Fox Business Producer Dies of Covid-19

By 1 month ago

Eric Spinato, who worked as the head booker and senior story editor for Fox Business, died Sunday of Covid-19.

“I’m so broken and lost for words,” Spinato’s brother, Dean Spinato, wrote on Instagram. “This man was an amazing father, brother and friend. I’m sorry to say this but this day broke me hard. I will make you proud for the rest of my life.”

A memo sent to employees from Fox executives described Spinato, who worked at Fox for 20 years, as “an immensely gifted and aggressive booker.”

“He was always willing to lend a hand to help a colleague, mentor union staffers or troubleshoot an issue. Countless bookers throughout the industry learned the ropes and tools of the trade from Eric at one point or another in their careers. HIs excitement, positivity and energetic team spirit were one of a kind and will be greatly missed,” the memo added.

Fox News and Fox Business have come under fire in the last year for consistently downplaying the severity of the pandemic, which has claimed more than 543,000 Americans to date, according to data
compiled by Johns Hopkins University of Medicine.

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