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Ted Cruz Says He’s Seriously Considering Running For President Again in 2024

Ted Cruz has had a humiliating 2021 so far. His support of Donald Trump‘s big lie helped incite an insurrection in January. He then went on a family vacation to Cancun when his state of Texas was undergoing a severe weather catastrophe.

But the GOP lawmaker is nothing if he’s not ambitious. During a recent interview with Newsmax, Cruz said that he would consider running for president again in 2024 because 2016 was so much fun.

Host Tom Basile asked,Are you considering a 2024 presidential run?” Cruz replied, “Well, sure. I’m certainly looking at it. I’ll tell ya, 2016 was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. We came incredibly close.”

The senator wistfully continued, “Had an incredible grassroots army of 326,000 volunteers nationwide. And so whether it is in the Senate, or whether it is in a presidential campaign, I am committed to fighting to defend free enterprise, to defend freedom and defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

Of course, Cruz’s race in 2016 didn’t seem to be fun at all. Once favorites like Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio were eliminated, the Texan ha a real shot at winning. But then he was steamrolled by Donald Trump.

Along the way, Trump frequently humiliated Cruz, calling his wife ugly and accusing his father of being involved in the Kennedy assassination. While Cruz initially refused to back Trump at the 2016 RNC, he eventually became on of the former president’s most loyal sycophants.

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