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Eric Trump Responds To Getting Nailed For Fraud With More Fraud

Eric Trump responded to a judge ruling that he had engaged in years of fraud by fraudulently claiming that Mar-a-Lago will be worth over a billion dollars.

Eric Trump tweeted:

Who will tell Eric Trump that his tweet was exactly what he, his father, and his brother just got busted for?

According to the ruling, the Trumps claimed that Mar-a-Lago was worth $400-$600 million, but the actual value of the property is $16-18 million. Eric Trump responded to getting busted for fraud for overinflating the value of real estate properties by overinflating the value of a real estate property.

The Trumps might be a crime family, but they definitely aren’t a smart crime family.

The judge found that the Trumps overinflated Mar-a-Lago by 2,300%, so Eric Trump ups the ante and added an extra $400-$600 million to the valuation.

The only way that Mar-a-Lago would be worth a billion dollars is if the Saudis bought it as a payoff to the Trumps.

Legally, it has been determined that fraud is the Trump family business. Given the ruling, it isn’t surprising that Eric Trump would respond to being found to have committed fraud with even more fraud.

Fraud it seems, is what the Trumps know best.

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