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Fox News Attacks Kamala Harris For Memorial Day Weekend Tweet Then Shoots Itself In The Foot

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Fox News attacked Vice President Harris for wishing everyone a happy long weekend and then promptly did the same thing.

Here is the tweet that Fox News tried to gin up into a controversy:

Aaron Rupar caught what Fox did next:

Remember when Fox News used to be good at getting right-wing propaganda into the mainstream of political conversation?


Fox News continues to push conspiracies and racial division, which is what the attack on Vice President Harris was about. It was a return to that old Obama-era Fox News standard that non-white people don’t respect America.

For the record, here is what Vice President Harris tweeted on Sunday morning:

Fox News continues to champion the previous president who spent four years disrespecting the military and ignoring their service and sacrifice. In their view, a president and vice president should be playing golf and costing the taxpayers millions of dollars on Memorial Day weekend.


Fox News is using Memorial Day weekend to push racist attacks on Vice President Harris, but it is no longer effective. Fox is trapped in the right-wing bubble it created, and their attack on VP Harris has blown up in their faces.

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