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Two Old Men Lose Their Minds on Twitter In Lame Defense of Trump

There was a short tweet by the president, and a long tweet by his attorney. Both tweets had the same goal: to try to get people’s minds off of Donald Trump’s legal problems. But they were doomed to failure, and smacked of desperation. We don’t know if these two septuagenarians are ignorant, foolish or senile, but it doesn’t matter. What they are doing won’t work.

It appears that the president of the United States is experiencing mental health issues. He has been very agitated in his public appearances, and now we find out that he can’t sleep at night. At 1 a.m., when most leaders of the free world would be sleeping, he was wide awake posting unhinged tweets.

Mercifully, he wasn’t feeling verbose at the time because his early morning tweet was a model of brevity.  All it said was:


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Even though it was short this tweet communicates a LOT. It repeats his two favorite mantras, “no collusion” and “rigged witch hunt” while also telling us two other important things:

  1. Because it is written in all caps, we know he is losing his mind, and
  2. By repeating the same, tired old arguments we know that he has no other defenses to set forth to protect himself from the charges being levied by Michael Cohen and others.

Things have gotten serious for the president. The Manafort situation could explode if he decides to “flip” and cooperate with Mueller between now and the start of his second trial on September 17th. The Cohen situation is already exploding, as he is providing federal prosecutors with direct evidence of multiple Trump crimes, which can be corroborated.

So, in response, the president’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, took to Twitter to make his normal crazy statements. What’s pathetic is that Giuliani also is falling back on the same old defenses for the president’s crimes, by trying to focus attention on Hillary Clinton. He tweeted:

“If there is any justice left at DOJ why is payment by Hillary Clinton and DNC to FusionGPS for the phony Steele dossier not under investigation. On your theory in Cohen plea it’s an illegal campaign contribution.Let’s go DOJ wake up. where’s the indictment. Clintons not above law.”

The president has massive legal problems, and this is the best his lawyer can do?

Donald Trump may be facing jail time, but his defense attorney is trying to make sure #LockHerUp is still a thing instead of presenting any credible defense.

First Giuliani and his client wanted us to believe that “truth isn’t truth,” and now they want us to believe that Donald Trump’s crimes are not crimes. But none of this is going to work for them.

By demanding that the United States Department of Justice indict Hillary Clinton and open an investigation into her claimed connection to the infamous Christopher Steele dossier Giuliani has shown that all he can do at this point is grasp at straws.

What Trump and Giuliani are doing is talking directly through social media to their low-information supporters. There is a group of people in this country who believe everything Donald Trump says, and they don’t get information from any credible news sources. If these people took over American politics our country would be doomed, for they would allow Trump and his cohorts to continue to loot the American treasury while destroying American freedoms.

This is why there is a Resistance. We can’t let that happen.

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