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Sarandon Would Burn Down America To Start Bernie’s Political Revolution

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 01:57 pm

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Passion is a powerful feeling, or uncontrollable intense emotion, about a person or thing that compels a person to some action that is not always benign. For example, Timothy McVeigh harbored a passion that prompted him to blow up men, women, and children he never met. The nineteen Saudis who forfeited their lives on 911 while killing thousands of innocent Americans were certainly passionate for their cause. Members of ISIS are so driven by passion that they readily commit suicide or slaughter men, women, and children of all religions and would burn down the Middle East to advance their cause. Americans are hardly lacking in passion, and one Hollywood celebrity is so passionate that she would rather see America, and a fair amount of the Earth, burned to the ground if it expedites the start of a “political revolution” championed by her hero.

A-list movie star, Susan Sarandon certainly is passionate for Senator Bernie Sanders and there is absolutely nothing wrong or untoward about that kind of passion. However, her passion informs that she would prefer seeing a president Donald Trump decimate America and wreak havoc on the population than ever vote for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton if she is the Democratic nominee for president. Sarandon’s big idea is that because she thinks Trump would be better for America than Hillary Clinton, she may be sitting home on election day if Clinton is the Democratic nominee; anything to do her part in handing the election to Donald Trump so he can destroy America and prompt the people to support “Bernie’s revolution.”

Here is the thing; the last time Sarandon, and malcontents like Michael Moore and Cornell West, used their celebrity and passion against what they called “an establishment Democrat” was in the 2000 general election. Bernie’s supporters are likely too young or too naïve to remember, but that passion-driven tactic aided Ralph Nader to drain just enough votes from “establishment Democrat” Al Gore to hand Republican George W. Bush the White House. For the Sarandon cabal, it was mission accomplished and a political revolution their lot never had to pay for in blood or wealth.

The wealthy actress Sarandon and her ilk got the political revolution they wanted when Bush took a budget surplus and wasted it on the rich, launched two unfounded and unfunded wars against innocent Muslims, expanded income inequality to a point never seen in American history, caused a monumental Great Recession, and destroyed America’s reputation around the world for a decade. It is noteworthy to mention that regardless what a catastrophe Bush was for America, he would be considered a flaming socialist peace-monger compared to the likes of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz for that matter. Still, as unbelievable as it is, Sarandon would rather see Donald Trump as president for four years than even consider supporting Hillary Clinton because Trump devastating America might be the catalyst for Bernie’s political revolution.

Sarandon did give her reasons for leaning towards Trump over Clinton. She said that, “it’s dangerous to think we can continue the way we are with the militarized police, with the death penalty, the low minimum wage and threats to women’s rights and think you can’t do something huge to turn that around.” Just a note to Sarandon, and the Sanders’ supporters: no president can correct the ills she cited unilaterally because that authority lies solely with the Congress under Republican control.

Perhaps Sarandon’s passion for Bernie has obliterated any semblance of common sense the actress may have once held onto, but doing something huge to turn things around like helping elect Donald Trump or any Republican to the presidency is not even reasonable; it is insane and would indeed be the “something huge” that will decimate the nation. But at least she could say she hewed to her passion and resisted voting for Clinton.

What is mind boggling is that people like Sarandon and the “Emoprog” cult still cannot fathom the incredible amount of damage their “passion” for purity has already wrought on the nation and the people they feign to advocate for. Setting aside the monumental Bush disaster, it was the same Emoprog mindset that gave Americans the “tea party revolution” and an extremist House of Representatives and Republican majorities in a majority of states in 2010.

It is not out of the realm of possibility that the same “passionate” people, over 33 percent of Sanders’ supporters at last count, failing to vote could tilt the general election in Republicans’ favor and give the country Susan Sarandon’s passionate pick, Donald Trump, as president. Sarandon and the “we won’t vote” crowd should know that Trump will do precisely the opposite of what both Clinton and Sanders champion and start wars, cut wages, increase income inequality and wipe out whatever precious few rights women, gays, and minorities have fought for over a couple of generations.

It is noteworthy that as a wealthy celebrity, Susan Sarandon would not feel any of the devastation her good idea of unleashing a Trump presidency on the people would engender. She will not be sent to any number of Middle East wars Republicans lust for, and she will not be “punished” for making her own reproductive health decisions, and she will never have to work for less than the current minimum wage. Still, she is “concerned” enough about women’s rights, income inequality, and low wages to choose Donald Trump over a candidate that shares all of her concerns but is not called Bernie Sanders.

What is curious is that Sarandon’s hero has already stated categorically that if Clinton is the nominee he will support her and no-one in their right mind would even begin to question Senator Sanders’ passion. Particularly when he and Clinton share the same concerns, albeit with different ideas of how to address those issues. For dog’s sake, even Senator Sanders knows that change in America is incremental; always has been and always will be. It will stay that way as long as there are two diametrically opposed ideologies jockeying for power to run the nation.

It is beyond comprehension that an even half-sane person, much less a seemingly intelligent and passionate Bernie Sanders’ supporter like Susan Sarandon, would think it is a cool political idea to help elect a Republican like Trump to the presidency. Especially if their only goal is to burn down America to hasten the onset of a political revolution. Obviously, anyone, celebrity or normal American, is deluded to believe that burning America to the ground because they failed to get their way is a good idea; that is the purview of petulant brats. Or as noted here, Susan Sarandon’s “blind privilege” driven by blind passion and blatant disregard for the American people or the nation she claims to be passionate about.

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