President Obama Dismantled Program Trump Intended to Use as Muslim Registry

*The following is an opinion column by R Muse*

By now some Americans are aware that many of the things dastardly Don Trump promised throughout the presidential election were blatant lies to garner votes, and because his malicious mendacity is pathological. One area he is holding fast to is his 2015 statement calling for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims enter[ing] the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” That statement is still front and center on the Trump’s website.

As recently as last week, Trump reiterated his intent, one that ISIS leaders hope he fulfills, to take some severe action against Muslims he claims are slaughtering Christians. He knows that is not the case, but it didn’t stop him from reminding reporters that he still hates Muslims and intends to punish them as he has indicated to audiences far and wide for the past year-and-a-half.

Last week after being asked if he will “rethink or reevaluate your plans to create a Muslim registry or ban Muslim immigration in the United States,” Trump replied: “Hey, you’ve known my plans all along and it’s, they’ve proven to be right. 100 percent correct. What’s happening is disgraceful.”

It may be the case that one of George W. Bush’s advisors whispering in the Trump’s ear had alerted him to a Bush administration program specifically created to register Muslims in America. It may also be the case that the Trump figured that since there is a Muslim registry program already in place, he could just sign an executive order and proceed terrorizing people he says are involved in the wrong religion. It is too bad for Trump, but that Bush program was quietly, and unceremoniously, dismantled last week by President Barack Obama

Since dirty Donald is so enamored with and embraces the Bush administration actors, advisors, and policies, he likely was planning on using the anti-Muslim “registry” Bush created and implemented shortly after the terror attacks on 9/11 as a tool to terrorize Muslims in America in 2017.

The program, known as the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS), has been in place since a gang of mostly Saudi criminals hijacked and flew commercial passenger jets into American buildings, but its operations were “suspended” in 2011. Although NSEERS was still in place, it was ‘suspended’ after 25 countries, 24 of which were Arab nations or majority Muslim populations, along with North Korea were taken off the registration list. With no list, there was no need for NSEERS.

That program originally required all men over the age of 16 from the “listed countries” to register and be fingerprinted when arriving in America; they also had to regularly “check in” with the immigration police. The initial Bush rules were considered too burdensome so the “regular check-in” aspect of the program was narrowed down to apply only to “targeted check ins” by 2003; eventually, it was entirely suspended.

However, the NSEERS program still existed and no doubt deceitful Donny figured he would take credit for creating it in 2001, and then begin tyrannizing Muslims as he has pledged to do to fulfill ISIS leaders’ expectations of a fascist in the White House. Now, despicable Don will actually have to create his own anti-Muslim registry program in its entirety because President Obama dismantled NSEERS so as not to make Trump’s anti-Muslim crusade any easier.

There were legitimate concerns that the Trump was going to use NSEERS as the means of a mandated registry mechanism targeting people from nations with large Muslim populations, but those concerns should be put to rest after the President’s action; at least for the near future.

Actually, last month while Trump was meeting with one of his transition officials, Kansas’ Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Kobach presented the Trump with a “fabulous plan” for Homeland Security that focused entirely on reviving NSEERS as a tool against Muslims; Kobach helped create NSEERS during the Bush administration. At the time of the meeting, a former Homeland Security policy official said it would be “logistically easy” for dirty Don to revive the program even though it was “costly and ineffective.” Of course, if there is a Republican-created program that is costly and ineffective, the Trump transition team intended to embrace it as a weapon against Muslims.

It is noteworthy that NSEERS did not result in even one single prosecution while it was in place. It is an unchallenged fact that even Kobach acknowledged in 2004 when the 9/11 Commission criticized the effectiveness of the anti-Muslim program. Still, Kobach was pimping the program to Trump to demonstrate that he was on board the tyrannical Trump train and had a plan in his hot little hand to expedite Trump’s plan to punish Muslims.

President Obama took that plan out of commission and described it “not only as out-of-date but also an inefficient waste of resources.” Jeremy Stahl over at Slate thought that it might be possible for Trump to try to revive the program, but at the very least the logistics for bringing it back to life will be incredibly more complicated than he might think.

Throughout the Trump transition, President Obama has been quietly putting obstacles, traps, and in some cases, firewalls to all of the terrible and detrimental Trump plans to make America into a hostile nation to any human being who isn’t filthy rich, white, or Christian. At least in the near future, any of Trump’s plans to satisfy and aid ISIS leaders by institutionalizing anti-Muslim tactics will have to be of his own making because President Obama dismantled a program the Trump depended on to tyrannize people who adhere to Islam.

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