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Trump Loses More Votes With Women as He Tells NBC’s Katy Tur to “Be Quiet”

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:16 pm

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Donald Trump told NBC News correspondent Katy Tur to “be quiet” during a press conference on Wednesday and impugned her integrity as a journalist by publicly accusing her of trying to save Hillary Clinton by asking him questions.

Offering a stark contrast to the Democratic convention celebrating nominating a woman to be the official candidate for president, Trump once again showed his contempt and disdain for women journalists who don’t fawn over him.

Katy Tur tried to ask Trump a follow up question and he replied by impugning her integrity as a journalist and trying to game the ref, “Be quiet, I know you want to you know save her (Hillary).”

Watch here:

“That a person in our government Katy, would delete or get rid of 33,000 emails. That gives me a big problem. After she gets a subpoena. She gets subpoenaed, and she gets rid of 33,000 emails.”

This is actually what Donald Trump is accused of doing in a lawsuit, not what Hillary Clinton did. Hillary Clinton did not deliberately try to hide emails or destroy them, according to the FBI investigation.

FBI Director James Comey made a point in his statement to kill another Republican conspiracy about Secretary Hillary Clinton. Comey said they found no evidence “that any of the additional work-related emails were intentionally deleted in an effort to conceal them.”

Trump continued and this is when he asked Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s emails, as if he believes they are better than the U.S. and as if he is suddenly okay with the Russians being able to blackmail Hillary Clinton, as he alleged was a problem earlier.

Trump pretty much directed the hackers to find the emails for him, “That gives me a problem. Now if Russia or China or any other country has those emails, I mean to be honest with you, I’d love to see them.”

Katy Tur asked another question giving Trump another opportunity to display his contempt, “Katy just said that, many polls show you are winning. Are you Katy Tur of NBC? It’s a disguise.”

This is the same presser during which Trump responded to Katy Tur’s question asking if the Geneva Conventions are out of date, “I think everything’s out of date.”

So that’s a yes to dangerous clown. Republicans are doing nothing to shut this man down.

Katy Tur was doing her job as a journalist. Donald Trump not only told her to be quiet but then berated her and tried to bully her into silence by accusing her of siding with Hillary Clinton.

We call this gaming the ref, and it’s an old play for politicians. But Donald Trump has taken this to a new level. Katy Tur is but one in a long line of women journalists who have been subjected to Donald Trump’s public contempt. Most memorable was his comment suggesting that Fox News’ Megyn Kelly was on her period.

Donald Trump likes pretty woman who are cheerleaders for his lies. Women who ask questions, who rebuff his advances, who hold him accountable for reality are treated like he treated Katy Tur today.

This is not presidential behavior.

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