had for Erick Erickson, whom he accused in another tweet of being “a major sleaze and buffoon.”

Trump is no doubt correct about Erickson, if you look at the Red State owner’s own track record, but Trump hardly has any high ground to stand on.

Trump complained the Fox News moderators did not give him a chance to shine on the economy at the GOP Debate, but if he has such a great message to share, why does he not do so on Twitter, instead of calling everybody names?

As for Fiorina, Media Matters had reported back in early June that the debate would create a fundraising opportunity for her, and in fact, it did. Fox News reported yesterday that, Fiorina’s “breakout performance has sparked an ‘uptick’ in financial support.”

Dan Gainor, writing at Fox News Opinion, credited Fiorina with a “Katniss Everdeen performance.” And the discredited former HP executive seems to feel like a Hunger Games victor. The energized Fiorina told Fox News Sunday, “The truth is the race has just started. It’s game on.”


The real question is, why Fiorina? Krauthammer says her message is the reason: she pits this election as conservatism vs. liberalism rather than the people vs. Washington and he says that’s very Reagan of her.

Is that what this election is about? Sifting through the dregs to find a new Reagan? Does Fiorina also want to raise taxes 11 times and grow the federal government like Ronald Reagan?

Actually, the debate helped the second-tier Fiorina lift herself above Fox News and Koch Brothers favorite, Scott Walker. An NBC News Online Poll after the debate showed her rising nearly to double digits:

Trump 23%
Cruz 13%
Carson 11%
Fiorina 8%
Rubio 8%
Bush 7%
Walker 7%

The same poll, agreeing with Fox News, said Fiorina won the debate – BOTH debates, 22 percent to Trump’s 18 percent. Rubio and Cruz came in at 13 and 12 percent respectively. In a way, coming out of nowhere, she did win the Hunger Games.

It would be difficult at this point to relegate her to an earlier, less-important debate again. She belongs now with the big boys. In other words, Fiorina’s is not just a manufactured (by Fox News) victory. She earned it by being the only intelligent-sounding person on stage. And that isn’t to exclude the men at the second debate.

None of this is to praise Carly Fiorina. Like every other GOP candidate in 2016 she is an empty vessel, full of talking points and little else. But these Republicans must be judged within the context of their party, which has willfully set itself apart from the context of our shared reality, that is, the fact-based universe.

And in that limited context, yes, Carly Fiorina seems to be for real. It was no small feat rising in the polls while dining at the Kiddie Table with nobody watching. At the very least, she has proven that, in conservative eyes at least, she deserves to be rated with Donald Trump and Jeb Bush.

In fact, Megyn Kelly may have been right – again, considering the context – to say, before the second debate began, “It’s a good thing Carly Fiorina isn’t here,. She unleashed a can earlier tonight.”


And perhaps Trump’s dismissive tweet is a sign that in his insecurity, he realizes Fiorina has much more than the zero chance with which he credits her.

Dan Gainor concluded of the debate that, “Ultimately, liberals were unhappy, which means the GOP did something right.” Well, liberals were unhappy at the continued stupidity of GOP candidates for president. So I guess Gainor takes that to mean the GOP should go right on being stupid.

Play to your strengths, GOP.


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  • Have you noticed the parallel between american organized religion and the GOP since 1980? both have rapidly been having more radical and violent, this isn't by accident, you can trace this back to RONNIE REAGAN! he kicked the doors wide open to the religious right,WHY? well when you're a political party that has sold it's soul to the oligarchs, you aren't gonna get the average american willing to vote for you but what's a FASCIST party to do for VOTES? I got it! bring the CRAZIEST people in america! go get those religious nuts! especially those SOUTHERN religious nuts! Hell, those ole boys are typically pro confederate OLD SCHOOL racist! $HIT! and they're typically the least educated people on EARTH! that's it! and how about this? We'll call it the ''SOUTHERN STRATEGY" by god! that it! Now REAGAN, you go to Philadelphia, Mississippi and give those boys a STATES RIGHTS speech thats red meat for the KLAN! that's the ticket This is the GOP, never met a racist, it didn't like.

    • Sorry, back on topic, listen, this trump saga is losing stream for me personally, C'MON, we ALL know this GOP freak show is a mockery of not only sane politics but human intelligence! the only people taking this $HIT seriously are the DUMBEST FU#KING IDIOTS on Earth, your average republican! trump doesn't want to be president! Jesus Christ! he's not fit to run 50% of his own businesses! this simple minded LOSER can't even have a successful MARRIAGE! america has got to be the biggest insane asylum on Earth! Carly fiorina?? REALLY? presidential material? why the FU#K not?! "Im about to go TRUMP'' this BIT@H damn near bankrupted HEWLETT FU#KING PACKARD! and that's presidential material? This entire GOP soap opera makes me wanna vomitt! WHO could vote for ANY of these A$SHOLES? if my black A$S can expose them on a political website, you'd THINK the god damn AMERICAN MEDIA could see through this farce! Lets call this $HIT what is really is, it's a republican MONEY GRAB! PERIOD

