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Mitch McConnell’s Dreams Of Winning The Senate Are Dying

All across the country top potential Republican candidates are refusing to run for Senate and killing Mitch McConnell’s chances of becoming Majority Leader.

Mitch McConnell Fails To Recruit Top New Hampshire Senate Candidate

NBC News noted while reporting on Gov. Sununu’s decision not to run for Senate in New Hampshire:

From New England to Arizona, Republicans are struggling to land top-tier recruits even as the deteriorating political climate for Democrats puts them in a strong position to win back the chamber. Party operatives find themselves having to keep a close eye on several Senate hopefuls they see as unelectable, a familiar problem for the GOP.


Brian Walsh, a former Senate GOP campaign operative, said he sees “echoes of 2010” in the pro-Republican political environment and the potential for subpar candidates to cost Republicans the majority.

Republican Candidates In Multiple States Accused Of Domestic Violence And Sexual Assault

In Georgia, Republican Senate Candidate Herschel Walker is accused of threatening the life of his ex-wife. In Pennsylvania, another Trump hand-picked Senate candidate, Sean Parnell, is accused of choking his then-wife and physically abusing his children. In Missouri, the state’s former Republican governor is running for Senate even though he was accused of sexual assault by a woman that he was having an affair with.


These are not top-tier candidates. The three are not even good candidates. They are liabilities to McConnell’s hopes of taking back the Senate majority.

Mitch McConnell Dream Of Being Majority Leader Again Is Dying

If Democrats swing one of the open Republican seats, where Pennsylvania currently looks like their strongest chance, McConnell’s dreams of returning to the majority will be dead.

All of the terrible candidates in the GOP field have one thing in common besides sexual assault and domestic violence. Trump chose them. The failed former president cost McConnell the Senate majority in 2020, and he may cost Republicans the Senate again in 2022.


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