Republicans Mercilessly Mock Marco Rubio For Being a No-Show in South Carolina

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FLA) failed to show up tonight for his Conservative Review Convention speech in South Carolina, canceling just five minutes before he was supposed to take the stage at 8 PM and now he’s being mercilessly mocked.

The Cruz campaign tore into Rubio, “This is a final admission that Marco Rubio isn’t even going to try to compete for the votes of conservatives in South Carolina or anywhere else. And who can blame him? Rubio isn’t a conservative. Instead Rubio and his campaign would rather hide behind their deceptive campaign tactics and liberal record on amnesty for illegals and voting to nominate John Kerry.”

The Guardian’s Sabrina Siddiqui tweeted the Cruz campaign’s statement:

During his keynote speech, conservative radio host Mark Levin mocked Rubio, “Marco Rubio would you raise your hand? He was supposed to be here. Probably went to McDonald’s.”

This is not exactly what Rubio needed after the Robot Rubio debacle.

NBC reporter Alexandra Jaffe tweeted the Rubio campaign’s statement, “FYI – Because of a delay in today’s schedule, Marco is unable to make the event below tonight. Senator Tim Scott and Congressman Trey Gowdy attended to represent the campaign.”

Yeah that doesn’t sound good.

Republicans are attacking Rubio, saying he can’t take the heat, wanted to avoid his “amnesty” positions, isn’t a real conservative, and is probably at McDonald’s, while the Rubio supporters are slamming the Conservative Review, saying it’s the “blogging” arm of a Cruz SuperPAC.

Any way you look at it, Marco Rubio just reinforced the image he should be trying to avoid at all costs – that he is not ready, that he can’t handle any pressure, and that he is wobbly and unstable. Canceling five minutes before you’re supposed to be on stage is a new way of screaming “NOT READY! HIDING!”

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