Trump Helplessly Twitter Tantrums After Getting Busted Calling Fallen US Troops Losers

Trump went back to his pattern of attacking the source and throwing fits on Twitter over reports he called fallen US troops losers.

Trump tweeted:

Multiple outlets have confirmed the initial story in The Atlantic and added that Trump also referred to troops that are missing in action as losers. The President has ordered military newspaper Stars and Stripes shut down and has never provided any evidence of respect or his self proclaimed love for the troops.

Trump is powerless to refute these reports because his record of public comments is in line with the disrespect that is being reported. Trump publicly called John McCain a loser. He has called George H.W. Bush a loser. He has attacked Gold Star families and has shown no respect for the men and women who put on a uniform and defend the United States of America.

After Russia placed bounties on the heads of US troops in Afghanistan, Trump did nothing. He didn’t believe the intelligence and refused to bring it up to Putin.

Trump is attacking the source of the initial story because he can’t refute the facts. Americans have seen Trump try to discredit the messenger before, but after more than 20,000 lies as president, Trump’s tactics are failing.

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