Thanks to Sean Spicer’s Air Quote Presser, It Will Now Remain ‘President’ Trump

Well, as Ana Navarro unhappily pointed out in the wake of a nor’easter that dumped snow on the Mid-Atlantic states,

“The Swamp did not freeze over. Light dusting of snow in DC. We can now go back to focusing on spying home-appliances & Trump-Russia ties.”

All joking aside…well, not all joking:

But it’s not all fun and games. There is the little matter of how we’re supposed to take Donald Trump’s utterances.

From the very beginning, his various surrogates and spokespersons have been trying to explain his words away and it has become literally impossible to tell when he means what he says or is only just saying it.

Because air quotes. Trump used them during the campaign. Sean Spicer is using them now and telling us Trump’s use of quotation marks are air quotes. Because “wiretapping” is different from wiretapping.

Guantanamo prosecutor Col. Morris Davis offers a solution: emoticons.

That’s one possibility. However, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) had an alternative approachto this nonsense:

And George Takei agreed, which is enough for most of us:

The people have spoken. The Trump administration is a joke. And that, my fellow Americans, is no “joke.” Unfortunately, as Joy Reid said, it’s a joke that is “Neither funny nor acceptable.”

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