Joe Biden

The Unemployment Rate Plummets To 4.2% Under Biden

The latest jobs numbers back up President Biden’s claim that he is getting the economy back on track and America is building back better.

Unemployment falls to 4.2%:


COVID Is Still Messing With The Job Market

There is little hiring in hospitality because that sector is nowhere close to being recovered from COVID, and the cases rise, the worse it is for the hospitality industry. The decline in retail is due to the same factors and related to any rise in COVID cases.

The numbers will be revised upward:

Republicans will focus on the jobs numbers miss, but what is happening is that the economy is still growing, labor force participation is growing, likely thanks to vaccine mandates, and more people being vaccinated, and the unemployment rate is falling.

President Biden is building back better. However, for the economy to take off in a way that hasn’t been seen in decades, America has to get more people vaccinated.

The supply chain issues are easing. Inflation is a problem, but the economic engine is getting more powerful as Biden’s plan is working.

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