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Trump Is Secretly Plotting To Get Special Counsel Robert Mueller In Front Of A Grand Jury

Donald Trump is so deeply insulated within his alternative reality that he believes he can force Special Counsel Robert Mueller in front of a grand jury.

The piece of reporting came a short time ago from NBC News contributor Howard Fineman:

That’s right: Trump thinks the man closing in on an obstruction of justice case against him is the one who needs to be put before a grand jury – not the other way around.

Though the claim is laughable and puzzling, it comes in the midst of a widespread effort on the part of Trump and Republicans to undermine Mueller’s investigation and the FBI.

This has been front and center in the latest attempt by Republicans to release a phony memo alleging that the FBI is plotting to take down the president. It’s a steaming pile of garbage, of course, but with Fox News giving it a platform and diehard Trump supporters eating it up, it seems to be an effective strategy.

Yes, it’s nonsense and the Republicans know it’s nonsense, but they see the high-speed Mueller training plowing toward Trump – knowing it’ll take them down, too – and they are desperate to slow it down or stop it altogether.

Like most Trump claims, the idea that there are any grounds to get Mueller before a jury is ludicrous. It’s another presidential fantasy, a projection of sorts, to shield Trump from the creeping reality that he’s in big trouble.

Delusional fantasies like this are proof that, behind the scenes, Donald Trump is panicking – and he has good reason to.

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