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Biden Delivers Beer To Firefighters As Trump Struggles With Pledge Of Allegiance

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Joe Biden came through on his promise and delivered beer to Shanksville firefighters, while Trump struggled with the Pledge of Allegiance.

According to the Biden Pool Report as provided to PoliticusUSA:

The motorcade left the memorial park just after 1:30 p.m and drove a couple miles to a fire station, Shanksville Volunteer Fire Co. Station 627. The Bidens brought some sweets, including a cake that Jill Biden held. They visited a large wooden cross draped with an America flag, while dozens of firefighters and their families stood in front of the garage and watched. All but a few were wearing face coverings.


Biden posed for some pictures, smiling w/ a group of young people. When a man tried to shake his hand, Biden offered back a fist bump. One man said he heard Biden was bringing beer, something he’d apparently promised at one point. The former vice president went back to his SUV and retrieved six packs of Bud Light and Iron City Beer. “I keep my promises!” Biden said.



background on this story is that the last time Biden visited Shanksville, he did so as vice president, and he invited the firefighters down to the White House for a beer. The White House visit didn’t happen, so Biden brought the beer to the firefighters.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump visited the same spot on 9/11, but Trump appeared to struggle with the Pledge of Allegiance, while Biden kept a promise to firefighters on this day of remembrance.

The contrast between Biden and Trump has never been more vivid.

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