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Avenatti Is Representing 3 New Women Paid Off By Trump; One Was Pregnant

Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti announced Thursday night in Los Angeles that he is now providing legal representation for three additional women who were paid by Donald Trump, The National Enquirer, and Michael Cohen to keep quiet about their sexual relationships with President Trump.
He also said that one of the three women claimed to be pregnant at the time.
In a subsequent tweet he also called upon Cohen and Trump to release “all the documents, all the tapes, NOW.”

“Three additional women. All paid hush money through various means. Time for Michael Cohen and Donald Trump to come 100 percent clean with the American people. All the documents, all the tapes, NOW. No more lies or lip service.”

Avenatti was participating in a panel in West Hollywood Thursday night with the Coalition for Human Immigration Rights of Los Angeles. During the discussion with the crowd Avenatti took the microphone, stood up and made his shocking announcement to the audience.

“There are three additional female clients of mine that have not been disclosed that were paid hush money prior to the 2016 election, whether it be from Michael Cohen on behalf of the president, an entity that Michael Cohen formed, or AMI Entertainment,” he said to the gathering.
According to the prominent attorney, all three women told him they were paid “hush money” by The National Enquirer’s corporate parent, AMI Entertainment, Trump and his attorney Michael Cohen. He indicated he had explored the women’s claims and concluded they were credible.
During his announcement he did not disclose more specifics, such as the names of the women, when the sexual affairs with Trump took place, or the times and amounts of payments they received to stay quiet about their affairs with the president.
He did say that he is currently in the process of getting permissions from his clients to allow him to release to the public all of the details concerning the payments. “Last time I checked, they weren’t just handing out checks to anyone whether they had a relationship or not,” Avenatti added.

Avenatti also told the crowd that he may be considering a run for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

“If I do not get a sense that the Democratic Party has the right street fighter and the right person to go up against Donald Trump in the general election, I will absolutely run and I will defeat him – period,” he said.

Yesterday Avenatti made the shocking announcement that he has new evidence proving Donald Trump and his attorney/fixer Michael Cohen paid off multiple women in 2016 during the presidential campaign, and they were concerned about one of them being pregnant.

“Breaking: Donald Trump conspired with Michael Cohen to pay off multiple other women prior to Election Day in 2016. They were also concerned about a pregnancy. Cohen has evidence and info in his possession and it must be released to the public. Now!”

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