Democrat Adam Schiff Tells Trump To Stop Treating NATO Like a Protection Racket

Donald Trump took to Twitter Saturday morning to respond to fact-filled articles about his embarrassing meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel by deriding them as “fake news.”

In response to those tweets, California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff nailed Trump for treating NATO like a protection racket:

Trump’s tweets were a reiteration of his position as stated Friday during Merkel’s visit when he complained that “many nations owe vast sums of money from past years and it is very unfair to the United States.”

Germany is supposed to spend 2 percent of its GDP on its own defense and is currently spending 1.2 percent, down from 2.5 percent before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Obviously, the United States, with the highest level of defense spending in the world, spends much more than that, 4.5 percent in 2015 and estimated to be about 3.8 percent in 2020.

The World Bank shows the world’s average to be about 2.3 percent.

Germany’s foreign minister has said that 2 percent is unrealistic, and cited worries by its European neighbors of his country’s militaristic past.

“This would be a defense supremacy, a military supremacy in Europe. I think our neighbors wouldn’t like to see this in 10 to 15 years.”

Then there is the fact that Vladimir Putin, who is a bully like Trump, won’t challenge a strong, unified NATO, an alliance Trump seems willing to pull apart because that’s what his mentor Vladimir Putin wants.

Last night, Schiff pointed out that Trump has very little in common with Angela Merkel, who “has courage to confront Russia & champion human rights,” something Trump has failed to do, being too busy complimenting Vladimir Putin on his “strength” as a leader.

Of course, Trump thinks human rights abuses make the man, as he has shown with multiple attempts at a Muslim ban and a promise to bring back torture, not to mention killing civilians in a pointless raid and bombing a Mosque or two.

Trump has demonstrated precisely how not to be a world leader; in fact, he has shown that he is not a world leader through his childish behavior, first accusing Britain of spying on him and then refusing to shake Angela Merkel’s hand.

Adam Schiff was right to stomp on Trump’s deadbeat German obsession. After all, if anyone has no right to complain about people not paying their bills, it’s our own deadbeat ‘president,’ Donald Trump.

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