      • I totally agree with you. Well my a$$ ain't black, will old and fat do?
        But everything else is spot on.
        My old refurb PC crashed. I am so tired of make dos, used and hand me downs. I am gonna go in debt and buy a brand new computer. Hopefully to last me on out. My favorite box store with a famous return policy had two laptops on sale. I really don't like a laptop but would be best physically. I can suck it up and learn.
        In my not really super technical world I couldn't see much difference between the Dell and HP side by side. I have spent days worrying about this. It is a HUGE thing for me. In the end I chose the Dell, I just could not buy the HP. To me HP will always mean that terrible woman. I know she is long gone but the people that hired her and allowed her do what she did aren't. If they were stupid or greedy and mean, the results were still the same.

    • Remember corporate raiding in the 80's & 90's?
      People like the Kochs, De Vos, Hendricks, & many many others, including ALEC are using have been using the exact same techniques on STATES.

      Why pay 100 lobbyists when you can get a few dozen elected?

      Also, historians agree that only 15% of the former Colonists, in 1776, were affiliated with ANY organized religion.

      Check out the term "Borderlanders", Daily Koss, & other sites, that details the people who immigrated in the 3rd wave, who did NOT come to America for altruistic reasons, or to escape persecution per se, but rather,no one could stand them. They leapfrogged over the first 2 waves,& settled in the south, & south west. Calling themselves Democrats was like calling the Native Americans'Indians'. Like The Grand Old Party is a cynical lie to undercut the oldest political party on the planet:Democratic. We do live in a Republic GOVERNED BY Democratic least we used to. Now those former democrats are PseudoCo...

  • Palin showed her racist side also, too!! Anything to stay on the news, that's our $carah. I expecr her to show up soon, looking for a way to grift, so nobody in her family has to actually get a real job. Some of the candidates are in it for the $$$ and would not want the job of President, since it really means WORK. I wonder if the Koch brothers have realized yet that they backed the wrong horse (Walker) He is such a wimp, milquetoast, uninformed loser. He DOES do their bidding, no questions asked so maybe that is what they wanted. He has that vacant look on his face, like W.

  • Fiorina has value for the Republican Party. As a woman, she can unleash attacks on HRC without being labelled misogynistic. That is the only use the Repubs have for her. She will be allowed to advance only as long as that talent is needed. She may get VP consideration, but will never be their presidential nominee.

  • Reading between Frump's statement lines: He has encountered a woman who is neither intimidated nor impressed by him.

  • BTW, charles krauthammer? george will? LMFAO this is pure republican party through and through, krauthammer hasn't been right about anything since the 4th grade! WTF? even his last name sounds like a cartoon character? charles krauthammer! how about LEX LUTHOR? or SOLOMON GRUNDY? and this takes us to george will, this guy has been making me laugh since the late 80's! he's perfect for the GOP! weak minded people actually think this idiot is intelligent! NO, don't let his glasses and calm mesmerising voice fool ya! if YOU really listen to him, he's just slightly better than palin! seriously, listen to him, this is the very same ''intellectual'' who SWORE, IRAQ was responsible for 911, typically neo con! he's FOREVER on his knees pleasuring the military industrial complex! AMERICAN MEDIA is bought and paid for! the oilgarchs really pulled a fast one, they've bribed washington to re-write the laws, so MEDIA is OWNED by 5? -6? major corporations! LOL NICE JOB BOYS.

  • Carly comes across well because she was in sales and became a CEO. You have to be able to present clearly to the audience at hand. That said, she was very much hated in Silicon Valley, decimated HP's culture, sent 30,000 jobs overseas and laid off the American workers, was fired and walked away with a huge severance.

  • Why is Fiorina's earlier, horrid record at Lucent ...that actually DID ruin that company brought up ? At least HP recovered after they paid her to go away.

    While at Lucent, they pumped up the stock price with ghost sales, claiming 'loans' of unpaid equipment as revenue. When the crash happened, the money from those 'loan-sales' evaporated, and the stock plummeted. I got caught in it, losing $50K overnight.
    Fiorina is a liar, a schemer, and a repeat failure. In fact, the only thing she is competent about IS lying !

  • Shortly thereafter, Rick Santorum went on a killing spree with a peeled banana and the author of this article felt really bad.
    Trump is obviously just a catty teenaged-girl in a crony capitalist's body.

  • Assessments of Fiorina's business career have varied. During her time at Lucent and Hewlett-Packard, she was named by Fortune Magazine the most powerful woman in business.[69][70] Later, the February 7, 2005 issue of Fortune described her merger plan as "failing" and the prognosis as "doubtful".[71] She has been described as one of the worst tech CEOs of all time.


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