Biden Brilliantly Turned The Tables On The NRA/GOP

President Biden turned the NRA and the Republican Party's argument about protecting rights against them in his gun speech.

3 weeks ago

Fox News And GOP Created A Terrorist As Buffalo Shooter Indicted On Domestic Terrorism Charge

The racially motivated supermarket mass shooter in Buffalo has been indicted on charges including domestic terrorism motivated by hate.

4 weeks ago

Eric Swalwell Masterfully Turns The Tables On The GOP’s Border Hysteria

After the RNC tweeted about 11,000 lbs of meth being seized on the border, Rep. Eric Swalwell asked why Republicans…

1 month ago

Trump Threw A Tantrum And Told The GOP He’s Starting A New Party

Trump was going to start his own third party, convinced that the GOP couldn't survive without him.

8 months ago

Failed GOP Candidate Kim Klacik is Suing Candace Owens For $20 Million

Last summer, congressional candidate Kim Klacik released a campaign video that featured her walking along the streets of Baltimore. The…

10 months ago

WATCH: Fox’s Faulkner Says if Kamala Harris Cares About Women She’ll Go to Afghanistan and “Own It”

After the disastrous presidency of Donald Trump, it can be easy to forget that Kamala Harris is the country's first…

10 months ago

Former South Carolina GOP Governor: If Lindsey Graham Ever Flips On Trump It Means the GOP is Done With Him

As of right now, despite all of his troubles, Donald Trump is still he figurehead of the Republican party. In…

10 months ago

Number 3 Republican Elise Stefanik is Partnering With Crazed QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Scott Presler

When she began her political career, Elise Stefanik painted herself as a moderate Republican. Like many other Republicans, though, she…

10 months ago

Ex-Fiance of California GOP Candidate Larry Elder: He Held a Gun to My Head While High

California has suffered through the Coronavirus over the last year and a half. And due to a quirk in the…

10 months ago

No. 3 Republican Steve Scalise Says “Shaming” Won’t Make Republicans Get Vaccinated

At this moment, the delta variant of COVID-19 is devastating areas in the South East portion of the United States.…

10 months ago

Marjorie Taylor-Greene Thinks 1/6 Rioters Have Been Treated Too Roughly

When the January insurrection happened, everyone realized how disgraceful it was. But as time has gone by, Republican lawmakers and…

10 months ago

Nicolle Wallace: GOP Men Have “Whored Themselves Out to Delusion” About What Happened on January 6th

Republicans largely said the right thing following the events of the January 6th insurrection. They called fr the people who…

11 months ago

WATCH: MSNBC Doctors Explain How Southern GOP Governors Have Turned The South Into a COVID ‘Powderkeg’

The Southern region of the United States largely votes for Republican politicians. And with the GOP now being the party…

11 months ago

Report: Trump is Pumping Big Money Into Ohio Primary Because He’s Scared of Another Candidate He Endorsed Losing

Donald Trump needs something to do. Thanks to an investigation by New York State, his business career is in shambles.…

11 months ago

Lauren Boebert Calls For Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney to Be Banned From the Republican Cloakroom

Back in 2016, the GOP ceded the Republican party to Donald Trump and they have never gotten it back. As…

11 months ago

AOC Went All In on Obstructionist Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema

Democrats celebrated in early January when Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff were elected to the US Senate. Those elections gave…

11 months ago

WATCH: Liz Cheney Tears Into Fellow GOP’ers McCarthy, Scalise and Elise Stefanik

As horrible as the events of 1/6 were, the vast majority of Republican lawmakers would like people to forget about…

11 months ago

WATCH: Fox’s Baier Says Today’s Hearing Should Spell the End of Republicans Trying to Downplay the Insurrection

Despite the best efforts of Republicans, there was a hearing on the 1/6 insurrection on the Capitol today. The GOP…

11 months ago

Nicolle Wallace: The Horrible and Disgraceful Way the GOP Has Treated Capitol Police Officers Will Be on Display Tomorrow [VIDEO]

It has been pretty obvious, over the past few weeks, that the GOP has no interest in looking into the…

11 months ago

Candace Owens Becomes the Latest Conservative to Reference Nazis When Talking About How Republicans Are Treated

Republicans today have a proclivity for unashamedly comparing anything that inconveniences them to Nazi Germany. The most obvious example of…

11 months ago