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Even Though There’s Proof, Trump Denies His Illegal Business Ties With Cuba

According to an explosive Newsweek story out Thursday, Donald Trump “secretly conducted business in communist Cuba during Fidel Castro’s presidency” even though it was illegal.

On Thursday during a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Trump tried to lie his way out it.

Video via WMUR:

The Republican nominee said:

According to an invoice sent from Seven Arrows Investment to the Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Inc., the Trump-owned business incurred nearly $70,000 in expenses “prior to and including a trip to Cuba.”

It gets worse, though.

Not only is Trump lying about his business ties with Cuba, but during the time his company was illegally spending money in the country, Trump was trying to figure out how to pass the expenses off as “charity,” which is the only way it wouldn’t be considered a violation of the embargo.

Once again, the Republican nominee is hoping that if he repeats a lie enough times, people will either start believing him or just brush off the story entirely.

The media needs to do its job and make sure he doesn’t get away with it.

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