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Preet Bharara: Trump Won’t Stop Making People Believe Insane Things and It’s Incredibly Dangerous [Video]

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:32 pm

Donald Trump is a much weaker figure than he was a year ago. He’s obviously no longer the president and doesn’t have the massive platform that comes along with the office. And he’s been banned from Twitter where millions of people listened to his rants.

But to many, his message is still getting across. Polls show that a large percentage of Republican voters still believe that Trump won the election. And as long as Trump keeps pushing crazy ideas, Preet Bharara says, he remains a very dangerous man.

CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked the former US Attorney, “You know, as you say, it is incredible to see how top Department of Justice officials reacted, calling it [Trump’s election conspiracies] ‘pure insanity.’ But the former president and his supporters have embraced this insanity. How dangerous is that?”

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Bharara responded:

“I think there’s a tendency on the part of some folks to not think it is that dangerous because the former president left office. There’s great concern, would he leave peacefully, allow Joe Biden to take office. It is still incredibly dangerous because people that believe insane things can perpetuate fraud on other folks. People believe insane things, the big lie, in particular, engage in insurrections like Jan. 6th, that could happen again. Continued perpetuation of the big lie fueled by other bigger lies, including insane stories about Italian satellites changing votes in the United States of America, for which there’s no evidence that any reasonable person would not believe there’s evidence in favor of, that causes people to engage in anti-democratic behavior.”


Bharara isn’t the only one concerned about potential violence from aggrieved Trump supporters. The FBI is reportedly worried that QAnon believers could grow increasingly violent once it’s clear that Trump won’t be placed back in office.

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