Even Donald Trump Is Complaining About CNN’s Horrible Trump Obsession

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:12 pm

CNN has managed to do the impossible. They have gone so far with their Trump obsessed coverage, that even Donald Trump himself complained about it during an interview on MSNBC.


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Trump went on the other Trump obsessed cable news network (MSNBC) and admitted that even he thought CNN’s fixation with him was too much.

Trump said, “Well I thought I was treated fairly. I thought I was on too much. I felt badly for everybody else. Every question had to do with me. Even the first characters, I mean, everything was about Trump. And then they go into this debate, and there was split screens all over the place. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was a little bit unfair to a lot of other people, frankly. But from my standpoint, I was treated fairly. Time magazine did a poll, and it had 67% say Trump won the debate. You know, I was listening to you talking about Carly, and I thought Carly was fine, but they saw it a little bit differently.”

When a man who refers to himself in the third-person complaints about the excessive nature of the coverage, it is obvious that CNN went too far.

CNN boss Jeff Zucker and company convinced themselves that the only way that they were going to get record ratings was to go heavy on Trump. The first four questions of the first CNN debate was all about Trump. Donald Trump wasn’t in the first debate, but CNN forced the other candidates to talk about him.
The network was so Trump crazed that they cut away from the stage before the first debate started in order to show Trump getting out of his car and walking.

The whole thing was just too much. CNN behaved like a parody of itself. The way the debate was handled was so bad that even a raging egomaniac narcissist like Donald Trump could see that it was way over the top.

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