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Trump Supporter Points To All White Crowd In Montana And Says Trump Is Bringing People Together

A woman pointed to the older and mostly retired all-white crowd shown waiting in line for Trump’s rally and Montana and used the line as evidence that Trump is bringing people together.

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The woman said, “And we are weak when we are apart! That is a saying from my mother that has been passed down through our family.”

An MSNBC reporter asked, “And you think Trump is bringing us together?”

She answered, “He is bringing us together. If you don’t see this, this is togetherness!”


The Trump delusion runs deep

There are a few problems with the idea that Donald Trump is bringing people together. The line for Trump’s Montana rally as it was shown was mostly made up of old white people, who don’t have jobs because they had the time to spend all night and all of the next day in line waiting for Donald Trump.

Secondly, Trump is bringing people together in a low population white conservative state. That does not signal togetherness.

However, the crowd in the line for Trump are the true believers. They are the ones who will stand by Trump no matter what happens, but for the rest of us who live in reality. They are the perfect example of how disconnected from the rest of us the Trump cult has become.

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