Trump’s Approval Rating Hits New Low In Fox Poll As White Men Flee Him In Droves

Donald Trump’s approval rating continued to tumble on Wednesday, as a brand new Fox News survey shows just 38 percent of the country approves of the job he is doing.

That’s a four-point drop since just last month, and the first time Trump’s rating has crept into the 30s in the news organization’s poll.

That level of support marks Trump’s lowest for a Fox poll, but the reason behind the drop is even more stunning – and humiliating for the president.

According to Fox, Trump’s support among white men without a college education has dropped by double digits – 12 points – in the span of a month. In September, 68 percent of this demographic supported Trump, while just 56 percent think he’s doing a good job now.

The survey also found that Trump’s support among another key voting bloc – white evangelical Christians – is falling: 66 percent support him in the new poll, down from the 80 percent support he saw on election night 2016.

Two other reasons that even Trump’s most ardent supporters are abandoning him? His tweets and his poor response to the devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico.

According to the poll, 57 percent of Americans – a resounding majority – disapprove of his Twitter habit, and 64 percent don’t have a favorable opinion of his response to Hurricane Maria.

Oh, and a plurality of voters believes that Trump and Republicans, not former President Barack Obama and Democrats, will be to blame if the health insurance system in the U.S. gets worse.

It’s also likely that the president’s ongoing feud with the Gold Star widow of Sgt. La David Johnson has something to do with his plummeting poll numbers. Believe it or not, Americans just don’t like when a commander-in-chief picks fights with the grieving family members of fallen soldiers.

Overall, the public’s opinion of Trump has been in negative territory for a long time, but the ahead of next year’s midterm elections – and as Republicans look to rally public support for their new tax reform proposal – his collapsing support among his core voting blocs should have the administration shaking in their boots.

It’s one thing for Donald Trump’s approval rating to be so catastrophically low in a Fox News poll. It’s a whole new level of embarrassment for the president that his so-called base is the reason behind it.

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