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It Looks Like Trump Is Rapidly Mentally Deteriorating On Truth Social

Truth Social is where Trump vents his feelings and thoughts, and what he has posted over the last few hours looks like the pressure of the likely indictment is getting to him.

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Trump wrote:

Isn’t it terrible that D.A. Bragg refuses to do the right thing and “call it a day?” He would rather indict an innocent man and create years of hatred, chaos, and turmoil, than give him his well deserved “freedom.” The whole Country sees what is going on, and they’re not going to take it anymore. They’ve had enough! There was no Error made, No Misdemeanor, No Crime and, above all, NO CASE. They spied on my campaign, Rigged the Election, falsely Impeached, cheated and lied. They are HUMAN SCUM!


This is the person who is beating Ron DeSantis right now in the Republican presidential primary. It speaks volumes about Ron DeSantis as a candidate if he can’t defeat Trump.

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The failed former president sounds like a complete basket case right now, and each day that goes by without the indictment dropping equals more pressure building on Trump.

The protests that he called for have not materialized. There doesn’t seem to be any national outrage, or Trump supporters taking to the streets to protest.

Earlier in the day, Trump called for every single known prosecutor that is investigating him to be removed. 

Donald Trump is cracking under the pressure. This is the first time in his life that he has faced the potential of criminal charges for his behavior, and at his current pace, things could be much worse by the time the indictment is announced.


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